MultiVersus: How To Switch Off Offline Mode

Just like most other fighting games, a big part of the appeal of MultiVersus is testing your might in online PvP matches whether it’s against your friends in a casual match, or in a ranked match where you can take on other players of a similar level to rank up and receive rewards. 

MultiVersus: How To Switch Off Offline Mode

While there is a fully-functional online mode for players to enjoy in MultiVersus, this cannot be accessed if the game has set itself to ‘Offline mode’ which it has been known to do while you play the game, or even when you first boot it up. 

Luckily, once you know how, it is incredibly easy to switch off the offline mode and is well worth doing so that you can enjoy all the online functionalities that this popular 2D fighter has to offer. 

What Is Offline Mode And Why Does It Turn On?

Offline mode will become enabled when the game believes that the user is under the age of 18.

This is a safety precaution built into MultiVersus which does make sense since the game is first and foremost directed towards a younger audience and as is the case with many fighting games, there can be a lot of toxic players online who can dampen the experience through voice chat or personal messages. 

There are definitely some benefits to keeping offline mode on so that younger players can enjoy the game without jumping online or accidentally purchasing Gleamium which is the in-game currency used to buy skins. 

Offline mode will therefore automatically turn on depending on what you chose when you first boot the game up and are asked how old you are.

If the player selects any of the options under 18, then the offline mode will automatically turn on, however if you do want to turn it off, luckily this can be done fairly easily. 

How To Turn Off Offline Mode In MultiVersus

1. Load Up The Game

Load up the game as you would normally so that you arrive on the main menu. 

2. Search On Your Desktop

Minimize the game for a moment and move over to your regular desktop interface. Go into the search option and type in ‘%appdata%’.

Press enter and this will take you to a page where you can see multiple folders and a few options at the top that you can choose from. 

3. Select ‘AppData’

At the very top of the screen will be a ‘Roaming’ option and to the left of it will be ‘AppData’.

Select the latter option and it will take you to a previous page where a few different files will appear. 

4. Select ‘Local’

Once these folders appear, click on the one titled ‘Local’ to bring up a list of the different apps installed on your PC that you can edit and configure.

4. Select ‘Local’

5. Find MultiVersus 

Scroll down this long list until you find the MultiVersus folder. Click on this and there will be a folder titled ‘Saved’ that will refer to your current saved data as a user on the game. 

6. Delete The ‘Saved’ File 

You will now want to remove the ‘Saved’ folder entirely so that you are able to reset your age when you next load up MultiVersus. 

The easiest way to do this is to right-click the folder and then select the trash can. 

Once you have confirmed, the folder will no longer be there and will be moved to the recycling bin.

To make sure it doesn’t continue influencing the game and activating offline mode automatically, scroll over to the recycling bin on your desktop and empty it so that the folder is gone for good. 

7. Reopen MultiVersus

Once the folder is gone, close down MultiVersus and then reopen it.

Now, when you launch into the game, you will be asked to confirm your age just as you were the very first time you logged in. 

Make sure you select the ‘Over 22’ option and accept the privacy policies to log back into the game. Offline mode will be off and your account will be able to go online without any hindrances.

Make sure that you always choose the ‘Over 22’ option as anything under that can sometimes cause the game to randomly turn offline mode back on as a bug in the game.

Choosing this option guarantees that offline mode won’t appear again so that you can enjoy playing matches online against friends and other combatants. 


MultiVersus will automatically turn offline mode on if it detects that the user is under the age of 18 as a safety precaution, so if you do want to get around this feature, you will need to delete the appropriate file so that you can re-enter your age and enjoy the incredible PVP modes that the game has to offer. 

Ashley Newby