Rogue Company Characters Ranked (2022)

If you love tactical, third-person shooter multiplayer games, you may have already heard of or even played Rogue Company. This is a free game that was released by Hi-Rez Studios back in 2020 and caused quite a stir when it launched. 

Rogue Company Characters Ranked (2022)

Rogue Company has a compelling storyline that involves joining a secret organization that deploys mercenaries to investigate and solve high-stakes problems threatening the world.

It’s a team-based game that requires a lot of strategic gameplay for progression. 

One of the best ways to ensure that your team performs well in Rogue Company is to familiarize yourself with all the different characters. 

Some of these are unlocked from the start of the game, whereas others will be unlocked as you progress. Building a team made up of strong characters from different classes will ensure that you have a solid set of skills between you. 

In this guide, we’re going to be introducing you to all the characters you can unlock in Rogue Company. We will then be tier-ranking them to give you an idea of their strengths and usefulness in-game.

This way, you’ll go into the game with all the information you need to build the best possible team. 

Rogue Company Classes 

The first thing you need to know about the Rogue Company characters before you get familiar with their individual skill sets is that every character belongs to a class. 

There are six classes in total in Rogue Company, and these are: 

  • Defenders
  • Breachers
  • Duelists
  • Intels
  • Snipers
  • Supports

Defenders thrive when there is an objective to defend. They can help to block the opposing team from entering certain areas, although many of these characters can be useful members of attacking teams. 

Breachers are key members of any attacking team because their primary role is to push towards your team’s objectives.

From attacking the opposing team to bide time for other team members to destroying the other team’s equipment, the Beacher class is one of the best.

Next, you have Duelists. These team members will do the most damage, although they each have their own unique skills and tools, meaning that the type of damage dealt will vary within this class. 

The Intel class doesn’t deal as much damage as Duelists and Breachers, but characters in this class are really useful because they can reveal the enemy’s position for the aforementioned classes.

Snipers are not only great at dealing damage, but they can do so from a long range, which is perfect for situations where you don’t want to go rushing into enemy territory.

They also have a similar skill to the Intel class because they can reveal the enemy’s position using nano smoke and sticky sensors.

The final class you need to know about when choosing your Rogue Company team members is the Support class.

The Support class is made up of just a select few characters with abilities that include reviving and healing. Support members can also deal damage either at long-range or close-range. 

Introducing The Rogues 


Dahlia is one of two Rogues in the Support class in Rogue Company. Her main skill is her Danger Close ability.

This skill allows her to revive a fellow team member from a long way away, so if you have her on your team, you know you can send someone into enemy territory alone and still be able to revive them if it goes wrong. 

Dahlia also has an ability called Buddy System which means that she can take on team members’ passive abilities over the course of a combat round. 


Sigrid is one of the most popular Rogue Company team members in the Breacher Class. She’s known for an ability called Ballistic Shield, which halts damage coming from the front. 

Another ability that makes Sigrid a popular choice is the Athletic ability. This means that she has immunity against effects that cause players to slow down, and when she’s in a crouched position, she can move faster than most players.


A worthy member of the Intel class, Glimpse has a fascinating background. She was genetically modified during her childhood, which has given her the impressive and very useful Camouflage ability.

Using Camouflage, Glimpse can make herself invisible to the opposing team. 

Glimpse also benefits from strong sensory abilities, which come under the Sleighty ability. This passive ability means that she can spot enemies in the surrounding area better than most.


Chaac is part of the Duelist class, so if you’re looking for a character that can deal a lot of damage and heal from inflicted damage, he’s a great choice. 

Chaac’s main abilities are Grit and Rage. Because of this, he can continue to dodge roll once he’s down and he’s able to revive and overheal from this state. He also comes with a helpful Stim-pack that allows him to regenerate 3 hit points at any time. 


Anvil is a Rogue that is available to play from the start of the game. He’s a member of the Defender class, and he’s highly skilled in combat, having fought in dozens of battles. 

Anvil’s primary ability is Barricade, which is apt for a defender. This skill can produce a medium level of cover and block incoming damage. In addition to this, blinding and disorienting ailments don’t work on him. 

Rogue Company Characters Ranked (2022)


Scorch is a powerful Duelist, so if you want to be able to deal some impressive damage, we recommend incorporating her into your team. 

Her main skill is the ability to deal fire damage using Overheat. This ability adds a scorch effect to melee attacks and firearms, basically setting members of the opposing team on fire.

She herself is immune to fire effects because she has an ability called Fireproof. 


Mack may not be the most high-powered character in Rogue Company compared to some of the other Rogues, but he’s still a reliable and useful team member from the Defender class. 

Mack has a Lightbomb ability that creates a short-distance, airborne flashbang. He also has the Standard Issue ability that raises his armor class to 25 from the beginning of the game.

Not only that, but his armor can self-repair each time he takes an enemy down. 


A valued member of the Intel class, Dallas is known for being able to track down enemies accurately using his Target Finder skill. This precisely pinpoints the locations of enemy team members.

While this skill does lose power when it’s used, it can recharge whenever he brings down an enemy. 


A member of the Duelist class, Ronin has some pretty impressive abilities. One of these is Ballistic Knife. Using this ability, Ronin can use her knife as a melee weapon or, alternatively, throw it. 

Ronin also has an ability called Underground, which means that enemies won’t be able to see her on their mini map. 


Cannon is one of the best characters in Rogue Company for dealing damage despite the fact that he’s in the Defender class.

This is because he has the Gatling Gun weapon, which can fire at an impressive rate especially when it’s fired for longer periods of time. 

Cannon also benefits from the Conflict Connoisseur ability, which means he gets extra ammunition when he lands an accurate hit. 


