Ranking The Vayne Skins From League Of Legends: Which Ones To Avoid And Which Ones To Use

There are a lot of skin types in League of Legends, but the vayne skins are perhaps the most popular of all. If you want a good attack based character, then Vayne is definitely the character to go for.

Ranking The Vayne Skins From League Of Legends

She is perhaps one of the most popular options out there, and she’s typically the ADC that you think of when you think about League of Legends.

What’s especially sad about Vayne, however, is that she was often overlooked early on in the game’s history since her skins were rather weak.

She was avoided by professional gamers at first, until gamers started recognizing her worth and choosing her for their playthroughs of the game. If you have enough patience, then you can easily be successful by using Vayne.

In fact, she’s something of a one woman show in the later game if you play your cards right. Just watch out for the melee experts – they may not be your biggest fans if you use Vayne against them! 

The Many Skins Of Vayne: Just How Many Are There?

There are a lot of Vayne skins out there. You’ve probably encountered a few yourself when you have been playing the game. But just how many of them exist?

There are 14 skins available right now – this number is sure to increase as time goes on. What’s great about this is that you are almost certain to be able to find a skin that works well for your unique way of playing the game.

In fact, a good amount of these skins are pretty fantastic. 

Of course, that also means that some of the skins aren’t so good too, which is worth keeping in mind. With that in mind, here are all of the Vayne skins ranked from worst to best.

Ranking Of The Best Vayne Skins

14. Aristocrat Vayne

Released way back in May 2011, this skin simply isn’t worth the 520 RP that you would have to use to get it. This is something that’s pretty much universally agreed among Vayne fans. This skin is low quality and just generally not worth your time.

In fact, we would go as far as to argue that Vayne’s standard skin is leagues better than this one. You don’t even get the visual satisfaction of seeing any new visual effects or movements from her.

This skin belongs in the garbage – don’t waste your time with it.

13. SKT T1 Vayne

Slightly better than the previous entry is SKT T1 Vayne. This skin was released a few years later in May 2014 and would cost 750 RP. Much like the previous entry, it also doesn’t have chroma.

This skin was essentially a celebratory Skin for the SKT T1’s first esports World Championship win, but the skin itself really isn’t anything worth celebrating.

You will get bottom of the barrel quality with this skin, and it’s certainly nothing in comparison to some of the more recent Vayne skins out there. It’s only really a skin that you should consider getting if you are a big SKT fan. 

12. Vindicator Vayne

This skin has a fancy, menacing sounding name but there isn’t much about it that makes it live up to its name. Released in May 2011, you would need to pay 520 RP to buy this skin with no chroma.

It’s marginally better than Vindicator Vayne since the design is a bit more aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it won’t do any wonders for your gameplay.

Again, you’d be better off just using Vayne’s standard form than using your RP on this skin.

11. Heartseeker Skin

This skin that was released in February 2012 came out for Valentine’s Day. As you may expect, it’s more of a novelty than anything else. It costs 975 RP and doesn’t have chroma.

Besides some particle effects, it really doesn’t have much to offer. It’s only slightly higher on this list because it looks quite interesting.

10. Battle Bat Skin

Phew – that’s it for all of the bad skins, now for a few more intriguing options. These next two skins aren’t the best of the best, but not the worst. This skin was released in March 2022, so it’s a pretty recent addition to the Vayne skin menu.

It’s pretty pricey, costing 1350 RP but it comes with an incredible 9 different chromas for the price. It comes with a lot of shiny new additions, though some people may feel that it’s not the best looking skin on the market.

The character design is so flashy that it can be almost a little distracting to look at. With that being said, you can tell that this is a recent skin thanks to the high quality effects. It’s definitely worth the high cost.

9. Dragonslayer Skin

Want your character to look like they’re heading into battle with a fierce dragon? This may be the skin for you. Released in August 2011, this skin comes with 3 different skins. It’s fairly affordable at just 975 RP.

Not only that, but it also looks pretty cool too. Before there were more skins on the market, you’d see pretty much every Vayne player sporting this skin. It was popular for a reason.

It’s a shame that it hasn’t had a recent revamp because we’re pretty sure we’d be seeing this skin on League of Legends far more often. It’s just a little outdated in comparison to some of the other options that are higher on this list. 

8. Arclight Vayne

Now for some truly immense Vayne skins. The Arclight skin was released in April 2015 and costs 975 RP. It doesn’t come with chroma, but it makes up for it in other ways. The skin has a golden hue to it that looks glorious.

