Recruiting Companions In Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is one of a series of three fantasy role-playing video games where players must engage in strategy to progress in the adventure.

Recruiting Companions in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

One of the ways to ensure success in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is to recruit companions.

Different companions will be available to recruit depending on your chosen Mythic Path, and they all have their own unique combination of skills and strengths that will help you throughout the game. 

You could choose to move through the Pathfinder world by yourself, but as players quickly tend to realize, it’s much easier and less perilous with a companion by your side.

Before you can add a new member to your team, though, you need to know how to recruit the different companions.

Working this out in-game can be tricky, so we’ve made a list of all the different companions in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous and how to recruit them. 

How To Recruit Companions 

Before we get into the specifics of how to recruit the different Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous companions, there are a few things you should bear in mind: 

As much as all of the companions in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous have desirable attributes, you can’t recruit them all – at least, not in the same playthrough.

This is because some of the companions we’ll be talking about in this guide are only available if you choose the Lich Route, whereas others can only be recruited on the Aeon Route.

If you want to try playing with all the different companions, you’ll need to do multiple playthroughs and select different routes.

For the broadest selection of companions, we recommend choosing the Lich Route since it has the most options. 

Once you’ve read through this guide, it might be worth thinking about what kind of relationship you want with your companions before you choose your alignment.

That’s because, depending on your chosen alignment, some companions might stay longer or leave after a shorter time. 

Generic companions are not included in the list below.

These companions are mostly mercenaries, and while the other companions have more elaborate recruitment processes, mercenaries only require monetary payment to be recruited.

It’s best to recruit a companion earlier rather than later over the course of the game, since this will allow you to take full advantage of their skillset from the beginning.

Luckily, most companions can be recruited from the early stages of the game if you know what to do. 

Also, don’t disregard a companion completely because you don’t like all of their attributes or specs.

In the game, you’ll have the opportunity to retrain your companion to alter their attributes, or respec them if you prefer. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the recruitment strategies for your Pathfinder companions!


One of the most popular companions in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is Ember.

She is both an elf and a Stigmatized Witch, and her alignment is neutral good. 

If you want to recruit Ember, you will first need to locate the Market Square (which is in Kenabres in Act 1 of the game).

It’s important that you recruit her during the first act because she dies after the Defender’s Heart siege. 

When you first meet Ember, she will be on the verge of being executed for practicing witchcraft.

To recruit her, you need to use your persuasion skills to convince the guards to let her go.

You’ll then need to engage in combat with the guards before you can integrate Ember into your team. 

You will, unfortunately, gain a penalty by recruiting Ember, but you’ll also get to take advantage of her skillset, which includes impressive resistances and buffs. 


Lann is a Mongrelman whose alignment is classified as lawful neutral.

He’s one of the first companions you can unlock, and since he’s recruited automatically during the game’s prologue, you don’t need to do anything special. 

Just recruit Seelah and Camelia (see below) and Lann still stay by your side from that point as long as your decisions at the Mongrel Camp are compatible with his alignment

You can make Lann an official member of your team if you show the Light of Heaven.

In our opinion, this is the best time to recruit Lann.

However, you’ll get another opportunity to recruit Lann during Wenduag’s quest in Act 3 if you decide to spare his life after fighting him.

Despite being a monk, Lann’s skill with a bow and arrow makes him a worthwhile addition to your party.


Galfrey is a lawful good human paladin and a queen that you can recruit during Act 5 of the game.

You can only recruit Galfrey if you choose to go down the Lich Route, so make sure you take this path if you know you want Galfrey on your team. 

The process for recruiting Galfrey is less intuitive than most because you’ll actually need to kill her and then resurrect her if you want to recruit her. 


Delamere is an undead human Slayer, and her alignment is lawful evil.

She will prove a very useful companion due to her aptitude with a bow and arrow as well as her mastery of ranged combat.

However, to recruit her, you’ll have to complete the Ziggurat project. 

In order to embark on the Ziggurat project in Act 3, you will have to take the Lich Route at the start of the game.

Once you’ve begun the project, you must go to the Temple of the Good Hunt.

Here, you will find the body of Delamere, which will need to be interred and reanimated before you can add Delamere to your team. 


As a true neutral dwarf and a Slayer, Greybor is a valuable companion to have by your side as you progress through the world of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. 

