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Genshin Impact’s Wish System offers a fascinating way to obtain new characters and weapons, playing a significant role in enhancing the gaming experience. With its blend of strategy, luck, and resource management, understanding the mechanics behind it can significantly influence gameplay success. This article aims to demystify the Wish System, providing players with the knowledge they need to navigate its complexities and make the most of their wishes.

Understanding Genshin Impact’s Wish System

Understanding the Wish System in Genshin Impact

The Wish System is a central feature in Genshin Impact, operating as the game’s version of a gacha system, allowing players to obtain new characters and weapons. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Basics of the Wish System

  1. Currency: To make a wish, players need Intertwined or Acquaint Fates, depending on the banner they are wishing on. These can be acquired through gameplay, purchases using Primogems (in-game currency), or from the shop.
  2. >Banners: Genshin Impact offers different banners to wish on – Character Event Wish, Weapon Event Wish, and Standard Wish. Each banner has a specific set of characters or weapons it can drop, with Character Event banners most sought after for their limited-time characters.
  3. Odds: Each wish has a set probability for dropping items of different rarities, with 5-star items being the rarest. The game guarantees a 4-star item or better every 10 wishes and a 5-star item every 90 wishes on the same banner.

Making a Wish

  1. Navigate to the Wish screen from the game’s main menu.
  2. Select the banner you wish to spend your Fates on.
  3. Choose the number of wishes you want to make (1 or 10 at a time for efficiency).
  4. Confirm your selection and watch the items you receive.

Pity System

The “pity system” ensures that if you don’t get a 5-star item within 90 wishes on a character or weapon banner, the 90th wish will grant a 5-star item. For Character Event Wishes, if the first 5-star character you pull isn’t the featured character, the next 5-star character you pull from that banner will be guaranteed to be the banner’s featured character.

Soft Pity

The game also has an unofficial “soft pity” mechanism, where the odds of pulling a 5-star item significantly increase after the 75th wish, making it more likely to pull a 5-star item before hitting the 90-wish hard pity.


The Wish System in Genshin Impact is a luck-based feature that allows players to obtain new characters and weapons. Understanding how the system operates, including the usage of Fates, the difference between banners, and the game’s pity and soft pity mechanisms, can help players better strategize their wishes to maximize their chances of obtaining desired items. Remember, wishing is mostly luck, so patience is key.

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Earning Primogems for Wishes

Efficient Accumulation of Primogems for Wishes in Genshin Impact

Primogems stand as the pivotal in-game currency in Genshin Impact for initiating Wishes, a mechanism allowing players to obtain new characters and weapons. Ensuring a sufficient stash of Primogems is crucial for leveraging the game’s Wish System effectively. Here are the most efficient strategies for collecting Primogems:

Daily Commissions

Completing Daily Commissions is the most consistent method to earn Primogems. Four Daily Commissions are available each day, providing a set number of Primogems upon completion. Finishing all four commissions and speaking with the Adventurers’ Guild rewards players with an extra Primogem bonus.

Spiral Abyss

The Spiral Abyss offers a bi-monthly challenge for players seeking to test their characters and strategies. Floors 9 through 12 reset twice a month, each offering up to 600 Primogems for achieving maximum stars. Mastery of the Spiral Abyss is crucial for a steady Primogem income.

Achievements & Quests

Engaging with Genshin Impact’s world through its Main, Side, and Archon Quests not only enriches the game experience but also rewards players with Primogems. Similarly, unlocking Achievements provides a diverse set of challenges with Primogem rewards tied to game exploration and combat feats.

Event Participation

miHoYo frequently updates Genshin Impact with new events offering generous Primogem rewards. These events vary in duration and type but consistently provide opportunities to earn Primogems alongside enjoying fresh gameplay elements. Active participation in events is essential for maximizing Primogem gain.

Adventure Rank (AR) Increase

As players increase their Adventure Rank, they unlock new quests, domains, and challenges, many of which offer Primogems as a reward. Achieving higher AR levels can open up new avenues for Primogem collection.

In-game Mail & Server Maintenance

Occasionally, miHoYo dispatches Primogems through in-game mail as compensation for server downtime or to celebrate special occasions and milestones. Regularly check in-game mail for unexpected Primogem bonuses.


The vast world of Teyvat is dotted with chests, puzzles, and challenges, many yielding Primogems upon completion. Exploration and interaction with every element of the map are instrumental in uncovering these hidden gems.

Adherence to these strategies ensures a fruitful accumulation of Primogems, empowering players to make the most of Genshin Impact’s Wish System. While patience and consistent gameplay are key, these techniques provide a roadmap for enhancing your Genshin Impact experience through efficient Primogem collection.

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Strategic Wishing and Pity System

Maximizing High-Quality Pulls with the Pity System in Genshin Impact

Understanding the mechanics of the Pity System in Genshin Impact is key to ensuring that your Wishes yield the most desirable outcomes. Following a step-by-step approach can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining high-quality pulls. Here’s how you can apply this knowledge effectively.

Firstly, it’s crucial to keep track of your Wish count. Every banner on which you make a Wish, be it Character Event Wish, Weapon Event Wish, or Standard Wish, individually tracks the number of Wishes you’ve placed. This count directly influences when the Pity System will kick in to guarantee higher rarity pulls. For Character Event and Weapon Event Wishes, a 5-star guarantee arrives at 90 wishes, but high-quality pulls often occur sooner due to the soft pity mechanism, usually starting around the 75th wish.

To utilize the Pity System to your advantage, plan your resources strategically. Considering the Primogems required for Wishes can rapidly accumulate, prioritize banners that feature characters or weapons that will enhance your team composition. Every wish counts towards reaching the soft pity threshold; therefore, budgeting your Primogems and Intertwined Fates for these targeted banners is essential.

Another key strategy is to monitor upcoming banners. Genshin Impact regularly teases upcoming characters and weapons, allowing players to anticipate and save resources for banners that best align with their goals. By staying informed through official announcements and community insights, you can allocate your Primogems more effectively, ensuring they contribute towards achieving a soft pity and, subsequently, high-quality pulls.

Lastly, leveraging in-game rewards to accumulate more Primogems ensures a steady supply to invest in Wishes. Engage in activities listed earlier, such as completing Daily Commissions, participating in events, and exploring to find chests. Each activity contributes Primogems, which directly translates to more opportunities for Wishes.

In summary, maximizing high-quality pulls from Wishes in Genshin Impact involves a strategic approach to the Pity System. Keep track of your wish count, strategically plan your resources, stay informed about upcoming banners, and continuously engage in in-game activities for Primogem rewards. Following these steps diligently will significantly enhance your chances of securing the most coveted items the game has to offer, making every Wish count towards achieving your Genshin Impact goals.

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Mastering the Wish System in Genshin Impact is akin to mastering an art form – it requires patience, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of its underlying mechanisms. With the insights provided, players are now equipped to approach their wishes more confidently, knowing how to maximize their chances for obtaining desired characters and weapons. Remember, every wish is a step closer to enhancing your Genshin Impact adventure, making each decision and strategy behind it crucial for achieving your ultimate gaming goals.

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