Rocket League; Ranks, Tiers And How To Progress

Rocket League is one of the best online games out there. With over 20 million players worldwide, it’s easy to see why Rocket League is such a popular game. 

The best part about Rocket League Sideswipes is that there are no levels. Instead, players progress through ranks and tiers based on how well they perform in matches.

Rocket League; Ranks, Tiers And How To Progress

In addition, each rank offers a unique set of rewards including skins, wheels, decals, and even exclusive vehicles.

In Rocket League Sideswipes, there are three main tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each tier unlocks progressively faster and harder opponents, better rewards, and more opportunities to earn points.

Players start off in bronze and must work their way up to silver and gold.


Competitive Tournaments were introduced in Legacy Season 2. They replaced the previous ranking system and point system with a new one. Additionally, all players must play 10 placement matches in order to advance to the next tier.

After 10 games, if you’re not ranked yet, the matchmaker will put you into one of three tiers based on your performance. To see which tier you’re in, check out the tiered screen that appears at the bottom of the main menu or by pressing X during gameplay.

As the ten matches progress, matchmaking will place you in matches with players of or closer to your skill level. It takes an hour for the game to learn your skill level, but there are six hours for assurance.

Once you’re finally placed into your final skill level for the first match, you’ll be placed in Division 2.


You can track your progress and see where you stand against others on the Rocket League Tracker.

If you are playing on Xbox, Playstation or PC simply use your PSN name and set the selection bar to the appropriate place. 

If you’re playing through Steam, go to your account settings, then choose ‘Account’ under your name. You’ll see a link called ‘View my public pages’. Copy the URL from there. Go back to the game, paste it into the search bar, and voila!


If you encounter any errors when trading in Rocket League for the very first time then you haven’t yet been given access. To unlock further features you must buy at least 500 credits.

This method works without root access. You don’t need to download anything else besides the game itself.

  • Step 1 – Open up the in-game store via the main menu.
  • Step 2 – Click “Add Credit”.
  • Step 3 – Choose the amount of credit you want to add.
  • Step 4 – Press OK.
  • Step 5 – Wait for the transaction to complete.
  • Step 6 – Go back to the main menu and press “Play Game”.
  • Step 7 – Launch the game and go into the options menu.
  • Step 8 – Scroll down to the bottom and select “Trading”.
  • Step 9 – Check the box next to “Enable Trading”.
  • Step 10 – Save the settings and exit out of the options menu.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to start trading.

Season Reward Level 

For Legacy Season 5, Psyonix introduces a concept called season rewards. Your rewards start at unranked, and every victory awards you points toward the next level.

Each level unlocks new rewards, starting with bronze, then gold, then platinum, and finally diamond. You can lose matches without affecting your season rewards in any way, even though losing may cause you to fall down a tier or division.

With the release of Free-to-Play and season one, there has been a new top rank of Super Sonic Legend and a new reward tier for those who reach there.

You can earn wins only for your Season Reward Level if your skill tier is at or above that reward level. For instance, you can play at the Bronze tier or above to earn bronze rewards but not platinum rewards. However, a gold player who has already earned gold season rewards cannot yet earn platinum rewards.

Season Rewards 

In order to make the game more enjoyable for everyone Psyonix decided to change how Season Rewards work. They’ve added a new system where players can earn points based on their performance in Ranked games. 

These points can then be used to buy items in the Store. Players who reach level 50 will receive an additional reward called “Seasonal Pass”. This pass gives access to exclusive cosmetic items such as avatars, banners, decals, wheels, trails, goal explosions and much more!

Why Play Competitive Rocket League?

In a nutshell, competitive Rocket Leagues are much more enjoyable for those that love to win. They place a higher value on getting victories over opponents rather than scoring freestyle points. It’s not all about beating others, but it’s a large part of the game. 

Having ranks to aim for, and achieving them, sets players’ goals. Many people play for fun, but having ranks to aim for and achieving them is what makes Rocket League such a great game.

Having ranks to aim for and reaching them is a huge benefit to Rocket League players. It allows players to rise through the ranks and become the best Rocket League they can possibly be.

You’ll learn how to control the ball better, improve your shooting technique, and master the art of passing. 


Rocket League is a very popular game and has gained a lot of popularity since its launch. The game offers a wide range of customization options which allow players to create their own car designs.

With these features, Rocket League is a must have game for anyone looking for a fun and exciting multiplayer experience.

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