Raft: How To Get Wool

The first thing you need to do in Raft is figure out where to get wool. It is required for bags and armour, two accessories that are crucial as you reach the middle to late game. However, unlike so many other raw materials, obtaining wool can be a little bit of a challenge.

Raft How To Get Wool

In Raft, you must use a Net Launcher to catch a llama in order to obtain its wool. Bring the now-tamed llama to your raft, where you can shear it to produce some wool. Wool from llamas grows back every five minutes.

This brief but useful description of how to get wool in Raft is outlined below.

How To Get Wool In Raft

Follow the instructions below to get wool in Raft.

1. Net Launcher, Craft Shears, And Net Canister

You need to conduct a small amount of preparation work beforehand. The following prerequisites must be satisfied before you even consider venturing out in quest of a llama:

Create a cover for your raft and equip it with the net launcher as well as a minimum of one net canister craft shears.

An enclosure is easy to construct. Simply designate a section of your raft as fenced off.  Raft’s animal AI doesn’t take your raft’s edge into account, thus you’ll want to do this. 

In other words, if you don’t create it, your beloved Llama will simply walk over the side and into the gloomy depths.

You should include a grassy area in the cage as well, which you must water. Your llama can eat this, and it will ensure that its wool keeps coming again. 

If you wish to, you may starve your animals. Although it won’t actually kill them, it will stop them from producing their resources, which is equally bad.

You’ll need to have a net launcher as well as a net canister to catch a llama. Now, in Raft, wool is a resource that is pretty mid-game. If not the Net Launcher, at minimum the Net Launcher should be researched by the time you’re ready for wool.

Net Canisters are a little more difficult. They demand that you have studied Explosive Powder, a more advanced form of explosive goo that is only available from poison-puffers. Poison-Puffers can be found in the reefs surrounding sizable islands.

Finally, you need a pair of shears. These are simple to make and shouldn’t provide you with any difficulties. If they do, it’s probably too early to think about wool at this point.

2. Locate A Big Island And Take A Llama

You must perform some sailing before you encounter a llama because they can only be found on big islands. When you do, you must secure your raft and get out. 

You should park it practically adjacent to the property, in my opinion. Once you’ve kidnapped your llama, you’ll need to transport it back, so the less swimming you have to do, the better.

Llamas are difficult to catch and quite infrequent, especially if the Screecher or Warthog are bothering you on the island. Since there is no other method to obtain wool in Raft, it could be a smart idea to carry some weapons.

In either case, you’ll have to look about in search of one. When you do, you must use your Net Launcher to fire at it and strike it. 

This is more difficult than it sounds because llamas will flee if you approach them. But because they follow predetermined routes while they run, you may anticipate your shot by watching them for a while.

3. Harvest By Bringing Your Llama To Your Yaft

You’re nearly finished once you’ve caught a llama.  To pick it up, approach it via the net then interact with it. The llama is now considered tamed and won’t flee from you when you drop it. However, it will stray, so grab it and don’t let it go.

You can give your llama a new name while it’s in your possession. You don’t have to, however it does give your new pet a little more personality. 

Change its name, or don’t, and then return to your raft. You must park the raft tightly because you will be unable to use any things while transporting the Llama.

Place the Llama down somewhere inside its area and ensure the entrance is closed once you’re back on the raft. 

To remove the llama’s wool, grab your shears and place Mouse 1 over the llama. If your llama is not hungry, each harvest produces one patch of wool, which grows anew every five minutes.

Final Thoughts

Many crucial pieces of Raft equipment are made of wool. It’s among the best tools in the game for making trash cubes, and you may use it to manufacture armour, bags, and trash cubes.

If at all possible, try to get several llamas in order to obtain a consistent supply of the substance.

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