Is The B450 Or The X570 Motherboards Better? – A Comparison

Ever since the Ryzen CPUs launched back in 2017, they have become more and more popular, unstoppable even, and people are now turning to team red simply because it seems so much better, and we cannot blame them! 

The trend of turning to team red continued with even the newest line of CPU’s, such as the AMD Ryzen 3000.

Is The B450 Or The X570 Motherboards Better – A Comparison

But, that being said, for those of us who are intel users for the most part, or if you are a total newbie to PC gaming, then the whole subject of AMD compatible motherboards might be totally baffling! 

Then, when you need to decide if you will choose the X570 or the B450 chipset, you will be sucked into questions about how they will suit different PC setups with different purposes. 

It all sounds so confusing right now, doesn’t it? Do not worry! In just a few minutes, we are sure to make you beaming with confidence and certain that when you put that order in, you are ordering the right motherboard for your PC. 

Let’s get to it! 

Things To Think About

But, hang on a moment. When it comes to PC parts, you should never rush into it. It is often the case that there is no clear better product in every single scenario. Different competitor products can have pros and cons, and sometimes they balance themselves out. 

Then, if you are on a restrictive budget, you really need to consider compromise. 

Have a sit-down, grab yourself a cup of coffee, and get yourself ready and raring to consider what it is you desire to get out of the machine, and why. So, before we dive in head first to the deep ends, let’s make sure you take a little time to think about yourself and your ideal setup! 

Here are some questions to ask yourself, and answer them before you go shopping! 

  • What is the budget you have for your entire setup? 
  • Will you be using your PC for any non-gaming tasks, and if so, what will they be?
  • What kinds of games do you play, or which kinds of games do you intend to play? (what are their requirements?) 
  • Do you need to support 2 or more Nvidia graphics cards?
  • Are you considering or interested in overclocking? 

For those of you who are totally new to building PC’s, it is usually good practice to have a building plan of all the parts you intend on using, as this will better help you budget. 

It is useful for things outside of budgeting though, it can help you to get the best out of your PC, and help you to better confirm that the parts you have chosen are actually compatible with one another, as this is not always the case. 

There is a website known as P C Part Picker, and for those who are new to this, it can make the entire process so much easier for you. 

So, we will wait for a second for you to answer those questions, and then we will move on.

Okay, So, which is best for you? Is it the B450 or the X570? 

Well, the B450, let’s talk about this first. This is the older generation of motherboards than the X570 is. To be exact, it is 1 year and 4 months older. Since it is older, it has fewer features, however, this is somewhat expected, but we will discuss this in more detail later on. 

Since the B450 has fewer features it is also cheaper, and therefore it tends to be marketed toward gamers who are on a tighter budget. 

You can actually pick this up for Less than 3 figures, so it is a good buy. And don’t worry, you won’t be playing Minecraft at 35 fps, it is more than able to play new games on the highest settings with a fancy GPU.  

Then there is the X570, which came out in late 2019, and it does have more features than the B450 does. However, the downside is that it is more expensive, and can be up to 3 times the price of the B450 in some cases! 

The X570 is marketed towards more hardcore gamers who want to max out their systems, having things like overlocking and dual GPU rigs in their PC roster.

BX50 Versus X570 On A Budget

Let’s consider those of you on a budget, because, let’s be honest with the way of the world these days, most of us are on a budget of some form.

So, if you are building a gaming PC on a low to medium budget, at let’s say less than 4 figures, then a B450 motherboard is just a common sense purchase. 

Even the cheaper X570 motherboards will double or triple the price of a B450, and if you are not swimming in cash you will probably not be wanting to spend that much on the motherboard.

It makes more sense to put the bulk, or your money on GPU and CPU for better gaming anyway! 

Consider the Gigabyte X570 Gaming X system, even this could set you back $100 more than the Gigabyte B450 Gaming variant. If you want just sheer performance, then this $100 could be what makes the difference between a decent GPU like the RX 5500 Xt or a truly epic one like the RX 5600XT. 

Using a technique like this when you are on a smaller budget could help you to gain important fps, of course, we all want this, but it is up to you where your priorities lie on building your own gaming PC! 

Best For Performance

So, best for performance. This is where a more challenging decision happens for the gaming enthusiasts of us, and the answer for us is really very dependent on our situations. 

So, if you have 2 Nvidia GPUs that you want to run via SLI, maybe because you have already got the GPUs or if you are upgrading a current system, then you want to get the X570 motherboard, as the B450 simply does not support SLI, period. 

Then, if you are all about high-end overclocking then you may be taking the side of the X570. Although the B450 will support overclocking with a weaker side of the whole Ryzen spectrum of CPUs, it does show that even with high-end Ryzen chips, it can still fall short in comparison to its competition. 

We should highlight, however, this will mostly apply to the most jacked-up systems. The B450 does seem to handle medium tiered overclocking pretty well regardless. 

A final feature of the X570 which could draw in the more hardcore gamers is its higher memory speeds. It has actually been rumored that there are speeds well in excess of 5000 MHz, which is quite incredible. 

We do admit Ryzen does benefit from having a higher memory speed, but no one is totally sure of how significant this advantage is at the most extreme speeds. 

Such as is with many PC components, it could just be down to diminishing returns that this is the case. 

Future Proof The Build

Now thinking in a different regard. You may consider the X570 for another reason, perhaps for the longevity of the machine. We often call this ‘future proofing’, basically making it future proof or as much as it is possible to do so. 

The X570 does boast a PCI-E 4.0, this means you will be giving the GPU 2 times as much bandwidth to play with. 

So, if 3 years in the future you upgrade your GPU, then your motherboard is still competent and able to function. If you use a B450, then it might bottleneck the performance, which could mean some rather pricey upgrades! 

Future-proofing is something of a hopeful yet false ideal, simply there due to the constant technological advancements that occur in the tech and PC world. 

Pretty much, there may be an unforeseen technology that could be game-changing just around the corner, and your setup may not be ready for it, which could make it pointless sooner than you thought. 

Sure, it is true that the X570 is more prepared for it than the B450 is, but it could still be made obsolete very quickly! 

Small But Necessary Considerations

Let us not forget that there are some other factors that can make this an easy choice. 

For example, if small form factors are to your taste then the X570 would be total overkill for a mini ITX build. 

There is simply no room for an SLI setup in this small form, and the cooking would not be strong enough to function with the overclocking advantage that the X570 has.

Some features that the X570 comes with may be advantageous though, for one they support more than one M.2 slot, so if you have a vast amount of super-fast SSDs then the X570 just makes sense. 

Then if you spend a lot of time transferring data between devices then these multiple USB 3.2 connections with the X570 is enough to be worth the price tag! 

What About Other Alternatives?

You have probably made a decision by now, but let’s not leave so fast. Here are a few more things to think on. 

Firstly, the evolved B450, titled B550, is just around the bend, and it could be that this will be better for you than either the B450 or the X570, it could be worth the wait for this! 

You may also be wondering about the X470, it is cheaper than the X570, and it does stand as a jacked-up motherboard still. It is somewhere in between the B450 and the X570. It has more overclocking and dual GPU than the B450 does, but it lacks the PCI-E 4.0 and the super fast memory of the X570. 

It is worthwhile looking into used parts, you would be surprised how cheap they can go for! 

Overall- What Do We Recommend?

For budget building we recommend the B450, however, if you can stretch to get the X570 then it can be worth it in the long run. It depends on your budget and your build plans.

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