Mousepad Tier List: Best Speed, Control, And Durable Mousepads

In gaming circles, the importance of a good quality mouse has been known for a long time. Even the best players can be let down if their hardware is not up to scratch, and the same goes for mousepads, too.

Mousepad Tier List Best Speed, Control, And Durable Mousepads

It may not be the most high-tech part of your gaming setup, but a good quality mousepad that suits your playstyle can make all the difference to your gaming performance. 

So, I hear you ask, ‘how do I go about finding the best mousepad for me?’ 

Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will rank the best mousepads out there by three key metrics: speed, control and durability.

First we’ll look at speed and control, since this is most players’ primary concern. Then we’ll look at durability. If you’re going to invest in a quality mousepad you want it to last, right? 

Speed And Control Ranking 

In this section, we’ll be ranking mousepads from quickest to slowest, starting with the quickest.  

The Quickest Mousepads 

As it says on the tin, these are some of the quickest mousepads on the market.  

1. Glorious Elements Air

Made from polycarbonate, this low-profile mousepad offers maximum gaming speed with practically no friction detectable. As the name suggests, it’s almost like your mouse is floating on air.

2. Logitech G440

This hard, low friction surface is perfect for high DPI gaming. A stable base ensures no unwanted movement of the pad during particularly fraught moments. Specially designed to work best with Logitech mice.

3. Artisan Shidenkai

One of the quickest pads out there, made by one of the brands most devoted to the craft of mousepad technology. It also has the added benefit of comfort over some of the quickest mousepads as the pad is made from rubber, rather than plastic.

4. SkyPAD Glas 3.0

This is a high-tech pad made from specially treated glass and optimized for use with laser and optical gaming mice. If you’re looking for a hard pad but aren’t quite satisfied with the traditional plastic or metal, give this pad a try!


Quick mousepads. These have some stopping power but the focus is still very much on a fast glide action. 

1. Madcatz G.L.I.D.E. 38

Ultra-Smooth hybrid material creates a surface that your mouse will simply glide across, allowing total control. Suitable for a variety of gaming styles.

2. ROG Scabbard II

This pad has a special ‘military grade’ nano-coating that according to the manufacturer makes this mousepad 1.5x smoother than standard mousepads. 

3. Artisan Hien

This state-of-the-art mousepad has ‘multi-layer hardness’, combining a softer outer surface with a harder under-layer to balance maximum speed with comfort and control.

4. Aorus AMP500

This pad features a hybrid silicone-based design and has been optimized for the most precise mouse tracking possible. Features a heat-molding edge for extra comfort.

Somewhat Quick

These pads still put the emphasis on speed first, but offer appreciable stopping power, too.

1. Artisan Hayate Otsu

Made from a special weave polyester, this mousepad is designed to counteract the effects of sweat build-up. Featuring Artisan’s ‘multi-hardness’, this pad balances the need for speed with a more stable glide and precise pointing. 

2. Fnatic Dash

As the name suggests, this mousepad allows for some ultra quick wrist action, with a uniform and consistent glide in all directions. Combining this with some very decent stopping power makes this one of the best gaming mousepads on the market. 

3. Dechanic Control

Although marketed for controlled gameplay, this mousepad offers a surprisingly smooth and easy glide, too, for just the right amount of friction. It’s also double thick for extra comfort whilst playing!

4. Razer Goliathus

Coming from the well-respected gaming brand Razer, this mousepad is perfect for both speedier and more controlled playstyles, balancing both. Designed for control but still perfect for fast-paced games with high precision, tactile feedback.


Balanced mousepads. Without too much friction, but still offering plenty of control. 

1. Zowie G-SR-SE

One of the most reliable, consistent gaming mousepads around, designed specifically for Esports. A perfectly balanced pad, if that’s the kind you’re looking for. 

2. Corsair MM350 PRO

Coming from a brand like Corsair, which is well respected in the world of gaming, you’d expect this mousepad to be good. And it is. Micro-weave fabric creates a dense surface for fast and reliable glide whilst still retaining comfort.  

3. Artisan Zero

Another of Artisan’s high-tech offerings, featuring many of the same features as the Shidenkai, Hien, and Hayate Otsu. This mousepad has a multi-purpose surface that strikes a balance between  speed and ease of mouse movement and “stop ability.”

