6 Roblox Bloxburg House Design Ideas

Roblox is the fastest-growing platform for community-created games in recent history.

People from all over the world create games on this platform for others to play. Think of it like Youtube but for gaming instead of videos.

6 Roblox Bloxburg House Design Ideas

Bloxburg is somewhat similar to the 00s game SIMs. It allows people to roleplay a life simulation where players can build homes, work, and develop a life on their server.

Because building a fantastic house is one of the best ways to show off in Bloxburg, you don’t want to invite your friends to see a basic neighborhood. 

To help you create the builds of your dreams, we have 6 ideas below! Scroll through and let inspiration strike.

2010 Style Flat House Design

In the 10s, houses with flat roofs and minimalist interiors were considered modern. This thought continues today in many American states.

To create a 2010 modern flat house, you need to consider the height, dimensions, open spaces, and “clean” natural landscape.

For example, you could build a house that is made out of 4 sections, the first two contain the living room and the bedroom.

They should be rectangular in shape with the long sides against the floor. Make one of the rooms taller than the other, and one of the rooms closer to your front gate.

This slight difference will create a depth of dimensions. Now the third room should go above the first two, almost like a stairway into a bridging formation. Again make it a rectangular shape.

The fourth room shouldn’t be a room at all, but a patio of sorts. You could put a fire pit on this balcony for that added sense of “clean” nature. Place it next to the third room for a roof garden vibe.

In front of the house, create a stepping stone path that is surrounded by a pond or even a swimming pool, to give it a bit of life.

This design is meant to be square so new builders shouldn’t find it difficult to create the spaces.

Keep the interior minimal to add to the 2010 modern look, for example instead of using lamps choose skylights and ceiling lights instead. They will give you more space to keep the rooms clear.

A Zen House

Zen houses are very similar to the 2010 flat house design, however, instead of using a horizontal rectangular shape, a zen house uses a vertical rectangular shape.

This means that the house is taller but thinner than our first design, allowing more light into the structure.

For a strong zen house atmosphere, you need to create the same “clean” natural atmosphere we mentioned before, but you can add in more flowers and bushes than you would expect in a flat house. 

The color of the walls can be gray and dark, while the bushes create a sense of light. Or, you can opt for a beige house color while the bushes add in darker green.

Play around with color and height in this build.

A Single-Storey Simple House

Most new players will build a simple and cheap modern house when they first join the game. This is because the 10k building allowance the game gives you to begin with, fits easily with a single-story creation.

However, just because you cannot afford much doesn’t mean the building has to be ugly. 

To make a single-story house look good, you need to remember 3 things – your color palette, your key features, and your design choice.

Play around with the colors to get the best combination that you prefer, but we recommend picking 3 base colors and one flashy one.

For example, your base colors could be white, and two shades of gray, while your flashy color could be blue.

Keeping this in mind, you could have a brick gray feature wall, lighter gray flooring, white walls, and blue furniture. Whatever color you pick, make sure to keep the theme throughout the house.

Every room should have key features, but you can fit them up in every room, so it doesn’t feel repetitive.

The walls could be a feature in one room, a table in another, or the pictures in a third. You can make it a key feature by using your flashy color on that item.

The Villa Aesthetic

So far the building designs we have suggested have used flat color blocks of grays, browns, or blues.

We mentioned a texture block in the single-story home, but for the villa aesthetic, we need to lean into these dynamics more.

Mediterranean buildings have a wonderful variety of textures that you can play with, from loose brick walls to a mix of colors to structural pillars that don’t quite match the wall’s architecture. 

To make this work, you need to balance texture with smoothness and keep the colors somewhat similar.

A mixture of textures can work on your building just fine, however, if you also include a mixture of colors, it will soon clash.

Instead, pick one color type – such as sand – and think about the natural colors that fit in that type. Sand can include a sandy yellow, a muddy brown, light gray, and even a dirty white.

Use darker colors as a framing technique, and lighter colors around the doors.

This can help create a viewpoint for your eyes to focus on, making your mismatch of textures seem natural as your eyes focus on the lighter colors around the entranceways.

A Hillside Mansion

If making your building isn’t the aspect you’re struggling with, you may be worried about the landscape. If this problem sounds familiar, we have a suggestion for you.

Make a house which fits snugly inside a mountainside.

To do this, you need to build the structure of your building as normal but build them up a level first.

Make sure that there is a layer of untouched land on this higher lever that remains disconnected from your mansion. Before you start with the decoration, cast your eyes over the terrain blocks.

Head to your build collection, find ramps and place them around your first level until you can create the rocky textures of a mountainside. Use a gray brick color to make the ramps seem like a natural part of the landscape.

When you place the ramps, don’t worry about being neat. In fact, the rougher it looks at this stage, the more natural it will seem overall.

Simply make sure that the whole outer rim is covered and the ramp is aimed up towards the house.

Once the ramp has been made and colored, you can use the untouched area as a new landscape. Place grass over the untouched higher level and make sure to cover all areas so no gaps remain.

Now your building will look like it was created on a hill.

Colonial House

In a colonial house, you need to create large rooms with open spaces, and greek pillars made of marble. These builds can be easy to make but look expensive. Many people make colonial houses without using a game pass.

To do this, you need to create a driveway with a feature in the middle such as a fountain or a hedge. 

The driveway should be circular instead of straight, and one of the round edges should open up to the front door.

This doorway should be framed with greek style pillars made of marble, and the pillars should hold up a triangle overhanging ledge. 

The windows should have a rounded top and a flat bottom or a rectangle with shutters on either side. The texture of the walls should be slate or plain white.

This design fits perfectly with the white picket fence look, with ferns both inside and outside of the house.

Using white in most of the walls and furniture will help create the colonial house look, but to stop the design from seeming flat, add marbles and grays to break up the lightness.


Bloxburg is very similar to SIMs however you can play this game with your friends in an open world and enjoy the roleplay aspect this freedom gives.

To create a jaw-dropping house you need to keep textures, colors, and landscapes in mind. First make a color palette, then pick out your main features and lastly use the landscape to contrast your buildings.

Ashley Newby