How To Remake In Valorant

Released in 2020, Valorant has quickly become one of the most popular games on the market thanks to its excellent gameplay mechanics and thriving competitive scene, which is why it still attracts new players to the game on a daily basis.

How To Remake In Valorant

Like any other online shooter, getting to grips with Valorant can be slightly difficult, and there’s a lot to learn in a short period of time if you want to be able to settle quickly and compete with the best of the best. 

One of the things that you should learn early on whilst playing Valorant is how to remake, it’s something that all Valorant players should know, and doing so is likely to help your journey through Valorant much easier, especially in the competitive scene. 

So if you’re unsure about how to remake in Valorant, then read through our guide to learn how to!

What Does It Mean To Remake In Valorant?

Being able to remake in Valorant is an extremely helpful feature for those who don’t have a full team to matchmake with, and we’ll explain why. 

Sometimes when you enter a game, you’ll have someone on your team who is AFK (Away From Keyboard), this is problematic as it means that you’re essentially missing a teammate, and it gives the opposition an advantage over your team, as a 5v5 match then becomes a 4v5.

This is why Valorant allows you to restart a match once the team has detected the AFK player, this is done by using the remake command.

This allows the team to prevent themselves from losing a lopsided matchup, and to quickly replace the AFK player by ending the current match, and re-entering matchmaking in order to find a new player. 

How Does Valorant’s Remake System Work?

Players being AFK in games such as Valorant isn’t uncommon, but too many AFK players can become a much larger issue than you would initially expect, especially as it damages the matchmaking process, the cohesiveness of teams, and can ruin the ranked gameplay experience for those who don’t have a full team to play with regularly. 

Which is exactly why Valorant implemented the remake feature into the game, so that if a player is AFK during the first round, and is then kicked for inactivity, the team gets a chance to start again. 

It is worth noting however that if a team begins a vote to remake that all of the members of the team have to vote in favor of the remaking and that a single vote against the remake will lead to an ending of the vote. 

The remake system that Valorant makes use of is comparable to the one featured in League of Legends, which makes complete sense, considering that both games were created by Riot Games. 

How To Remake In Valorant?

Calling for a remake in Valorant is an easy task, which is why it is so essential for new players to learn it, as they can keep the knowledge of how to do it stored away ready for when they need to use it, without compromising their learning of the more important things in the game.

Here are the steps to follow if you need to remake in Valorant:

  • Click on the chat box in the bottom left corner of the screen whilst in the match. 
  • Once you are able to, type in /Remake into the chat box. 
  • This will then provide a prompt box to each of your teammates.
  • Your teammates will then be able to decide whether or not they want to remake. In order for the remake to go ahead, they all need to vote Yes, using the F5 key. 
  • If all members of the team agree to the remake, then the ongoing match is then ended, and then a fresh queue is able to begin. 
How To Remake In Valorant

When To Remake In Valorant

If you’re new to Valorant, you might not understand exactly when it is that you need to remake if your team has an AFK team member, so if you don’t quite know when is best, then here is your guide on when to initiate a vote to remake in Valorant. 

Your vote to remake in Valorant must come as quickly as possible after the first round ends, or ideally as soon as you realize that you have an AFK team member.

Then, the vote will begin in order for your teammates to decide whether or not they want to remake the match, this will end the current match, and start the process of creating a new one. 

Just remember that all of your teammates need to agree to the remaking of a game and that if one player decides that they don’t want to remake the game, and votes no, then the game cannot be remade, and you must carry on the match till the end. 

If you decide to remake a game, there is no need to worry about whether remaking will have an adverse effect on your XP or your MMR (see also ‘What Is MMR In Gaming?‘).

A match that undergoes a remake is not recorded in a player’s history, and whilst the players who voted to remake the game won’t receive any XP or MMR, neither of these gets deducted either. 

However, the player who was AFK, and caused the team to vote for a remake, will have to endure a serious penalty for their inactivity, which equates to the same kind of penalty a player would get for disconnecting during a match.

On top of this, the AFK player will also see a reduction in their MMR rank too. 

This ensures that players are deterred from being AFK in a match, and promotes a fair and equal matchmaking system too, which then leads to a more positive experience for everyone involved!

Ashley Newby