It is somewhat lacking in the effects and animations department, but the animations that you do get are very good. It’s a good choice if you want a beautiful looking skin but are low on RP.

7. Prestige Firecracker Vayne

Now this is a flashy looking skin. This skin released back in January 2019, and doesn’t come with chroma options. The design is flawless though.

It’s somewhat similar to the original Firecracker vayne, except you will need to use mythic essence to get this one.

The main difference between the two options is the color scheme, since this one has a white color scheme whereas the original firecracker is red. It has some pretty neat visual effects too.

Ranking The Vayne Skins From League Of Legends

6. Firecracker Vayne

Released at the same time as the Prestige Firecracker Vayne, this skin instead has a red color scheme that looks impeccable. It has just one chroma option and costs 1350 RP.

This skin looks pretty incredible, and is definitely worth the steep cost. You are also sure to love the visual effects that come with it too.

5. FPX Vayne

FPX Vayne is another fan favorite skin. It came out in April 2020 and costs 1350 RP. It also comes with one chroma option, so you can customize it as needed.

It’s a great choice if you want a good looking skin and you’re a fan of esports. It also has wonderful effects and animations. 

4. Spirit Blossom Vayne

Spirit Blossom Vayne is perhaps one of the coolest skins we’ve ever seen for Vayne. The skin was released in July 2020 and comes with an incredible 8 chroma options so you can customize the skin however you see fit.

It does cost quite a bit, however – it’s 1350 RP to buy. The skin looks impeccable, with a stand out color scheme and epic special effects. You’re also sure to love the animations – they are unique yet still fit the character well.

For such a high quality skin, we’re amazed that the cost isn’t higher.

3. Soulstealer Vayne

Soulstealer Vayne is a slightly older skin, releasing in 2016. You would find it difficult to tell though, since it’s actually better than some of the skins released after it. The biggest problem with this is that it’s a mythic skin – it costs 125 ME.

Some people may feel that it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles in comparison to its newer siblings, but we still think that it’s a skin worth considering.

The animations and effects look incredible in game and the color scheme is simply gorgeous. Don’t let its age fool you – anyone would be lucky to have this skin.

2. Sentinel Vayne

Sentinel Vayne is one of the newer Vayne skins on the market, releasing in July 2021. It costs a lot at 1820 RP, but is it worth the cost? We certainly think it is.

The skin arrived during the Sentinel event in 2021, and it’s arguably one of the most epic looking skins for Vayne out there. It’s hard to choose between Sentinel Vayne and Project: Vayne for that reason.

Not only does it look good, but it also comes with a great looking crossbow too. You may need to spend a while saving RP in order to buy this skin, but it’s worth it.

There may also be a way to get this skin in a Hextech box. You can get the skin permanently by rerolling 3 skin shards.

1. Project: Vayne

This skin from November 2017 is truly something special. It costs 1820 RP so it’s a little expensive, but what you get for that price is nothing short of incredible.

This legendary skin is all any Vayne fans could talk about for months after it made its way into the game. It has impeccable animations and effects, and the splash art is beautiful.

It also has a cool HUD effect if you try to use Vayne’s ultimate ability. She even drives a super cool futuristic motorcycle.

We could go on and on about how great this skin is, but until you try it for yourself you will never know just how good it is. Give it a try! 

Like the Sentinel Vayne, you can also get this in a Hextech box or you can reroll 3 skin shards.

Which One Should I Choose?

So which one of these skins should you choose? We would truly recommend any of the options in the top five options on this list. They all look fantastic and have incredible animations and effects to enjoy as you play the game.

Of course, the choice ultimately comes down to you. You could get some of the older options in order to relive some of the nostalgia of the early years of League of Legends.

You could get a newer skin with some extra bells and whistles to enjoy. Each skin has its own benefits and it’s really down to individual preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Rarest Vayne Skin?

The Soulstealer skin is one of the rarest Vayne skins on the market. This skin also has a similar theme to another character, Soulstealer Vladimir. 

Is Jinx Or Vayne Better?

Jinx is a little better than Vayne. If you have a battle between the two, Jinx will win a higher percentage of the time. The same is true in a battle between Darius and Vayne.


So there are our rankings of the best Vayne skins out there. With so many options to choose from, you will certainly find one that works well for you. If you want to spice up your game, you really should try some of these skins.

Ashley Newby