League Of Legends: Ranking Fifteen Ahri Skins From Worst To Best

Ahri is a League of Legends hero that has been around a long time, releasing more than a decade ago and soon becoming one of the most popular champions in the game. 

With a fan base as big as Ahri’s, it is no surprise that she has received a plethora of skins, all of which offer new looks and styles (and sometimes new abilities and animations) for the character. 

League Of Legends Ranking Fifteen Ahri Skins From Worst To Best

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at fifteen skins for Ahri and ranking them from worst to best.  

We will be looking at a range of different skin tiers for Ahri (according to the tier system that Riot Games has in place), including the following:

  • Budget or Deluxe
  • Standard or Superior
  • Epic
  • Legendary 
  • Mythic (Special)

Please note that- as with all rankings- this is an entirely subjective list, so we hope that we don’t offend if your favorite skin ends up on the higher end of the list or vice versa. 

We are also not saying that the skins that come under the “worse” category are necessarily bad. They could just be boring, dull or low effort compared to some of her other skins. 

All that being said, let’s get into the ranking!

1. Midnight Ahri

The main problem with some of the skins that are lower on this list- such as the Midnight Ahri skin- is that they are outdated, making them less impressive than the more contemporary skins due to lacking effects and animations. 

The Midnight Ahri skin is the epitome of outdated, with absolutely no animations or effects, as well as a bland character design and model. 

The splash art for the skin is also an outdated element of Midnight Ahri, whilst the price of the skin- 750 RP (also known as Riot Points and being the premium currency used to unlock skins in the game)- is far too high considering the uninspired nature of the skin as a whole. 

2. Academy Ahri

Academy Ahri is definitely more stylized than Midnight Ahri, with a more concrete South Korean school uniform theme.

 Ahri’s nine tails are also an impressive element of the skin, with a realistic design that reflects that of a red fox tail. 

However, the decent execution of the concept of Academy Ahri is where the positives end, as it is also a skin that has no new effects and no animations. 

The school uniform concept is well-designed, but it is also a pretty niche look that most people will either love or hate.

3. Dynasty Ahri

This is a solid skin that only places towards the bottom of this list because of the character model in game, as the silver gray tail doesn’t really go with the rest of the outfit and makes everything seem less vibrant.

Ahri’s outfit is well executed, taking cues from traditional Korean women’s fashion, but the numerous pink bows on her hair, ears and dress are a little bit overkill and take away from the classical and historic elements. 

That being said, Dynasty Ahri has had some updates since it was released in 2011, with new animations, effects and gorgeous splash art. 

4. Foxfire Ahri

This is another skin that falls victim to its age, with many elements that are simply too outdated to be worth the price of 975 RP. 

The splash art itself is also pretty outdated, which is a shame as the concept for the skin as a whole- Ahri becoming an elemental fire fox- is pretty awesome and different from her other looks. 

Despite this, the skin does have its own fire based orange effects. The effects are definitely unique and are a positive aspect of the skin, but it is still difficult to see how the price is justified. 

5. Challenger Ahri

Challenger Ahri is the only legacy skin that Ahri currently has, and it is a good one, but it doesn’t transcend to the levels of highly impressive like some of her other skins do. 

If you are a fan of Ahri’s traditional look, you might be a little disappointed in the design of the skin, as it is probably the one that looks the least like her of all of her skins. 

However, the metallic reds of her outfit, eyes, headpiece and tails match well with the other white and black colors in her skin, particularly the white flowing hair. 

With moderate animations and effect, Challenger Ahri is only worth the 975 RP price for those who are particularly fond of her look with this skin. 

6. Popstar Ahri

The original skin for Ahri’s journey into the world of K-Pop (and the first of many skins related to said journey), Popstar Ahri holds up well despite being almost ten years old, having released in 2013. 

Ahri fans had requested a skin of this nature for a long time, and Riot Games used Girls Generation- a popular South Korean girl group- as the inspiration for her pink and sparkly look with the Popstar skin. 

Popstar Ahri has unique sound effects, visual effects and animations as well as a bright blue buff that will dance alongside her, making it well worth the 975 RP. 

7.  Elderwood Ahri

This is definitely one of Ahri’s better skins, with some beautiful nature themes that are incorporated into both her outfit and the animations. 

Ahri wears a dress made from leaves and flowers in the skin, whilst the animation features flower and leaf particles that will fly around for every ability that she uses. 

The cost of Elderwood Ahri is 1350, which is very reasonable for what the skin offers. 

League Of Legends Ranking Fifteen Ahri Skins From Worst To Best (1)

8. K/DA All Out Ahri 

The first of three K/DA skins on this list- K/DA being the virtual girl band that Ahri is the leader of- All Out Ahri features a new model as well as particle effects, skills and sound effects that all correspond with her popstar image in a more advanced way than her original Popstar skin. 

