How To Get The Best Ending In Dying Light 2

If you’ve played or are currently playing Dying Light 2, you’ll know that there are plenty of key moments within the game where you have to make some tough decisions.

How To Get The Best Ending In Dying Light 2?

Whilst these decisions might not seem too important at the time, they can actually play an important part in how the game plays out.

Heavily influencing the Epilogue of the game, one wrong decision could leave you with an extremely unsatisfying ending to what is an exhilarating game.

This is something you probably want to avoid, especially when you consider how many endings there actually are.

To help you avoid any disappointment, we’ve put together a short guide that shows you how to achieve the best ending in Dying Light 2. In our guide, we’ll talk you through the best outcome and what happens if you make certain choices.

Let’s get started!

How Many Endings Does The Game Have?

Technically speaking, Dying Light 2 has 8 slightly different endings. Whilst some of these endings might be ever so slightly different, the decisions you make throughout the game will still change how it ends in one way or another.

The way the game comes to its conclusion for you will depend on several critical factors. The three most important of these are:

  1. Whether you spare or kill Hakon.
  2. Whether or not you let Frank have VNC Tower.
  3. Whether you decide to save Lawan or Mia.

The final decision you make is during the game’s Epilogue. This is the game’s most important decision. It ultimately decides whether or not Villedor survives.

With so much at stake, it is important for you to understand how each decision impacts the ending. Below, we’ve listed how each decision changes the games. After that, we’ll show you how to achieve the best ending the game offers.

What Happens If You Spare Or Kill Hakon?

For the sake of ending the game in the best possible way, we strongly recommend sparing Hakon. He is a key character that heavily impacts the game.

If you decide to spare Hakon, he will turn up during the Epilogue to save whoever you didn’t rescue between Mia and Lawan. Having said that, Mia will, unfortunately, die either way, even after being saved by Hakon.

If you choose to kill Hakon earlier in the game, nobody comes to the rescue, with either Mia or Lawan dying. Taking this route locks you into the ending where Aidan leaves the Villedor on his own.

What Happens If You Let Frank Have The VNC Tower?

If you decide to let Frank have VNC Tower, Villedor is taken over by the survivors (If it doesn’t explode). If Lawan is kept alive, she will follow Aiden on his journey out of Villedor.

If you don’t give the tower to Frank, opting to give it to Juan or Jack Matt instead, the Peacekeepers will take over the city. If you choose this option, Aiden leaves the city on his own, whether Lawan survives or not.

What Happens If You Rescue Mia Or Lawan?

If you decide to save Mia, the city will survive. Lawan will be successful when destroying the missiles. Unfortunately, Mia still dies later on. Lawan will die too if you didn’t spare Hakon earlier in the game.

If you choose to rescue Lawan instead, most of the city is destroyed. Once again, Mia dies, but this time with everyone else apart from Lawan and Aiden.

Dying Light 2’s Best Ending

Now you know how your decisions impact the game’s ending, let us show you how the best ending is achieved. To achieve the best ending in Dying Light 2, you need to:

  1. Spare Hakon.
  2. Give Frank VNC Tower.
  3. Rescue Mia.

For the best ending Mia must sadly die. However, by saving her first, Lawan will sacrifice herself to save Villedor. Luckily, Hakon will then save Mia.

As a result of giving Frank the VNC Tower, Lawan will now join Aiden on his travels. This ending will see you save the city and the survivors and leave Villedor with Lawan.

Dying Light 2’s Worst Ending

If you really want to experience the worst ending Dying Light 2 has to offer you have to do the following:

  1. Kill Hakon.
  2. Don’t let Frank have the VNC Tower.
  3. Save Lawan.

If we’re being honest here, the only decision that’s important is making sure you rescue Lawan. Villedor is obliterated, Mia dies, and the Peacekeepers take control. Lawan survives but doesn’t join Aiden on his journey, leaving him alone.

The Best Secret Ending In Dying Light 2

Before we finish, we’d also like to mention the best secret ending Dying Light 2 has to offer. This unique ending can be achieved by:

  1. Sparing Hakon.
  2. Saving Lawan.

For this ending, it doesn’t matter who you give the tower to. Of course, it will decide who rules the city though. If you pick the two options above, the city is destroyed and Lawan doesn’t leave with Aiden.

However, Hakon will join you on your journey as you leave Villedor, just like you both promised each other. This ending isn’t great but it does offer a cool cutscene.

In Conclusion

There you have it, everything you need to know about the endings in Dying Light 2. As you can see from this guide, the decisions you make throughout the game can dramatically affect the conclusion of the game.

If you’re not a completionist and you simply want the best ending the game has to offer, remember to save Hakon, give Frank the VNC Tower, and save Mia. This will leave you with the best and most satisfying ending possible.

Ashley Newby