How To Surrender In Valorant

Did you know that it’s actually possible to surrender in Valorant? In fact, the surrendering system in Valorant is actually incredibly similar to that of League of Legends.

Although it wasn’t an option in the initial release of the game, it was later added, roughly 2 months after the launch of the game.

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Its absence at the beginning is probably why very few players actually make use of the surrender option, because although you shouldn’t just give up mid-fight, if there’s a cheater in your game or your team just isn’t trying, and you don’t want to waste your time, then it’s best to try to surrender. 

What Commands To Use To Surrender?

If you decide that you do want to surrender from a game in Valorant (see also ‘How To Get Better At Valorant‘), then there are 3 different commands that you can use in order to initiate a surrender vote. 

  • /ff
  • /concede
  • /surrender

Using any one of these commands will then alert your teammates that you want to surrender. This will then give them the opportunity to either vote yes, using the F5 key, or no, using the F6 key.

They are also able to use the chat to accept/deny the surrender request, using either /yes or /no. 

How Does The Surrender System Work? 

In order for your team to surrender, then every single player on your team must vote in favor of the surrender. If even one player on the team votes against surrendering, then the vote is then denied, and you’ll be forced to continue the match.

If you happen to be solo queuing, and want to leave the match because it’s unwinnable, your best option is to inform your teammates that you plan on initiating a surrender vote, as they’ll be more likely to accept. 

Two important things to note are that you can’t initiate a surrender vote before the 8th round, and that you are only able to initiate a vote once per half in Valorant (see also ‘How To Drop Spike In Valorant‘). This rule is in place to ensure that people don’t abuse or spam the surrender vote. 

As previously mentioned, clear and quality communication with your teammates is your best bet of getting the team to surrender. But if your team is full, then you are much better off trying to complete the match as opposed to quitting.

However, surrendering as a result of a hacker or lack of teammates is understandable, so just be sure to initiate the vote once it is clear that your team has absolutely no chance of winning. 

Why You Shouldn’t Surrender In Valorant?

Sometimes surrendering in Valorant might seem like an easy solution if you’re losing a match, however, there are a few reasons why you should reconsider surrendering before you go to initiate a surrender vote. 

Some of the maps on Valorant favor the defender, so looking to surrender before the halftime interval isn’t a good idea, even if you’re 8-0 down, it’s still possible for you to bring it back to a draw!

Additionally, if you initiate a surrender vote and it doesn’t manage to go through, then the likelihood is that you’ll end up losing by a worse amount then you already were.

Initiating a surrender vote is bad for team morale and could lead to many players giving up and not trying to win, which can be detrimental, especially if a draw or a win is still possible!

It’s also worth noting that a surrender will have a negative effect on the MMR (see also ‘What Is MMR In Gaming?‘) you receive at the end of the match, which will therefore impact your competitive ranking too, in fact, many players have a suspicion that surrendering actually makes you lose more MMR than you would by losing but completing the match. 

In terms of your ELO and your MMR, it’s much better for you to end up losing 6-13 than it would be for you to surrender at 1-13.

So you should always try to see a game to its end in competitive play, as these can sometimes be the games that decide whether or not you get into diamond or beyond! 

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How To Avoid Surrendering In Valorant

If you’re playing a Valorant match and you find that your team has had a particularly bad start, then it might become tempting to initiate a surrender vote, however, it is often best to avoid this, so here’s some tips on learning how to change your mindset from surrendering to winning!

You should try to just aim to win one round at a time, rather than worrying about the overall outcome of the game, especially if you’re losing.

More often than not, winning just one round is the key to winning the game, especially once you’ve won one, more are likely to follow, or you can at least bring the match to a draw, especially if you’re losing by a large amount. 

Remember, losing is what drives progression, so if you’re tempted to keep surrendering, then chances are that you’re never going to learn how to win, which will mean that you never truly get good at competitive! 

Not only does losing experience help you to strive for progression and improvement, but it also means that you can learn new strategies for each new map, and if you know that there’s a specific weakness to your game, then it’s something you can work on in between playing competitive matches. 


To summarise, surrendering in a Valorant match is possible, and can easily be initiated through the use of any of the 3 commands we listed earlier.

Just remember, that in order for a surrender vote to be successful, every member of the team needs to agree to surrender, otherwise the vote will be denied. 

If you’re playing competitive, surrendering can have a negative impact on your ELO and MMR, so is best saved if your team has one or two players disconnect, or if the enemy is cheating and ruining the game! 

Ashley Newby