How To Make The Best Builds For The Astrologer Class In Elden Ring

From the creators of Dark Souls, Elden Ring is one of the best games to hit the market in recent years.

It provides a vast world to explore with worldbuilding that has been provided by the author of the Game of Thrones series, George R. R. Martin.

How To Make The Best Builds For The Astrologer Class In Elden Ring

You get to interact with a wealth of interesting characters and build up your own story as you defeat challenging enemies.

One of the ways that you can build up your own story is by selecting the right class for you at the start of the game. Of course, you can adapt your class as you play, but it is always good to start off on the right foot.

The Astrologer class is one of the starting classes you can choose from and is also one of the best sorcerer classes in the game. If you are a fan of using magic in a game, then this is the class for you.

It is a beginner-friendly class but you are able to build on it to make it into a strong class that adapts to your play style.

In this article, we cover why you should choose the Astrologer class and what items you need in order to give it the best possible build.

What Is The Astrologer Class And Why Should You Choose It?

The Astrologer class is a starter class that focuses on magic but can also be used in a melee situation. You start with The Astrologer’s Staff which provides relatively high sorcery and can be scaled and a Short Sword that provides good damage.

You also start with a Scripture Wooden Shield which can provide some basic defense early on.

Due to this duality, it gives the player varied gameplay that keeps battles fresh and provides multiple ways to win a battle.

Even though you can use it for melee, you should take advantage of the strong magic the character has. You begin with some powerful spells like Glinstone Arc and Glinstone Pebble that can be scaled.

In Elden Ring, magic is considered the best combat tool in the game so it is wise to take advantage of it when provided with good spells at the beginning of your journey.

The Astrologer class is considered one of the best sorcerer classes in the game mainly due to its easily upgradable starting spells and moves.

Starting Stats

The Astrologer class is known for its high intelligence which most of its moves and spells are based on.

Below are the starting stats of the Astrologer class.

  • Level – 6
  • Intelligence – 16
  • Mind – 15
  • Dexterity – 12
  • Arcane – 9
  • Endurance – 9
  • Vigor – 9
  • Strength – 8
  • Faith – 7

The Builds

There are many builds for the Astrologer class to choose from, it basically depends on your ideal play style.

One of the best parts of this class is that you can create a strong build early on in the game so you can breeze through some of the harder enemies.

While Elden Ring allows you to create a character of any skill, the Astrologer class is more suited to an intelligence-based play style that focuses on magic. You also want mind as a secondary stat since you will be using a lot of mana as a sorcerer class.

The equipment below can be used to create strong builds early and late into the game.


How To Make The Best Builds For The Astrologer Class In Elden Ring

Astrologer’s Set

The Astrologer’s set is the starting set in the game and is surprisingly good. It is lightweight and doesn’t provide much protection but it can increase focus and vitality.

Lazuli Sorcerer Set

Another lightweight set but this one provides moderate protection against physical and magical attacks. Similar to the Astrologer’s set this one increases focus and vitality but at a larger rate.

You can get the parts of the Lazuli Sorcerer set by fighting the Crystal Crabs, Lazuli Sorcerers, and the Raya Lucaria Sorcerers in the Legacy Dungeon.

Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set

This set is also lightweight and is best suited for intelligent characters like the Astrologer class. It provides little protection against physical attacks but moderate defense against magical attacks. Overall, it is most robust than the Lazuli Sorcerer set.

It can be found by defeating mobs of the Raya Lucarian Sorcerers at the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Sage Set

The Sage set is lightweight and provides greater protection than the Raya Lucarian Sorcerer set. It can be found at the Stillwater Cave in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Snow Witch Set

The Snow Witch set is gained through the Ranni the Witch quest and is found in a treasure chest at Renna’s Rise.

It is a lightweight set that strengthens cold sorcery, it also has the benefit of having a very cool hat which is where the increase in cold sorcery strength comes from.


Since Astrologer is mainly magic based, you need to assign most of your flasks to mana. The best option is to have 2 set aside for health and the rest for mana.


There is really only one valuable keepsake for this class which is the Golden Seed.

Golden Seed

For keepsake the best option is the Golden Seed, which provides an extra flask that is pivotal to give you extra FP.


Ash Of War: Glintblade Phalanx

Glintblade Phalanx surrounds the player in magical swords that attack nearby enemies. It is a great defensive skill that comes with Rogier’s Rapier. You get Rogier’s Rapier from Rogier at the Roundtable Hold.

Ash Of War: Hoarfrost Stomp

This skill has a large area of effect, the player stomps the ground and creates a large mist. This mist gives enemies a freezing buffer.

Ash Of War: Loretta’s Slash

You get Loretta’s Slash after defeating the Royal Knight Loretta in Caria Manor. With it, you imbue a sword with Glinstone and perform a sweeping slash to attack multiple enemies.


When choosing a sorcery class, you need to be on the hunt for Memory Stones. These provide you the ability to learn more spells and are commonly found on the top of towers.

Carian Slicer

Carian Slicer is a type of melee sorcery and can be used to target a single enemy or multiple. You need to engage in combat in order to use it but it allows you to slash with a long magic-imbued sword. It is a very strong move that has a large area of effect.

