League Of Legends Legendary Skins: Full List Of Skins

League Of Legends is one of the world’s favorite esports titles around, thanks to how excellent its head-to-head competitive gameplay is, but also thanks to how many ways it allows players to express themselves.

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League of Legends Legendary Skins: Full List of Skins

League Of Legends is also incredibly well known for its remarkable world-building, being set in a fictional world that continues to evolve with every new character or every new multimedia tie-in. 

As part of League Of Legends’ commitment to player expression and immense world-building, there are numerous awesome legendary skins to choose from to dress characters up in.

The only trouble is because there are so many legendary skins to choose from for every character, it can be tough to get a grasp on all of the skins that are available! 

That’s why we have decided to put together this comprehensive list of all of the legendary skins that are available in League Of Legends.

There are some truly awesome skins here that you won’t want to miss out on! 

Truth Dragon Yasuo

Yasuo is one of the coolest characters in League Of Legends, thanks to his ability to use the very air itself as a sword to cut through his enemies!

This legendary skin further elevates the sheer glory of this character, thanks to the inclusion of the glowing left arm that has an ethereal look to it!

True Damage Ekko

Ekko has become one of the most popular characters in the series thanks to his recent appearance in the League Of Legends: Arcane Netflix series.

If you’re a big fan of the character, then you will want to add this skin to your collection, as it exaggerates the awesome street-style design of the character.

Surprise Party Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks is one of the creepier characters in the game, and if there were any way to make this malevolent demon even creepier, it would be to dress him up like a clown! This colorful skin is full of creepy charm!

Super Galaxy Rumble

Rumble, the short-tempered inventor is a fan favorite because of his ability to create awesome inventions.

This is shown off best with this skin that makes Rumble look like a character straight out of a popular mecha anime series like Gundam!

Storm Dragon Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a blind martial artist known for channeling the dragon spirit in all of his attacks to give them a fiery punch.

This skin emphasizes the dragon spirit to make the character shine even more. If you love this character, you’ll adore this skin!

Star Guardian Xayah And Rakan

This duo character is preferred by support players that like to carefully aim for their opponents to take them down swiftly!

This skin helps to give them a beautiful fantasy look that really makes the whole thing shine.

We love how otherworldly the glowing feathers look!

Star Guardian Jinx

Fan favorite character and star of League Of Legends: Arcane Jinx gets a complete makeover with this skin that adds a slightly sexy flair to her design, and true to its ‘Star Guardian’ name, gives her an otherworldly look that Jinx fans will not be able to get enough of!

Star Guardian Ahri

Obviously inspired by the influential anime Sailor Moon, this outfit for Ahri is one of our absolute favorites.

It has such a fun sense to it, and its galaxy-pink color scheme really helps to make it shine!

Spirit Blossom Thresh

Thresh is one of the most threatening presences in the world of League Of Legends, and this has made him a particular favorite among fans.

This skin further adds to his threatening aura, by giving him a faintly purple glow that makes him look totally ethereal.

Spirit Blossom Ahri 

As if Ahri could possibly be even more beautiful.

Somehow, this skin achieves the impossible, and makes this Star Guardian look even more powerful and cunning, which can help you to look totally domineering when on the battlefield!

Solar Eclipse Sivir

Fortune hunter Sivir has earned herself a legendary reputation within the world of League Of Legends, and this has never been displayed better than with this fiery skin inspired by the look of a solar eclipse!

This skin manages to create a dark sense of foreboding, and yet the fiery red glow of solar energy shines through, highlighting aspects of the outfit! 

Space Groove Blitz And Crank

Blitz and Crank are easily some of the most adorable characters in the entirety of League of Legends, so allow this cute skin to make this even more clear! We know you’ll totally love the way it looks! 

Solar Eclipse Leona

Leona has never looked more regal than when wearing this solar-eclipse-inspired skin that adds a shining glow to her design that easily helps her to stand out.

This skin exaggerates her power set, and makes her appear even more domineering than ever! 

Sentinel Vayne

Vayne, renowned for her monster-hunting abilities, has never looked better than when donning this legendary skin.

We love the pure-white and gold color scheme of the outfit, and how delightfully the red glasses pop on her face to add a bit of extra color!

Sentinel Graves

Graves is one of the most wanted men in the League Of Legends world, thanks to his mercenary talents which are put on full display with this skin that manages to make such a wild character somehow look sophisticated and demure!

It’s such a visual contrast that playing as him becomes an instant delight!

Pulsefire Caitlyn

Sheriff of the town of Piltover, Caitlyn has also become a favorite character thanks to her appearance in Netflix’s Arcane animated series!

The Pulsefire Legendary skin for Caitlyn is easily one of the coolest in the game.

