How To Get Better At Warzone

Many people believe that Warzone is the greatest battle royale game ever made, and yet there will always be those who loathe the title.

How To Get Better At Warzone?

Nevertheless, if something can be taken for granted that is that everyone who chooses to play Warzone is actively working on improving their game. So, how can you get better at Warzone?

It’s a never-ending practice, and for several players, the only way to accomplish that is through countless hours of play, walkthroughs, camaraderie, and these vital Warzone instructions.

If you want to level up your Warzone game (see also ‘Who Is The Best Warzone Player?‘), there are numerous factors to take into account. It isn’t a simple thing such as playing one good game and watching the kills happen on their own in the next rounds, as each game can be vastly different from the previous or subsequent one.

Even so, once you become capable of developing an efficient strategic plan and landing on the map with a few expert tips, nothing is stopping you from improving at the game.

To help you out with that, we’ve put together a comprehensive, all-encompassing article that will certainly increase your Warzone-winning game prospects.

So, let’s have a look at how you can become better at Warzone (see also ‘What Is A Special Weapon In A Warzone?‘) with a few easy tips and tricks.

Figure Out How You Are Performing Better

Warzone (see also ‘How To Slide Cancel In Warzone?‘) lets you pick from certain modes according to the number of gamers that join each team.

For example, you may be able to play alone, with one more person, with two other people, or even with another three. This applies to both the big map, Caldera, and the narrower map, Rebirth.

Once you realize what your strengths are, you must take full advantage of them. If you’re a true lone gunman who performs far better when playing alone, then do so.

On the other hand, when you have an awesome player in mind and wish to play with them, go ahead. Finally, if you get nervous when you join a team of four, you will simply ruin the experience for everyone, including you.

 So, figure out how you’re at your best and excel in that.

Are You A Team Player? Then Really Be One

Extending on the first point, let’s say that you think you are a team player.

Most players join ‘quads’ merely so that they can play with their pals. Once you are on Warzone as part of a team, keep in mind that you are not alone.

While you may be superior to your friends, being over-confident and taking on other quads on your own will mess up with the team spirit. It will also put your avatar at risk.

Furthermore, if you’re indeed better than everyone else, it makes perfect sense to stay with them, as you can act as a team leader and lead your pack by teaching them how to play better.

Play as a team by pinging targets, sharing the loot, and dropping together.

Perfect Your Movement

Movement is key in Warzone, and we are not just talking about moving from one place to the next.

There are many abilities in Warzone that you should comprehend and use.

Most notably, you must learn the way to ‘slide cancel,’ a movement mechanic that allows the player to run faster across open terrain, making them harder to hit.

In general, Warzone is a game with a fast pace, especially the Rebirth map, so it’s best to keep always moving.

Even if you are jumping in and out of doors and windows, hopping from the top of buildings, or using a zipline, you must constantly try to perfect your movement.

Be As Aggressive As You Wish To Be

If you’re looking for high-kill plays, the optimal tactic is to conjoin a vehicle with a contract.

For example, if you touch down on an aircraft and instantaneously acquire a Bounty contract, an assured target will be denoted on the map nearby.

 When you’re playing with three other people, this target increases to four, and if you’re a great player, you can exterminate your target before a single minute has passed.

Wonder what will happen after that? Another Bounty will land in your hands.

If you jump from Bounty to Bounty, you’ll keep racking up kills and be incentivized with a large pile of money to splurge at the many sellers dotted on the map.

Find Out Where The Hot Drops Are

For anyone with thumbs, there are a few zones scattered around the map that will be pure gold.

When you are about to drop into the map, you must give heed to the flight route and pinpoint any ‘hot drop’ areas.

On Caldera, for example, one of the hottest places to land is generally ‘Peak,’ which is why once you arrive, you’ll most probably be surrounded by a minimum of three other teams.

If You Have To, Run Away

Warzone (see also ‘How To Unlock The Nail Gun In Call Of Duty: Warzone‘) is a competitive game, and a real competitor might be too proud to back away and escape a fight.

Nevertheless, in several scenarios, and even more so if you’re short on guns or teammates, this is precisely what you must do.

You should not feel bad for fleeing, and in certain situations, you can reclaim, reorient, and finish the battle from a different vantage point.

Make Sure You Have Your Settings Right

If you want to improve at Warzone, you must first resolve your game presets.

Sensitivity and aim assist alternatives are only two of the numerous settings you can adjust to improve your game.

For example, when you feel like you’re not turning around quickly enough to kill, you then have to adjust your sensitivity.

With regards to aim assist, there is no single correct way to do it, and it is mostly a matter of trial and error.

The majority of players, though, are doing great with Standard aim assist combined with a Dynamic curve.

The Bottom Line

If you want to become better at Warzone (see also ‘How To Check Your KD In Warzone‘), these tips and tricks can help you improve your game.

Of course, it needs time and dedication to become better by yourself but working on these 7 aspects of the game is a great start toward achieving high-kill games!

Ashley Newby