How To Solve The Starglow Cavern Puzzle In Genshin Impact

With Genshin Impact’s 1.2 updates, players will be able to explore the Dragonspine region, which is filled with little puzzles to complete.

One puzzle is particularly challenging to players, as it leads to an inevitable boss fight, but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you know what to expect.

How To Solve The Starglow Cavern Puzzle In Genshin Impact

Dealing With The Cold

The main challenge of the Starglow Cavern puzzle is the Sheer Cold meter. While there are torches spread around the area, it’s better if you lower the Sheer Cold meter to its lowest point before you start a fight with the Ruin Grader. 

To help you do this, you can level up the Frostbearing Tree to craft a Warming Bottle. Having a Warming Bottle ensures that your characters are protected from the chill, so the Sheer Cold meter won’t drop as easily. 

Destroying the Shards

To thaw out the first shard and unlock the Frostbearing Tree, you need to break the Scarlet Quartz nearby and hit the icy pillar to thaw it. Do this four times until it finally melts.

Once you unlock the chamber to the first area, you’ll need to find two Warming Seelies. Break the Scarlet Quartz again, and thaw the icy pillar nearby.

The second shard is located near Wyrmrest Valley. You need to interact with the mechanism in the middle to activate the Cryo puzzles correctly.

Follow the Pyro Seelie to identify the pattern. After this, you’ll need to fight two Ruin Guards and a Ruin Grader.

The third shard will need you to complete the challenge in Starglow Cavern first. You’ll need to guide three Warming Seelies to the right place and be wary of the water nearby.

The last shards are on the peak of Dragonspine and will only unlock after thawing the earlier ones. Thaw all the shards on the peak with Scarlet Quartz and defeat the Frostarm Lawachurl to activate the Anemo Mechanism. 

Four Stone Mechanisms

Starglow Cavern is located in the Dragonspine region, where there are four stone mechanisms that you need to complete to finish the puzzle. These are all spread out; otherwise, they’re not too difficult to find.

The good thing about the first two mechanisms is that there isn’t anything you need to do first before you activate them.

The First Stone Mechanism

You’ll find that the first mechanism is located outside a ring of runes atop the Starglow Cavern. It is encircled around the Ruin Grader, but there’s nothing to worry about yet as it’s not awake yet. 

The Second Stone Mechanism

If you look to the opposite side of the ring, you’ll find that the second stone mechanism is located at the edge of the cliff. 

How To Solve The Starglow Cavern Puzzle In Genshin Impact

The Third Stone Mechanism

You’ll need to go behind the Ruin Grader to find a rocky ledge that juts out of the side of the mountain. You need to climb down and look for the third mechanism in the grass.

When you find it, it will be encased in ice so use your Pyro attack to melt the ice before you do anything with it.

The Fourth Stone Mechanism

Before heading to your final mechanism, you should head over to the opposite end of the ledge. On the same ground level as the Ruin Grader and near the corner edge of the cliff is a small collection of Scarlet Quartz.

Just destroy the deposit of Scarlet Quartz and collect it to have your character enshrouded in a red aura.

Now that you’re affected by the Scarlet Quartz, you can demolish the magical ice along the side of the rocky ledge. There, you’ll find the last mechanism and a loot chest. If you want to get both, you’ll need to return to the Scarlet Quartz and refresh your ability.

Fighting The Ruin Grader

Once you activate the final mechanism, the Ruin Grader will awaken, and you’ll have to fight it. Ideally, you should have a Claymore character and one ranged DPS to attack the Ruin Grader’s weakest points. 

Using your Claymore character, you should attack the Ruin Grader’s weak points that are located in each of its feet. Doing this will lock the Ruin Grader’s feet in place. With a ranged character, attack the Ruin Grader’s face, and disable its eye laser attack.

Now that it’s disabled, you can use your Claymore to attack the Ruin Grader until it reactivates again in thirty seconds. Once this happens, repeat this process until the Ruin Grader runs out of HP and is defeated.

Final Thoughts

With the new update, there are so many places to explore around Dragonspine. Genshin Impact is constantly getting regular updates. However, it can be difficult when you don’t know what to expect from these puzzles.

Most of these puzzles are more daunting, knowing that there is a boss fight, but it’s easier once you know how to fight the Ruin Grader.

Ashley Newby