You can only recruit Greybor once you reach Act 3 of the game, in Drezen.

It’s worth the wait, though, because Greybor is extremely strong and is a dual-weapon fighter.

If you speak to a character called Irabeth after the battle, you’ll unlock a quest where you’re required to hunt a dragon.

At this point, you can go to the tavern, where you’ll meet Greybor. 

Another reason why the 3-act wait to hire Greybor is ideal is that it gives you time to save up the 12,500 gold pieces needed to hire him on a permanent basis after the initial 2,500 payment.

With that being said, you’ll have another opportunity to hire this companion later, once you have enough coins.

Just go back to the same tavern and repeat the interaction. 


Woljif is a companion who is known for being many things at once.

As well as being a chaotic neutral Tiefling and a rogue, he is a Scoundrel.

This means that he will assist your character with his stealth and magical abilities.

You can recruit Woljif early in the game, during Act 1.

To find him, you’ll need to go to the Defender’s Heart Tavern and go down to the basement, where Woljif is being held prisoner. 

First, speak to Woljif and reassure him that you will rescue him.

Then, speak to Irabeth and persuade her to release Woljif. 

Bear in mind that you will lose Woljif during Act 2 of the game.

To reclaim him as your companion, you’ll need to look for him as you continue your quests.

At some unspecified point in the game, you’ll find Woljif living with a cult, and if you want to recruit him again, you’ll have to defeat the cult. 


Like Lann, Camelia is a companion who is unlocked automatically during the game’s prologue. 

Camelia is a half-elf Shaman, and you won’t know her alignment because her magical necklace conceals it.

What you do know about her, however, is that she has spiritual powers and skills that will help you in your quests.

She also has the ability to tank and is very skilled at scouting. 

Camelia will be unlocked along with Seelah (see below). 


Kestoglyr is one of the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous companions that can only be unlocked quite late in the game, during Act 4.

However, this undead, lawful evil human companion is definitely worth the wait to recruit for his two-weapon combat skills.

To recruit Kestoglyr, you’ll need to wait until Act 4 and go to the Colypher Mines.

Here, you can raise Kestoglyr from the dead and invite him to be your companion. 


The third companion who is unlocked during the prologue of the game on an automatic basis is Seelah. 

Seelah is a human, and her alignment is lawful good.

She’s a paladin, and although she’s unlocked automatically, meaning you don’t need to put any effort into recruiting her, she is a great companion, being especially good at melee combat with a variety of weapons. 

Bear in mind however, that if you select the Lich Mythic Route, you will lose Seelah in the companion for the rest of the game. 


Sosiel is another human companion character. He is a cleric with a neutral good alignment, and once you get to Act 2 of the game, you can recruit him to your party.

Before you can recruit Sosiel, Galfrey (see above) will introduce you to him while you’re dealing with the Fifth Crusade army.

When you find him in your camp later in the act, you can recruit him. 


Nenio is a human Kitsune, and she’s true neutral. You won’t know her alignment or class when you start interacting with her, though. 

You can find Nenio in Act 1 in the Market Square.

She will walk away after your first conversation, but you can find her again at a random point in the game.

To recruit her, you must participate in her scientific experiments in order to overpower some cultists. 


The Succubus Demon Arueshalae can be recruited to your party during Act 2 of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Her alignment is chaotic neutral. 

You have a couple of options when it comes to recruiting Arueshalae. 

First, you can take the Azata Mythic Path during Act 1 of the game.

After that, you need to go to the Lost Chapel during Act 2 and finish the puzzle called Shrine of Desna. 

From here, there are multiple steps you need to complete to recruit Arueshalae.

First, descend the Lost Chapel mountain and fight one of the Kabiri Cultists.

Once you’ve killed him and claimed the Small Sextant, you need to find the nearby cave and add the Small Harp you find inside to the Shrine of Desna’s Map of Unknown Land.

At this point, you’ll be given some button prompts to follow. 

Then, Arueshalae will appear as a vision, and you’ll be prompted to take part in the battle taking place in Drezen.

You’ll find Aruseshalae in the dungeon if you accept Nurah’s plan. 

The other way to recruit Arueshalae is to wait until after your mission in Drezen.

Areshalae will appear as a vision, this time, in a dream.

