How To Get Better At Valorant

Valorant is one of the most difficult games to learn when starting, as the combination of Overwatch character skills and precision aim required in games like CS: GO can be intimidating for newbies.

How To Get Better At Valorant

Since you are still finding it a bit tricky to step up your game, we have certain useful tips and methods that will show you how you can get better at Valorant over time.

Once you understand the technical aspects of Valorant, there are a lot of intricacies and tactics you should learn, but if you’re just looking to get better as a player, there are a few important guidelines that will help you a lot.

Improve Your Performance In Practice Mode

Always stay ahead of the competition by working hard beforehand. If you want to get better at Valorant (see also ‘How Does Valorant Ranking Work?‘), then using the game’s Practice Mode is a great way to do so.

You can select your preferred operators, test their skills, learn to adapt to the general movement, and perhaps even compete against the AI to get a taste of the real thing.

We understand how tempting it is to jump straight into a game but investing 30 minutes and then trying to practice will reimburse you for that, big time.

The Practice Mode accepts anyone seeking to get better, whether what you want is to get accustomed to the crosshair setup to try out different operators before purchasing them.

“All it takes is some practice,” is what many people say and in Valorant it can be justified.

Nevertheless, many gamers are unwilling to make the effort and prefer to jump straight into the real game.

Of course, that can be done too, but you are probably not going to get the best possible outcomes.

Practice Efficient Communication

Valorant (see also ‘How To Surrender In Valorant‘) stresses the importance of communication with your team and collaboration to win the game.

You can reap the benefits of this game mechanic by letting your team know where your opponent is even if you are dead.

The game allows you to pinpoint areas on the map by pressing the Z button, which is set by default.

Furthermore, you can access the map on your own anytime you feel comfortable knowing where you are in the game.

After that, you can share information with your squad and use the privilege of working as a team to become the best of all.

If you are starting to play with a team, practicing efficient communication is a sure way to improve your play.

Alternatively, if you usually shoot alone, continue to read below for other solutions.

Use The Portals Correctly

What you might’ve not known is that the portals in Valorant are not just a one-way ticket to the other side.

Rather, you can use your grenade, rocket launchers, smoke, and other character powers to exterminate the enemy on the other side.

If used correctly, this method has the potential to deflate your enemy’s confidence and persuade them to improve their game in general.

Therefore, we recommend that you use analytical reasoning and develop strategies for Valorant’s murky battlegrounds.

Be Cautious Of Your Expenses

Valorant has a purchase system in place in which you can purchase and boost your stockpile of lethal firearms at the beginning of every round with the game’s monetary system.

You won’t have problems with money if you rock at shooting, scooping the most kills/bomb diffusions.

However, when you see that not everything goes as planned, be wise and save some money on the side for those crucial moments when the finest gear could help you determine the game’s results.

Stand Still To Improve Accuracy

Shooting swarms of opponents might be fun in a zombie game, but in Valorant, you’ll make no progress except for the respawn screen.

Run for cover when getting involved with the opponents in a 1-to-1 battle but try to stand still when trying to shoot to improve your accuracy by leaps and bounds.

Though you must also learn the spray habits of your most frequently used firearms, trying to shoot while you’re standing motionless will ensure that you outperform your opposing player.

Learn Your Weapons

Valorant does have 17 different weapons that you can select, buy, or even activate by finishing off your Contracts. Every firearm is unique for several reasons.

Aside from their damage, each one of the weapons has its own recoil and spray structure which depends on its class.

So, you can get weapons like a pistol, an SMG, shotgun, sniper rifle, assault rifle, as well as heavy weapons.

For example, the Vandal assault rifles are amongst the most difficult weapons to master in Valorant (see also ‘How To Drop Spike In Valorant‘).

How To Get Better At Valorant

One of the reasons behind this is that once you use up these guns to the very last of their bullets, their recoil starts going crazy.

This is what we mean when we say, “Learn Your Weapons.” When you find a firearm that works well for you, go on Practice Mode and learn how to use it right.

Try to work on the recoil and spray patterns of your best weapons and your gaming experience will become much better and way more enjoyable!

Study Movement

We cannot explain just how important it is to master your movement if you want to get better at Valorant (see also ‘How To Remake In Valorant‘).

Several pro players, like ScreaM, consider movement to be much more valuable than aim when it comes to excelling at Valorant, which speaks volumes about movement.

Learn From The Pros

As with any other game, you must observe the professionals and take lessons from them indefinitely.

Many pro players have already established themselves at the leading edge of Valorant’s esports industry.

A great example is Shroud, a streamer from Canada and veteran player who is always sharing tips and tricks regarding the game’s settings, all of which anyone can freely copy to improve their game.

The Bottom Line

While a difficult game to learn, Valorant needs nothing but practice if you want to get better at it.

And, if you watch a couple of streams from professional players, then you can follow up on their example and excel at the game!

Ashley Newby