MultiVersus – What Are The Best Skill Moves And Perks For Bugs Bunny? (Season 1)

MultiVersus is a fun crossover fighting game that allows players to battle each other as beloved Warner Bros. characters, such as Batman and Bugs Bunny. 

That’s right, gamers can play as the carrot-chewing Looney Toons icon! However, if they want to master him and his many moves, they’ll need to be aware of his perks.

MultiVersus - What Are The Best Skill Moves And Perks For Bugs Bunny? (Season 1)

Bugs Bunny is a Mage fighter in MultiVersus, which means he has a big emphasis on projectile attacks.

As a result, there are plenty of perks related to this that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with, as well as a variety of unique skill moves.

And we’ve got all the answers for you! In our handy guide below, we’ve got a detailed breakdown of the best skill moves and perks for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus Season 1. 

MultiVersus – What Are Bugs Bunny’s Best Skill Moves?

Bugs Bunny has a variety of effective ground and air attacks in the game, all of which have their benefits.

Ground Attacks

NEUTRAL – “Bunny Basher”

Bugs’ neutral ground attack is a charge move, where he springs towards the enemy and swings a mallet at them.

SIDE – “Why I Oughta!”

This sees Bugs do a rapid succession punch COMBO, finishing with a big hit. It breaks armor.

UP – “Rabbit Kick”

Bugs charges towards the enemy, then unleashes a kick right up into the air.

DOWN – “Pie Barrage!”

You can guess what this one is! When Bugs has a pie equipped, simply press input again and he will throw the pie, acting as an effective PROJECTILE.

However, not only will it deal slow debuff to any enemy that it hits, but it also acts as a healing projectile to your team. Any ally that the pie passes through will receive health.

Bug Bunny is able to throw a few pies until a cooldown takes place.

Air Attacks

Air Attacks

NEUTRAL – “Helicopter Punch”

As you can guess, Bugs spins around in the air like a helicopter, punching any enemy that he comes into contact with. 

SIDE – “Flying Rabbit’s Foot”

With this air attack, Bugs jumps into the air and then CHARGES forwards with a kick attack. 

UP – “Swing Batta Batta”

This is an especially funny one that has a particularly Looney Toons feel to it! In this very cartoony air attack, Bugs will take out a baseball bat and do a big swing, ideally striking an enemy up into the air. 

DOWN – “Look Out Below!”

This air attack can work two ways. One of them will occur if you’ve got a pie equipped, with Bugs throwing the PROJECTILE.

When this isn’t the case, Bugs will simply do a downward swing with his mullet, bringing the weapon down onto enemies and dealing damage that way.

MultiVersus – What Are Bugs Bunny’s Special Attacks?

Ground Specials

NEUTRAL – “A Safe Investment” 

With this special ground attack (which has a cooldown), Bugs will throw a target down onto the ground.

Be sure to get back once he does this, because a PROJECTILE of a safe will then fall down from the sky, causing damage to whoever it lands on. 

Better yet, you can hit the safe, causing it to fly into other enemies.

When the safe gets destroyed, an item will then fall out of it.

SIDE – “Ain’t I A Charmer?”

When you use this, Bugs will blow a kiss towards an enemy. This kiss then CHARMS the enemy, making them stunned. 

On the other hand, Bugs can kiss an ally in order to give them a RAGE BUFF. This makes the ally’s next attack deal a BROKEN ARMOR DEBUFF. 

UP – “Bunny Burrow”

Here, Bugs Bunny will burrown down into the ground, where he is invincible. He moves through the ground and shoots up out of it, attacking as he goes.

You’re able to leave the tunnel earlier by jumping. There is a cooldown for this move.

If an ally crouches over a tunnel, they teleport to the tunnel that partners with it. 

DOWN – “Special Delive-Rocket”

With this special attack, Bugs will release a rocket PROJECTILE up into the sky, which will later crash down onto the course.

When the rocket is cooling down, Bugs will soar into the sky instead with the use of his ears, which spin like a helicopter.

Handily, an ally can grab onto the rocket and use it as a wall. 

Air Specials

Air Specials

NEUTRAL – “Safe Painter”

With this, Bugs jumps up and quickly paints a safe, which then materializes and comes crashing down – ideally onto an enemy.

This is a PROJECTILE and it is quicker than the other “safe” attack. Also like the other “safe” attack, it can be hit away, and it drops an item when destroyed. 

SIDE – “Rocket Rider” 

With this, Bugs (and an ally) can ride a rocket sideways towards an enemy. Shares its cooldown with the other rocket special attack.

UP – “Bun On The Run”

This is just like “Bunny Burrow”, except Bugs jumps up into the air first and then shoots straight down into the ground to burrow. 

DOWN – “Special Deliv-Rocket”

As you’ll notice from the name, this is identical to the DOWN Ground attack.

MultiVersus – What Are Bugs Bunny’s Passives?

Bugs Bunny has one passive, which is “Dynamite, Doc?” 

With this passive, Bugs needs to be crouched. He will then pull up an ACME box which spawns an item, before throwing it to his nearest ally to use. It has a cooldown. 

MultiVersus – What Are Bugs Bunny’s Best Perks?


To unlock this perk for Bugs Bunny, you will need to reach Mastery Level 2 with his character. 

When used Solo, the perk will give your team will have their ability cooldowns reduced by 10%. When used Stacked, the reduction increases to 15%.

“Speed Force Assist”

In order to unlock this utility perk for Bugs Bunny, you will need to reach Mastery Level 7 with the character. 

As you can guess, this perk is all to do with assisting movement speed. When used Solo, the perk will provide your whole team with a 4% increase in their base movement speed.

When used Stacked, though, your team will receive double that – an 8% increase in everyone’s base movement speed.

“Second Wind Beneath Your Wings”

Bugs Bunny’s third best perk is this one to aid your team’s air attacks, and you will need to reach Mastery Level 12 with Bugs to unlock it.

When used Solo, your team will have their air special attacks refreshed after ringing out an enemy.

On the other hand, a Stacked usage will refresh every one of the air options of your team after ringing out a member of the enemy team. 

“Lingering Love”

Finally, this is one of two Signature Perks for Bugs Bunny – which means it’s exclusive to his character. You’ll need to reach Mastery Level 10 to use it. 

Bugs gives a kiss, leaving a projectile of a floating heart behind. If an enemy runs into the heart, they’re charmed at a reduced rate. The heart has a cooldown.

Final Thoughts

Bugs Bunny is one of the most enjoyable characters to play in MultiVersus, and our guide will help you play him better – with his skill moves and perks. 

Ashley Newby