The dance steps and music that accompany the recall animation for the K/DA All Out Ahri skin make it unique whilst keeping in line with the theme, whilst the design of the model reflects her popstar persona but includes a different outfit and blonde and pink hair. 

9.  K/DA Prestige Ahri

The K/DA Prestige skin for Ahri is unique in that it is the only Mythic skin available for her, and whilst it is definitely an aesthetically pleasing skin that is sure to be loved by fans of Ahri’s K/DA looks, it isn’t different in terms of animations and effects when compared with the K/DA Ahri skin. 

That being said, this is a very rare and pretty skin that still has cool effects and animations as well as a whole new short haired look and golden outfit for Ahri.

10. Coven Ahri

Coven Ahri is one of the more recent skins for the League of Legends character, having been released in 2021. 

It is another unique choice in that whilst most of Ahri’s skins are full of brightness, color and prettiness, Coven Ahri is a darker and edgier look for her. 

The purple color palette associated with the Coven line of skins in LoL suits Ahri perfectly, particularly her dark fox tails tinged with purple. 

The skin also has associated visual and sound effects, a beautiful recall animation and abilities that are darker and in line with the Coven theme, making for an Ahri skin that is different, gorgeous and well worth the 1350 RP. 

11. K/DA Ahri

We had to put the initial K/DA Ahri skin at the top of the list of K-Pop Ahri skins thanks to its iconic design- featuring some particularly eye-catching crystal fox tails- and excellent animations, sound effects and visual effects. 

Ahri’s character model with this look is the one that would go on to become synonymous with her role in the girl band K/DA, who became particularly popular after their hit song “Pop/Stars”, so it is difficult not to rank this skin high purely with the associations that it had when it comes to elevating Ahri’s character in popular culture. 

12. Arcade Ahri

There are many who consider this to be the best Ahri skin of all time and whilst it isn’t our number one pick, we would have to agree that it is truly one of the best options for her. 

Arcade Ahri is quite possibly one of the most unique skin choices as it has pixelated animations in line with the video game arcade theme. 

Ahri’s costume is a bright and playful one, with cute features such as a portable games console attached to her belt and headphones that have her fox ears on them, much like the headsets that video game streamers use. 

Her tail is also an awesome feature, with an RGB palette that changes color. Not only that, but the splash art is also fantastic, and the abilities are super fun. 

13. Arcana Ahri

The most recent skin for Ahri- releasing in 2022- takes the number three spot thanks to the complete overhaul that it gives to Ahri’s usual look along with its creativity. 

The Arcana line of skins in LoL were inspired by the major arcana found in a deck of tarot cards, resulting in stylized character models.

Ahri’s model features a dark outfit with gold and crimson accents, including a headpiece that covers her eyes entirely. Her ears are spikier- looking more similar to horns than fox ears- and her tails are crimson with golden highlights. 

She looks like she was pulled straight from the Arcane: League of Legends animated series, which is only a positive!

Ahri’s powers are also brilliantly animated with this skin, with her abilities having visually appealing and noticeable colors. She also has a cool recall animation where she poses in a way that makes her look like a tarot card. 

14. Star Guardian Ahri

Fans of Sailor Moon or any other magical girl anime can’t go wrong with the Star Guardian Ahri skin, which makes the character look like she was taken directly from an anime show or manga. 

The colorful cuteness often associated with Ahri skins is amped up even more so with Star Guardian Ahri, with a Sailor Moon like outfit-  featuring a similar red, white and blue color scheme- and blonde fox tails. 

Ahri even has a little animal companion who appears in the splash art and who hovers on her hand during gameplay!

Star Guardian also features plenty of unique visual effects, sound effects, animations and even new voice-over lines. 

15. Spirit Blossom Ahri

Our number one pick for the absolute best Ahri skin in League of Legends has to be Spirit Blossom Ahri. This is a legendary skin that is quite costly, coming in at 1820 RP.

However, it is definitely worth the price tag, featuring a plethora of new animations, sound effects, visual effects and voice-overs, all of which are highly detailed and in line with the cherry blossom theme of the skin. 

Ahri even gets a unique walking animation with this skin, as well as being able to transform into her fox form during some of her abilities. 

The color palette for Spirit Blossom Ahri perfectly fits the theme of the skin, blending sakura pinks with sky blues for that cherry blossom vibe. Ahri’s vibrant pink hair, pastel pink ears and glowing blue fox tails are the perfect finish to the aesthetics of the skin.  

As well as that, the splash art is also gorgeous, looking like a piece of art from Japanese mythology. 

Spirit Blossom Ahri combines everything you need for a great skin into one package, making it our ultimate choice of a skin for the character. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have fifteen Ahri skins ranked from best to worst! 

Whether you are a long-time Legend of Legend player or are thinking about jumping into the game for the first time, you are sure to find the Ahri skin that suits you best from this extensive list (no matter whether it is towards the top or the bottom of this list!). 

Ashley Newby