How To Unlock The Nail Gun In Call Of Duty: Warzone

The Call of Duty game series is one of the most popular of all time.

How To Unlock The Nail Gun In Call Of Duty: Warzone

Putting your gaming skills to the ultimate test, you need to act quickly to overcome your enemies in combat situations. And, all with an array of different weapons.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, new weapons are added every season. These aren’t only exciting, but they can help you on your quest for playing to the best of your ability during the game.

From grenade launchers to submachine guns, you are spoiled for choice in Warzone (see also ‘How To Get Better At Warzone‘). But, one update in Season 4 has piqued the interest of many gamers. 

The Nail Gun.

This is a hybrid SMG/Special Weapon that can cause severe damage and harm throughout the game.

If you like to run with weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone, then the nail gun could be your perfect weapon of choice. 

There’s just one question – how do you unlock the nail gun to wreak havoc on your enemy?

Unlocking a nail gun in Warzone (see also ‘How To Check Your KD In Warzone‘) is pretty tricky and Activision, the makers of Call of Duty, have not made it easy with their descriptions to do so.

That is why we wanted to take it into our own hands and show you how to unlock your very own nail gun in Call of Duty: Warzone. 

Yes, you can spend your hard-earned Call of Duty points on the gun, but you probably want to save them up for something more grand than a few nails and a gun. Therefore, you will need to take a different approach.

Read on as we guide you through the process of unlocking the nail gun in COD: Warzone.

Once you have it in your armory, your opponents will not stand a chance! 

The Call of Duty: Warzone Nail Gun

The nail gun has grabbed the attention of millions of COD players since it was introduced.

The main reason so many have wanted to use this bad boy is because of the extreme amount of damage it can muster. 

For close combat scenarios, the nail gun can become an invaluable weapon. If you’re fighting at far range, however, it shouldn’t be the weapon of choice.

Its ideal and most devastating range is up to around 10 meters. If any enemies come this close to you and you’re armed with a nail gun, they will not last long.

TrueGameData revealed that the nail gun has the following stats:

  • 64 damage the chest region
  • 50 damage to the stomach region and the extremities
  • 81 damage to the head

When we consider these damage points, the nail gun gives you a four to five shot kill on an enemy that is fully plated up to 10 meters away.

Just one glance at these impressive stats and it’s plain to see why the nail gun is so popular. 

When you compare the nail gun to other weapons in the game, it becomes even more impressive.

Take the MP5 (CW) for instance. This can kill an enemy (fully plated) in six to nine shots, when in close range.

However, the mail gun’s fire rate is slower than the MP5 at 515 rates per minute (RPM).

The MP5 has a fire rate of 854 rpm. Nevertheless, the nail gun poses a higher risk and is more likely to eliminate your enemy in a much quicker timeframe. 

Although the nail gun doesn’t come with any attachments, it doesn’t need any!

It does tremendous damage on its own, especially considering it has a smaller magazine size of only 20. 

How To Unlock The Nail Gun In Warzone

How To Unlock The Nail Gun In Warzone

Now, let’s get you that nail gun!

Unlocking the nail gun in COD: Warzone (see also ‘How To Slide Cancel In Warzone?‘) is frustratingly difficult, but there are four main ways to add it to your armory. You can:

  • Unlock the nail gun via Warzone
  • Unlock the nail gun via Back Ops War Multiplayer
  • Unlock the nail gun through Black Ops Cold War Zombies
  • Unlock the nail gun by buying it

Unlocking Via Warzone

This is the most affordable method of getting your hands on the nail gun.

You will need to achieve five kills using one or various special weapons (ballistic knife, M79 grenade launcher,  R1 Shadowhunter) across 15 separate matches.

Don’t go searching for a Special Weapons section, however, because there isn’t one on Warzone.

But, the weapons listed above are the ones needed to unlock your nail gun for free.

If you decide to go down this route, we suggest trying a Plunder match. Go to Storage Town (the west side) and use a special weapon.

For the best results, the M79 grenade launcher should be used.

Shoot your enemies with one shot kills from over Storage town before you hit the ground, and do this 15 times.

Unlocking Via Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer

You can unlock a nail gun through Cold War multiplayer. You can unlock the gun in the Cold War game before using it in Warzone.

Again, you’ll need to achieve five kills with special weapons in 15 separate matches. 

Compared to Plunder matches, Cold War is much faster, but you’ll need the game Cold War.

We recommend playing on Nuketown ‘84 for the quickest results.

Unlocking Via Black Ops Cold War Zombies   

Play Cold War Zombies and you can unlock a nail gun. But, you’ll need to achieve 25 eliminations with special weapons across 12 regions in Outbreak that you have completed.

The same special weapons as above can be used, while the completed regions are those you have finished as part of your main objectives. 

You will get credit after you have completed 25 kills and completed a region.

Your progress carries over from one match to another so you don’t need to complete all regions in one match. 

Unlocking By Buying A Nail Gun

This is the easiest method but most expensive. You can have immediate access to a nail gun via the Puncture Wound blueprint.

This will cost you 1,000 COD points, though. For the blueprint, you will need to spend $10 cash.  

In Summary

Unlocking the nail gun in Call of Duty: Warzone is not simple but it is possible. Try our methods above and have fun!

Ashley Newby