She’ll instruct you to travel to Greensight, where you’ll be required to fight. Then, you can recruit her.


Ciar is an undead human Slayer and Cavalier, and although you must wait until Act 3 to recruit him, you’ll be glad you did because his ability to defend, attack and tank makes him a well-rounded and powerful companion. 

Once you have completed the quest called Vengeance of Sarkoris in Act 3 (which is part of the Lich Route), you’ll be able to speak to Ciar.

After the conversation, you’ll head to the Ziggurat and defeat the crusaders.

This is when you’ll finally get the opportunity to raise Ciar and recruit him. 


If you’re looking for a chaotic neutral companion later in the game, Trever is one of the best choices.

You can recruit this human Barbarian, Hellknight Paladin in Act 3 of the game if you’re prepared to go through the difficult recruitment process. 

To start with, you’ll need to have the Immaculate Petal, either in your inventory or in Sosiel’s equipment.

Speak to Sosiel and communicate that Trever might no longer be the same given the war. 

Once you’ve completed Sosiel’s quest, which is in Act 3, choose the option to hear the full story when you reach the Lost Chapel.

Select the speech option to suggest that Trever may have become lost.

Wait until you reach Act 4 of the game and complete the Dire One’s Perception Check.

You’ll have the option to make The Dire One fight Sosiel when you get to the Battlebliss Arena, but make sure Sosiel avoids attacking The Dire One.

Then, you should select the conversational option to discuss bringing Trevor home.

After the fight, Trever will be recruited to your team.


Wenduag is unlocked at the game’s prologue automatically.

You will get the option to keep Wenduag instead of Lann upon getting to the Mongrel Camp (this would involve denying the Light of Heaven).

Wenduag is a neutral evil fighter Mongrel specializing in ranged attacks.

If you don’t keep her during Act 1, you can recruit her again in Act 3 and Act 4.

We wouldn’t recommend recruiting her during Act 3 (Lann’s personal quest), though, because she’ll eventually betray you. 


You can recruit Daeran as your companion in Act 1.

He’s a neutral evil Oracle Aasimar, and you’ll find him by going on the quest you find in Market Square.

This quest will require you to go to Arendae House, where Count Daeran will be hosting a party. 

There will be a monster attack during the party, and afterward, Daeran will be recruited to your team.

Staunton Vhane 

Staunton Vhane is a particularly interesting companion because you can recruit him by following either one of the Mythic Paths.

He can also be either a Dwarf or Undead depending on how you choose to recruit him.

Although you’ll come across Vhane early in the game, you can’t recruit him on the Lich Mythic Path until Act 3, when Irabeth informs you that his corpse is being held in a prison.

You’ll be able to go to the prison and, with the help of Lich, raise him from the dead before recruiting him. 

If you want Vhane to be a Dwarf rather than Undead, though, you need to take the Aeon Mythic Path.

From there, you’ll embark on the Mythic Quest, which involves entering a rift and persuading Vhane to join you. 


Regill is a gnome companion, but he’s also a Hellknight and Armiger fighter.

His alignment is lawful evil, but he’ll be a good ally due to his dual-weapon fighting skills. 

To recruit this gnome, you must go toward Drezen and accept Hellknight Yaker’s request for you to help him in a fight.

From there, go to Reliable Redoubt and stop the ambush with Regill. You can then offer for Regill to join you. 

Finnean The Talking Weapon

Finnean the Talking Weapon is a unique companion within the Pathfinder games because he is technically an object rather than a being. Regardless, he will be very useful to you on your quests. 

You can find Finnean in Act 1 if you go to the Ancientries and Wonders Shop after recruiting Woljif during his personal quest.

When examining the desk, you’ll encounter the sword, which will speak to you and even offer you another quest. 

Although Finnean originally presents as a sword, he can turn into any kind of weapon, which is invaluable in combat.

Final Thoughts 

There are many companions to choose from in any given playthrough of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. 

However, the path you choose during the game will determine which selection of these companions are open for you to recruit, and depending on your choices, your relationships with your companions can either be prolonged or cut short. 

Bear in mind that some companions can be recruited at multiple points during the game, but they may not always stay loyal to you, so choose your recruitment strategy wisely.

Most importantly, base your choice of companions on alignments and abilities that will serve you on your quests and adventures.

Ashley Newby