Phantom is a Sniper, so if you’re looking for a team member who can deal hard-hitting damage at long-range, she’s your player.

Her main ability is Nono Smoke. Using this ability, she can reveal the position of any enemy within the smoke’s area. She also has an ability called Grevious Wounds which slows down an enemy’s ability to regenerate their health after firearm damage.


Like Phantom, Seeker is also adept at long-range combat, but he’s in the Intel class rather than the Sniper class. His weapon is a bow and arrow, and he has the Arrow Scanner ability that points out members of the opposing team within his range. 

Seeker’s other ability is called Ricochet, and this gives him a 70% projectile damage increase. 


Vy belongs to the Defender class, so her abilities are less damage-oriented and more about lowering the health levels of enemy team members.

She does this using Pool Poison, which is the ability to make poison pools to catch enemies and damage their health. She also has the Leeching ability which basically lets her steal enemies’ health points. 


Another Defender Rogue you might want to consider is Trench. Trench’s Barbed Wire Grenade slows enemies down to bide time for other team members. 

Trench has an ability called Gadget Up, and using this ability, he can carry an extra gadget with him. 


This Intel Rogue has a unique passive ability. This ability is Mag Gloves, and it means that he can collect objects from far away. 

Additionally, Talon’s Radar Dart sticks to surfaces and lets him know when enemies are in the area. 


Runway might be a Support Rogue, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a useful team player. 

This Rogue’s Supply on Demand skill means he can throw an ammunition-filled briefcase (the ammunition is infinite) and he can always refill his gadgets. 

He has a passive ability called Fully Loaded, meaning he can carry and use not one but two weapons from the primary class. 

The Fixer 

The Fixer belongs to the Sniper class, so he’s a great choice if your goal is to be great at long-distance combat. 

The Fixer boasts an impressive ability called Thermal Vision, meaning he can see enemies even when smoke is in the area because their heat signatures are visible to him.

His Shrapnel Rounds ability allows him to slow the pace of approaching enemies following firearm damage. 


From the Duelist class, Lancer is a great team member for tactical, strategic gameplay. She has an ability called Quick and Quiet, meaning that not only is her movement speed increased, but her footsteps are silent. 

She also comes with the Elusive ability which means she can perform automatic dodge-rolls and reload her weapon at the same time!


Another Duelist, Umbra excels at sneak attacks thanks to his drone. But it’s not just Umbra’s equipment that makes him a worthy team member.

He also has the Siphon ability, which means that every time he takes down an enemy, his health status is restored to maximum. 

Rogue Company Characters Ranked (2022)


Kestrel is as skilled at hunting down enemies as her bird namesake is at hunting its prey. She’s part of the Duelist class and she can find enemy positions using mini drones which then launch explosive attacks (this is the Halo Drone ability). 

Kestrel is also on the Legend’s Contract. In the game, this ability means that she picks up 500 in cash every time she downs an enemy. 


Saint is in the Support class and his expertise is in the medical field – so much so that he has an ability called Medical Expertise. This ability means he can restore his health as well as that of other squad members. 

Another ability Saint has is Revive Drone, which allows him to find team members in a downed state in any position on the map and revive them. 


Gl1tch is a Breacher class member, and his skillset involves breaking the enemy’s defense using his hacking abilities. 

He also has an ability called Intuition. Using this ability, Gl1tch can find enemy equipment from anywhere – even behind a solid wall. 


Another Breacher Rogue you should definitely think about adding to your team is Switchblade. She comes with the Chaos Launcher, which is a Napalm Launcher weapon.

This, along with the Napalm Warhead weapon, means she can deal a lot of damage to the enemy team. 

Switchblade also has a Fight and Flight ability, meaning she can follow up using an ability or gadget by increasing the speed of her movements.


Yet another Breacher, Dima is a great player if you want to be on the offensive. He comes with the MIRV Launcher, which is a cluster grenade launcher. This launcher, when hit, will reveal the position of the enemy.

He also comes with plenty of other explosives to deal damage to the opposing team.

Definitive Tier-Ranking 

It can be hard to determine how the Rogues rank against one another based on descriptions alone. Having played the game, though, we’ve been able to create a tier-ranking of all the Rogues in Rogue Company. 


  • The Fixer
  • Scorch
  • Dahlia
  • Sint
  • Lancer 


  • Seeker
  • Kestrel 
  • Runway
  • Umbra
  • Chaac
  • Ronin
  • Switchblade
  • Anvil 
  • Dima

Average Tier 

  • Phantom
  • Glimpse
  • Mack
  • Gl1tch
  • Cannon
  • Trench
  • Vy
  • Talon

The Fixer and Dahlia are probably our top choices overall. Not only is The Fixer one of the most damage-inducing characters in the game, but he’s also one of the fastest to deal damage due to his rate of fire.

Because he’s a sniper, he can deal damage from long-range and his ability to reload during a sprint is very useful. Meanwhile, Dahlia’s ability to minimize damage to herself while reviving other team members comes in useful in every game. 

Sigrid is also a very worthwhile character to have on your team. She’s able to switch between weapons quicker than most Rogues, making her effective in fast-paced combat, and she can also revive teammates quickly.

She also deals a good amount of damage.

You should also consider playing as Saint if you want to be able to boost your own health as well as that of your allies while dealing high levels of rifle damage. 

Final Thoughts 

You have plenty of great characters to choose from when building your team in Rogue Company.

Even the average-tier players can shine in strategic play, although we recommend prioritizing high-powered characters such as Dahlia, Sigrid, Saint, and The Fixer. 

Remember to choose characters from a variety of classes to make sure your team’s strengths are balanced.

Ashley Newby