4. Logitech G640

This pad is specifically marketed at gamers who prefer moderate surface friction. If moderate friction is to your preference this pad offers just the right amount of friction when making quick mouse movements and is perfect for low DPI gaming.


Mousepads that put the emphasis on control and precision over speed. 

1. Razer Gigantus V2

Again, the clue is in the name, as the mousepad is ultra-large. It is designed for low-sensitivity gaming, to give you as much room to maneuver your mouse without having to reposition it. 

2. Tiger Esports Pad

This is a high-performance micro-woven mousepad designed specifically for Esports. It’s certainly not the best pad out there, but it’s more than good enough, with the added bonus of coming in some pretty colorful, cool designs!

3. SteelSeries QCK

This is one of the most popular gaming mousepads on the market, and you can see why. This pad works for both high and low DPI players. The micro-woven cloth surface is optimized for tracking smaller movements but also provides enough space for more sweeping movements of the mouse. 

4. BenQ Zowie G-SR (Cloth)

This mousepad rates itself a three on its own glide scale, and we would agree with that assessment. The smooth and even cloth surface offers a consistent and comfortable glide that is leisurely, but not outright slow. 


Slow, arguably even too slow. Plenty of control but ‘twitchy’ style gameplay becomes near impossible, and micro-adjustments are difficult to pull off. 

1. Razer Gigantus

The original Gigantus, this mousepad- whilst offering plenty of space- places too much emphasis on controlled movements to the point where speed is detrimentally affected. 

2. Corsair MM250

Another highly popular mousepad, this pad is designed for ‘maximum control’. Whilst designed for competitive gamers, we think it is a little on the slow side for that. But hey, everyone has their preferences and this might suit your playstyle perfectly!

3. Roccat Sense

A great mousepad by all accounts, but unfortunately the lack of non-slip backing means it is prone to sliding around, and thus not suited to fast playstyles.

4. Xtrfy GP2

A fairly unremarkable mousepad. It is also prone to sliding around a lot, and the material used is cheap and not conducive to quick and smooth mouse movements. Of all the mousepads featured, this is the one you would say was the ‘stickiest’. 

Durability Scale

Durability Scale

Now we’ll briefly break down these mousepads by durability. We’ll be factoring in not just the durability of the material to the naked eye- for example, fraying around the edges- but also the durability of the glide.

 Nothing too complicated, we’ll simply group the pads into the very durable, the durable, the average, and the short-lived.

As before, the most durable will come first. You can then simply cross-reference this list with a pad you think will suit your playstyle from above!

The Very Durable

Pads that will last a very long time, but expect to pay the price for such a high quality product. Heck, the Skypad Glas 3.0 has survived drop tests onto concrete!

  • Skpad Glas 3.0
  • Artisan Hien
  • Fnatic Dash

The Durable

High quality pads that will last, but not as long as above. Many are made of materials that are water resistant and therefore easy to wipe down.

  • Madcatz G.L.I.D.E 38
  • ROG Scabbard II
  • Aorus AMP500
  • Dechanic Control
  • SteelSeries QCK
  • Artisan Zero
  • Roccat Sense

The Average

Pads with respectable life-spans that are neither particularly durable nor particularly short-lived.

  • Artisan Shidenkai
  • Glorious Elements Air
  • Zowie G-SR-SE
  • BenQ Zowie G-SR
  • Corsair MM350
  • Corsair MM250
  • Razer Goliathus
  • Tiger Esports Pad
  • Razer Gigantus V2
  • Razer Gigantus
  • Logitech G640

The Short Lived

Pads that will begin to show signs of wear within just a few months, if not weeks for particularly active gamers.

  • Artisan Hayate Otsu
  • Logitech G440
  • Xtrfy GP2


So there we have it! A full tier list of some of the best gaming mousepads available on the market today, ranked by both their speed and control and their durability.

Whatever your playstyle, there is a mousepad on this list for you. Simply cross-reference the speed and control ranking with the durability scale to find a mouse that suits your tastes that will last. Just beware, the most durable tend to be more expensive. 

Happy Gaming!

Ashley Newby