It makes her look so powerful, and gives her iconic rifle a sci-fi overhaul that looks so epic!

PsyOps Sona

Sona’s use of music to create awesome attacks makes her a very visually pleasing character to choose amongst the cast of League Of Legends.

We love the way that this skin makes her look even cooler than ever before.

It gives her a very commanding presence that is almost rather frightening.

It also looks totally awesome in action, making her attacks look more powerful than ever! 


The PROJECT line of legendary skins makes numerous characters look like they’ve jumped right out of a sci-fi blockbuster.

This design looks particularly great on Yi, the legendary psychic swordsman renowned for his cutting-edge combat, and his unrelenting dedication to the blade.


Monster hunters are rampant in the League of Legends world, but perhaps few are quite as impactful and legendary as Vayne, a monster hunter out for revenge.

Want to make her look even more badass? Then try this skin that gives her a sci-fi makeover!

PROJECT: Renekton

Renekton may look like a savage beast, but his erudite ways and his dedication to the crescent blade have made him a respected and trusted combatant on the field.

This skin makes him look even more battle-ready, and is one of our very favorites.

It manages to have a sleek look to it, while still displaying the scary look of the character.


The harpooner Pyke is a particular favorite amongst fans because of his sheer tenacity, and his ability to see himself through just about any intense or dangerous situation!

No skin shows this off better than Pyke’s legendary PROJECT skin, which covers him in holographic elements that make him look even more dangerous, and even more powerful than he already is!

PROJECT: Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser the necromancer has never looked more commandeering than when donning his legendary PROJECT skin, which is easily the best look for the character.


As one of the most skilled archers in the game, it makes sense that this legendary skin would draw even more attention to Ashe’s awesome bow.

This skin gives it a mechanical look that is totally awesome.

Primetime Draven

Draven loves to show off, and this is put on display best with the awesome Primetime legendary skin that gives him a stylish makeover complete with blazing blonde hair. His spinning blades have simply never looked better! 

Porcelain Protector Ezreal

Ezreal is a collector of interesting technology from across multiple realities, but this skin gives him a high-fantasy look complete with numerous glowing elements that make him look like he is practically bursting with magical energy!

Omega Squad Teemo

As one of the most iconic characters in the League Of Legends pantheon, there is no better character to dress up in a legendary skin than Teemo.

This Omega squad skin manages to make even the adorable Teemo look threatening, as he dons his stealth suit.

Odyssey Kayn

Shadow magic is one of the most lethal practices in the world of League Of Legends, and Kayn is one of its most revered practitioners.

But how do you possibly make a character like Kayn look even scarier?

By donning him in this legendary skin, of course! We love how threatening this skin makes Kayn look!

Nightbringer Soraka

Soraka is a once immortal being who gave up her immortality to help protect humanity from itself.

Though her ambitions are noble, this Nightbringer skin helps to give her a slightly more sinister and epic look that creates a brilliant contrast that will easily have your opponents cowering in fear!

Nightbringer Yasuo

This is another skin for Yasuo, but easily one of the very best. It is so immensely epic, thanks to its high-fantasy look that almost makes Yasuo look as if he is made out of magma!

You could easily imagine Yasuo turning up in Elden Ring dressed like this! 

Nunu And Willump Bot

Nunu and Willump are a robot and engineer combo that are so totally charming and adorable.

This skin shows this off best, thanks to its blue and orange color scheme which emphasizes the synchronicity that these two friends boast!

Mecha Zero Sion

Sion’s mecha suit here looks simply incredible, and it looks like it boasts some serious weight and power when you see it in action.

This is one of our absolute favorite legendary skins in the game, and it should be an absolute must-have for any fans of Sion and his move set. It is such a natural fit with the character! 

Mecha Kingdoms Jax

Jax is renowned for making use of some very unique weapons in his arsenal, and this skin further reminds you of this whenever you wear it.

The mecha design is both imposing and epic while also still being very sophisticated and almost regal.

It makes Jax look totally incredible! 

Lunar Eclipse Leona

If the Solar eclipse skin for Leona wasn’t awesome enough for you, then we know that you will love this awesome Lunar eclipse look that still boasts a sense of regality and splendor, but instead features a more subtle blue glow, inspired by the lunar eclipse. It is simply stunning.

Infernal Nasus

The Jackal-headed Nasus is certainly one of the most scary-looking fighters on the League Of Legends roster, but imagine if he looked even more threatening!

This awesome legendary skin makes this no longer a fantasy, and presents him in truly epic glory, complete with a fiery red glow that makes him look practically ready to explode at any moment! 

High Noon Senna

Haunted by the Black Mist, Senna is one of the most elusive and mysterious characters in the roster, and this High Noon look gives her a Western flair that makes her look cooler than ever before!

