Received The “” Error In Your Minecraft Game? Here’s How You Fix It.

Minecraft is a game where you mine for items and craft blocks. It’s a simple game that allows players to use their creativity to re-create builds from their favorite shows, their own lives, or their imagination.

Received The “” Error In Your Minecraft Game? Here’s How You Fix It.

It’s a popular game enjoyed by a diverse range of people as it’s simple enough for children to understand and versatile enough to keep adults engaged too.

You can play the game on multiple platforms, but no matter which platform you choose, you may end up seeing the error code

What Does Mean?

This error code means there has been an issue when logging on to your Minecraft account. 

If you’re seeing this error message you won’t be able to gain access to your Minecraft data. This means you will not be able to access your purchased items or realms, your single-player worlds, or your skins.

Fixing this error is simple, but you will need a different method depending on which platform you’re playing from.

We will explain each method based on each platform, however before you scroll down to your console, you should first learn why this error came up so you can avoid it in the future.

Why Does This Error Come Up?

The “” error arises when a player tries to open a corrupt file. The file often becomes corrupt when gamers switch from one platform to another.

You can play Minecraft with your friends even if they are using a different console. However, the game file can become corrupted if it has different saved versions.

Opening up the wrong version could cause this error.

For example, if one player updates their version of Minecraft but the others on the same server don’t, the juxtaposition of data can cause a crash.

Another issue could be trying to install the server when the internet crashes. This can cause a connection breach, which in turn creates the error code.

If the game creates this error during an interaction connection breach, simply try again once your internet connection is stable. That should be enough to solve the issue.

If it happens at any other point, follow the steps below.

The 4 Platforms To Play Minecraft

Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter which platform you play Minecraft on.

The 4 Platforms To Play Minecraft

Some will tell you that Nintendo Switch is the worst version as the screen is small so you won’t have as much visual accuracy, however, this version allows you to play the game portably.

Professional Minecrafters often play on their PC. You could argue that this is the best version, as you will have a keyboard worth of quick clicks to build your megabase with.

However, the best platform is normally the one you already own. Minecraft isn’t a complex game, so it doesn’t need a lot of keys or special handling to work as intended.

The four platforms you can choose from are PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Although it doesn’t matter which one you pick, the fix for the error is different depending on the platform you’re using.

Remember this error sometimes occurs when someone plays on one platform, then switches to another.

Before you climb down this rabbit hole, make sure you are logged out of the previous device before logging on to a new one.

Fixing The Error On PC

On a PC computer, you will need to use Microsoft to sign into Minecraft. The first thing you should attempt is switching the computer off and on again.

It’s a simple trick that often does the job – no fancy changes are needed.

If that doesn’t work, simply leave the sign-in page open, wait for around 5 minutes and then try again.

If the two simple fixes aren’t helping, cancel the corrupt games. This means removing the game from your PC and re-downloading it.

This will help eliminate any bugs causing the error and give you a fresh new sign-in.

Still not working? You may be signed in on a different device. Sign out of that device and try again.

Lastly, if you have recently made a purchase, you might be blocked from entering the game until the purchase has been confirmed.

Seeing as children play this game, as well as adults, Minecraft has a child-protection service that prevents them from buying things without the bill payer’s permission.

To unlock the block, log into your Microsoft account and accept the terms and conditions of your payment. Now try and log in.

Fixing The Error On Xbox

Fixing the error on your Xbox has the same method if you are using Xbox One or any of the Xbox Series collections.

First, you need to do the classic “turn it off and on again” trick. Then wait for 5 to 10 minutes before login in again.

Again, if you have recently made a purchase, make sure you check your emails to confirm the purchase.

On Xbox these emails may come through as notifications on your homepage or through your actual email, depending on how you have set up your account.

Check both places, confirm the agreements, and continue.

If this doesn’t work, delete the old file for Minecraft and download a new one. To do this you’ll need to enter the Microsoft Store, type in “Minecraft” and download the game.

Once downloaded, sign into the game. You should see your profile. 

If it continues to give you the error message, double-check that you aren’t logged in through a different device. If you are, log out of that device and try again.

Fixing The Error On PlayStation

You can play Minecraft on either PS4 or PS5. If you have bought the game through a disc, you will still have access to the online platform, however, you are less likely to receive this error.

If you are receiving the error through a disc, you should first remove the disc, clean it and place it back into the console. Now try again.

If that doesn’t work or you downloaded the game, turn the console off and on again. Wait for 5 minutes and then try again.

Still struggling to log in? Re-install it. You can do this by logging into your Microsoft account searching for the game and pressing “Re-Install”.

You will likely be given a code to enter. Open the game and type in this code.

If you still have the error you may be logged in through a different device. Log out of that device and try again.

Fixing The Error On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo switch often gets this error when playing on different realms.

However unlike the other platforms, simply waiting for a couple of minutes without doing anything is enough to fix the issue.

If you’re still experiencing issues, start by switching the device off and on again, waiting for a couple of minutes, then try again.

If you still have no luck, there is another trick you can try – activating a different game.

If you click on a different game, you will force close Minecraft. You don’t have to actually allow the second game to play, instead, you can simply click back on Minecraft again.

Setting Up Minecraft Cross-Play

To set up cross-platform games you need to sign into your game and create a new world. Launch the world, and press the pause menu. From there, you will see the button “Invite to game”.

If you can already see your friend’s names, click on them, and press “send invite”. If not, press “Find Cross-Platform Friends”, then either send them the code.


And there you have it. Now if this error code comes up, you have a method to fix it.

Most of the time, restarting the device will correct the error, but if you don’t log off from a different device the error will always reappear.

Ashley Newby