In-Depth Guide To Warding In League Of Legends

Wards are a key part of League of Legends gameplay. They provide protection against enemy champions and other players, and they also allow you to gain control over the map.

In-Depth Guide To Warding In League Of Legends

Wards are a type of spell that allows you to place them around the map. The ward has a radius, and once placed, it lasts for a certain amount of time before disappearing.

If you want to ward a specific area, you can place multiple wards at once.

What Is League Of Legends? 

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game where two teams fight each other on Summoner’s Rift. Each team consists of five members: three champions (heroes) and two support heroes.

You need to use your champions to kill the opposing team’s minions and towers. When you do this, you earn gold which you can spend on items or upgrade your champion.

The goal of the game is to destroy the Nexus, the base of the enemy team. This will result in the destruction of their entire base and the loss of all resources stored there. Once destroyed, the Nexus respawns after 10 minutes.

What Are Wards? 

Wards are a key component of League of Legends gameplay, providing both protection and information about the game state. You use warding to protect your team from incoming ganks or to help your team gain an advantage on the opposing side.

Wards are spells that allow you to place them around your lane. Once placed, they last for a certain duration before disappearing.

An Introduction To Warding

There are two types of vision control: Vision Control and Ward Control. You can also use Vision Control to place wards.

Trinkets are items that provide buffs or passive effects. These are usually used by champions who want to make sure they’re safe while fighting.

There are three main types of wards: Sight Wards, Fog Wards, and Wall Wards. Sight Wards grant vision in a specific area of the map, while Fog Wards remove the fog of war over an entire area. Wall Wards are placed by buildings or other structures such as walls.

Champions can also grant vision. Some champions have passive abilities that allow them to see through obstacles, while others use active abilities to create vision. Items can also grant vision.

Many items give bonus stats when used in conjunction with a particular champion. For example, the Ghost blade gives bonus attack speed to champions who wield it.

Warding Totem is better than the Oracle Lens. Vision is very useful when playing League of Legends. You should always try to get wards. A ward is used to see what is happening in the entire map. You can also use it to help your teammates.

This item is generally not purchased early in the game because it doesn’t benefit you nor your team. You should pick it up later when juggling or denying strategic places. Some pros however take it at level 1 to secure jungle or deny strategic areas early game.

How Do I Place A Ward?

To place a ward, click on the “Ward” button under the minimap. Then select the location you wish to ward from the dropdown menu. After selecting the location, press the “Place” button.

You may only place one ward per minute.

If you have a ward selected, you will see a yellow circle appear around the location. If you hover over the ward, you will see its duration displayed.

If you try to place a ward while another ward is already active, it will disappear.

You have two options when placing a ward:

  1. Select the ward type (see table).
  2. Click the “Place” button next to the ward type.

If you choose the second option, you’ll be able to see the exact position of the ward on the minimap.

The following types of wards exist:

  • * [Lane Control] – These wards give vision of the entire lane, allowing you to know if there is any approaching champion.
  • * – These wards prevent enemies from entering your lane by giving you a visual indication of their presence.
  • * – These wards prevent enemy champions from passing through your lane by blocking their path with a wall.
  • * : These wards detect nearby enemies who attempt to pass through your lane.
  • * / : These wards detect nearby minions attempting to enter your lane.
  • * : These wards detect nearby allied champions who attempt to pass through the lane.
  • * / : When used in conjunction with the /ward command, these wards detect nearby enemies attempting to pass through the lane and notify you of the presence of the enemy.
  • * / : These wards detect nearby allies attempting to pass through the lanes and notify you of their presence.
  • * : These wards detect nearby friendly champions attempting to pass through the laneways and notify you of their existence.
  • * : The ward’s detection range increases based on how close the ally is to the ward.
  • : These wards detect nearby monsters attempting to enter the lane and notify you.
  • * : These wards detect nearby heroes attempting to pass through the laning phase and notify you.
  • * : These warded locations provide vision of the surrounding area.
  • * : These ward locations are invisible to players.
  • * : These walls block the movement of units through the specified area.
  • * : This ward provides vision of the surrounding area for a limited time.
  • * : This ability allows you to teleport to a specific location

What Are Some Common Types Of Wards? 

There are many types of wards available in League of Legends. These include:

  • Teleport Wards: Teleport Wards teleport you to a location when activated. They are useful if you know where enemies are going to attack next.
  • Vision Wards: Vision Wards show you what is happening in a specific area. They are usually used as a countermeasure against ganks.
  • Movement Wards: Movement Wards detect movement. They are often used to help you track down enemies who have escaped your sight.
  • Spell Vamp Wards: Spell Vamp Wards increase the damage to spells cast by allies within a short range.
  • Minion Wards: Minion Wards reveal the presence of nearby minions. They are generally used to protect allied champions during fights.