We cannot get enough of the way this awesome skin looks!

High Noon Lucian

Already equipped with twin pistols, there couldn’t possibly be a better legendary skin for the badass Lucian.

This skin makes Lucian look just like he rolled in from some distant town, ready to cause havoc in a saloon!

High Noon Leona

This skin makes for a perfect pairing with the High Noon Lucian skin, thanks to its western-inspired design that manages to look both classy and gothic in equal swings.

We love the inclusion of the parasol to create a n air of sophistication to the outfit.

High Noon Ashe

Legendary archer Ashe gets another legendary skin with this high noon design that makes her look even cooler than ever.

We love how gothic it makes her look, and the intense glow that her bow and arrows take on! 

God-King Garen

A proud soldier and a dedicated leader, Garen looks more commanding than ever in this legendary god-king get up complete with lion iconography to emphasize his strong skills in leadership!

God-King Darius

Darius is one of the game’s most feared combatants, and within the world of the game, one of the most respected leaders.

This skin is guaranteed to garner the respect that Darisu so rightfully deserves! 

God Fist Lee Sin

Lee Sin looks more godly than ever thanks to this skin!

Gentleman Cho’Gath

This hilarious skin could not possibly be any better. Its contrast makes it one of the best!

Gatekeeper Galio

The great duke of Hell, Galio is definitely not to be messed with, and this legendary skin makes that more clear than ever before!

Galaxy Slayer Zed

With a name like that, you just know that this is going to be one epic skin, and just one look at it will be more than enough to convince you!

Forecast Janna

This is such an adorable skin, making Janna look like she is reporting on some of the worst weather conditions around.

Not only does it make Janna look good, but it is also totally hilarious to see in combat.

Final Boss Veigar

We love the retro video game-inspired look of this legendary skin.

It really helps to give Veigar some extra flair when used on the battlefield. It’s simply too cool!

Eternum Nocturne

The large blades of this skin help to make Nocturne look like a force to be reckoned with!

Dunkmaster Darius

This totally hilarious skin turns Darius into the ultimate basketball dunkmaster, complete with the perfect vest design!

Dream Dragon Yasuo

Yasuo easily has some of the most legendary skins in the game, and this is another simply awesome one that fans will love.

Dragon Trainer Tristana

Tristana is another of League Of Legends’ most adorable characters, so why not make her even cuter with this skin?

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger, one of the most popular characters in the game, looks so cool in this dragon tamer skin!

Demonblade Tryndamere

From adorable to epic, this skin is one of the very best on this list!

Debonair Zed

True to its name, this skin is most definitely debonair, and makes Zed look incredibly suave!

Dawnbringer Yone

Make Yone look even cooler with this dual bladed skin of legend!

Dawnbringer Soraka

The Dawnbringer skins are amongst our favorites, and this Soraka variant is simply magical.

Dawnbringer Riven

Riven looks ready to take on Heavenly threats with this skin, making it one of our favorites.

Dark Star Thresh

This skin will make Thresh look more than capable of taking over the universe!

Dark Cosmic Lux

We already love Lux, so this skin made us fall in love with her even more!

Dark Cosmic Jhin

Another cosmic threat, Dark Cosmic Jhin is pure horror!

Coven Morgana

Make Morgana look right at home amongst a coven of witches!

Coven Evelynn

This skin makes Evelynn look simply majestic.

Cosmic Lux

Cosmic skins are amongst our favorites, and this skin is no exception!

Corporate Mundo

This skin makes the hulking Mundo look a lot more sophisticated!


Definitely the funniest skin on this list. The Brolaf skin is sure to garner a chuckle from any opponent that sets their eyes upon it!

Blood Lord Vladimir

This is definitely the darkest of all legendary skins, thanks to how menacing and vampiric it makes Vladimir look!

Blackfrost Anivia

This Blackfrost-inspired skin makes Anivia look so metal!

Battlecast Prime Cho’Gath

If you thought Cho’Gath couldn’t look any cooler, then think again!

Battlecast Alpha Skarner

This is one of the most hardcore skins on this list. Without contest.

Battle Queen Katarina

This sexy skin is sure to be a total delight for fans of Katarina!

Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

This adorable outfit directly contrasts with Miss Fortune’s more hardened skills in combat, making it a total visual treat!

Battle Academia Ezreal

This anime-inspired skin makes Ezreal look simply awesome.

Battle Academia Caitlyn

You could easily imagine Caitlyn being top of her class at Battle Academy with this skin!

Aether Wing Kayle

Kayle can easily take to the skies and command from above thanks to this outfit that decks her out with the coolest wings around!

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