You can buy this from Sorceress Sellen after giving her the Royal House Scroll. She can be found at the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave and Carian Slicer can be purchased for 1,500 runes.

Comet Azur

Comet Azur is one of the strongest spells in the game. It is essentially a one-hit kill in the right build but you get it relatively late game.

Glintblade Phalanx

This spell is similar to the skill but its costs more FP. It is defensive sorcery and is very effective when done on horseback. That way you can move over to enemies and let the swords take them out for you.

Like the Carian Slicer, it can be purchased from Sellen after giving her the Royal House Scroll for 2,500 runes.

Loretta’s Great Bow

This spell launches a great arrow at enemies using a magical bow. It is great against tougher enemies and can be gained after defeating the Royal Knight Loretta at Caria Manor.

Rock Sling

This is a type of gravity sorcery that has a large area of effect. The spell allows you to lift up chunks of the earth and use them as projectiles. It can be used to attack multiple or single enemies.

This spell is especially great when paired with the Meteorite Staff which we go over later in this article.


Below are some of the desired stats to have at the beginning and start of the game.

Beginning Of The Game

  • Intelligence – 30+
  • Vigor – 20+
  • Mind – 15+
  • Endurance – 15+

Late Game

Ideally, you want to be hitting the level cap with intelligence (80) and mind (60) but below is the recommended minimum.

  • Intelligence – 60+
  • Vigor – 40+
  • Strength – 30+
  • Dexterity – 20+


Carian School Talisman

The Carian School Talisman is especially good for magic-based characters since it reduces the FP cost of performing skills. 

It can be bought from War Counselor Iji after completing Blaidd’s quest.

Cerulean Amber Medallion

This talisman increases the maximum amount of FP so you can perform more skills.

Erdtrees Favor

Erdtrees Favor is a talisman that increases the maximum stamina, HP, and the equip load of a player. You can get it from the Fringefold Hero’s Grave.

Graven School Talisman

The Graven School Talisman increases the damage of sorceries by 4%. You can find it at the Raya Lucaria Legacy Dungeon.

Radagon Sorseal

This talisman can greatly boost stats like dexterity, endurance, strength, and vigor but it comes at the price of increased damage taken.

It can be found on a corpse at Fort Faroth in Dragonbarrow.


How To Make The Best Builds For The Astrologer Class In Elden Ring

Azur’s Glinstone Staff

Azur’s Glinstone Staff is a great late-game weapon. It has a fantastic damage output that makes it effective against bosses. It can provide consecutive damage to help win battles quickly.

It scales with intelligence which makes it ideal for the Astrologer class.

Crystal Sword

Similar to the Azur’s Glinstone Staff, the Crystal Sword scales with intelligence but also strength and dexterity. 

It is a great melee weapon as it comes equipped with Spinning Slash Ash of War.

The Crystal Sword can be found in the Village of the Albinaurics in the region of Liurnia of the Lakes.

Demi-Human Queen’s Staff

This staff outperforms the Meteorite Staff (which is later on in this list) because you are able to upgrade it. Allowing it to be upgraded means that it is a weapon that can be kept and used for a while.

It scales with strength and intelligence.

You get it after defeating the Demi-Human Queen in the Demi-Human Forest Ruins of the Weeping Peninsula.

Lazuli Glinstone Sword

This is one of the best swords for sorcerers since it has a low strength requirement. Similar to other weapons that work well with the Astrologer class, this weapon is scaled with intelligence and strength. 

In exchange for less physical damage, you gain more magical damage, once again cementing it as a good sword for sorcerers.

The Glinstone Pebble skill comes with it and you get it from the Lazuli Sorcerers in Raya Lucaria Academy.

Lusat’s Glinstone Staff

The Lusat’s Glinstone Staff can become a very overpowered weapon if it is properly upgraded with Somber Smithing Stones.

It is perfect for mid-game battles as it enhances sorcery points in exchange for using more focus points. 

Similar to other weapons on this list, it is able to be scaled with intelligence and strength.

Meteorite Staff

This is a Glinstone staff that you gain very early in the game. It is got after interacting with the teleport trap in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, these ruins go to the Caelid’s Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

While it does scale with intelligence, it cannot be upgraded which doesn’t make it useful to wield across the whole game.

This staff provides a passive boost to gravity sorcery. Some good gravity spells to use are Collapsing Stars, Gravity Well, and Rock Sling (which appears earlier in this list).


When it comes to starting classes, choosing Astrologer is one of the best choices to make if you are prone to using magic in other action RPG games.

If you use the correct build then you can create a very strong character early on in the game. Elden Ring is seen as an evolution of Dark Souls which is a notoriously hard game, so why not get an edge early on.

Elden Ring is considered not an easy game too so it is recommended to create a powerful character to help you through the stronger bosses.

While the Astrologer class is varied and can be used for melee attacks, it is best utilized from a distance. This is because it is a sorcerer class and should be played as such with a focus on magic and ranged attacks.

Hopefully, with this guide, you are able to create a strong Astrologer build that can flow with your style of gameplay while also giving you the best experience when playing through Elden Ring.

With the right preparation and upgrades, you will be able to repair the Elden Ring in no time at all and become the Elden Lord.

Ashley Newby