What Are Control Wards? 

Control Wards allow you to control an area around them. You can use them to stop enemies from escaping or to keep them away from important areas.

How Do I Place A Control Ward? 

To place a Control Ward, click the “W” icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then select either “Ward Target” or “Place Ward”.

If you choose “Ward Target”, the game will automatically target a point for you to place the ward. If you choose “Place Ward”, you’ll be able to manually place the ward wherever you want it.

How Do I Remove A Control Ward?

To remove a Control Ward, press the “E” key while holding the “Q” button.

How To Use Them Effectively? 

When placing a ward, consider what kind of information you want to be able to get about the enemy. For example, if you are looking for a gank, then a vision ward might not be very helpful.

On the other hand, if you are trying to find out where the enemy jungler is located, then a teleporting ward would work best.

When deciding how to use a ward, think about whether you want to protect yourself or others.

If you are protecting yourself, then look for wards that give you information about the direction and speed of enemies. If you are protecting someone else, then look for wards with a longer range.

Warding Tips & Tricks:

  1. Always keep an eye on the minimap! It shows you where your opponents are, so make sure you don’t miss anything important.
  2. Try to avoid using wards on bushes. The reason being is that they can easily be spotted by enemies.
  3. Look for places where you can hide your wards. This includes behind trees, inside buildings, etc.
  4. Don’t forget to check the map periodically. Sometimes you will notice something interesting that you didn’t notice before.
  5. Be careful when placing wards near walls. Enemy wards can easily spot them and take them away.
  6. Keep an eye on the mini maps of your teammates. You never know when they need help.
  7. When placing wards, always remember to place them in areas that are hard to reach.
  8. Remember to place wards on both sides of the lane. This way you can cover more ground.
  9. Make sure to place wards at key choke points like river entrances, dragon spawns, and jungle camps.
  10. Try to place wards every 2 minutes. That way you won’t run out of wards.

What Is The Oracle Lens? 

What Is The Oracle Lens 

The Oracle Lens is an item that gives you vision over a large area. It has been described as a mini version of the Sight Ward. However, unlike the Sight Ward, the Oracle Lens does not require you to purchase it. Instead, it appears automatically after purchasing the Sight Ward.

While using the Oracle Lens, you can move around freely within its radius. You cannot use abilities while moving inside the lens’ radius. If you leave the radius, you will return to normal vision.

When you first get the Oracle Lens, it only covers half of your screen. As you level up, it increases in size until it covers the entire screen. This means that you can see everything on the map at any time.

Can I Use Items While Using The Oracle Lens?

Yes! When you’re using the Oracle Lens, all of your items remain active. This includes items like wards, potions, and summoner spells.

Is League Of Legends Popular? 

Yes, League of Legends is one of the most popular games around today. It has been played by millions of people all over the world since its release back in 2009.

Is League Of Legends Hard To Play? 

League of Legends (see also ‘What Is Lethality League Of Legends?‘) is easy to play once you learn how to do it correctly. However, there are still some things that are difficult to understand.

For example, there are different kinds of champion skills that you must learn. Some of these skills are quite complex. In addition, there are also many items and runes that require a lot of practice to master. 

Why Is League Of Legends So Popular? 

League of Legends offers players a lot of things that other games do not offer. First off, it’s free to play.

Secondly, there are no microtransactions. Thirdly, it features a large amount of content such as characters, maps, skins, items, and much more. Lastly, it allows players to compete online with each other.

What Kinds Of Characters Are Available In League Of Legends? 

There are many different types of characters available in League of Legends. Some of these include assassins, tanks, supports, and even mages. Each type of character has their own strengths and weaknesses.

For example, assassins have high mobility but low damage output. Tanks have high damage output but lack mobility.

Supports have the ability to heal allies while also dealing some damage. Mages deal massive amounts of damage but cannot attack unless they move.

How Do I Play League Of Legends?

To start playing League of Legends, simply download the client from either the official website or the Riot Games website. Once downloaded, open up the client and log into your account. From here, you’ll be able to create a new game or join an existing match.

How Much Does League Of Legends Cost?

League of Legends (see also ‘How Many People Play League Of Legends?‘) is completely free to play . There are no fees or monthly charges. All of the content in the game is provided for free. However, if you wish to purchase additional items, you can do so through the store.

Final Thoughts

With all of this information about League of Legends, you should now know enough to decide whether, or not, this game is right for you. Hopefully, you’ve found this guide helpful. 

Thanks for reading!

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