Simple Steps to Fix in Minecraft

Minecraft has proved to be one of the most engaging world-building games, gaining immense popularity among gamers worldwide. But as much as it provides an engaging escape into virtual realms, technical glitches such as the error can disrupt the smooth gaming experience. This error primarily occurs when gamers attempt to use Minecraft’s “Play with Friends” cross-platform feature. Understanding this issue’s underpinning, familiarizing with Minecraft’s and Xbox One’s intricate settings, and identifying effective measures to mitigate such glitches is pivotal for an unhindered gaming experience.

Understanding Error

Understanding the Minecraft Error

The error is a common issue, particularly experienced by Minecraft users who play on different consoles such as PS4, Nintendo Switch, or even on any non-Microsoft device. This is a server error that interrupts the user’s ability to connect and launch the game as intended.

Why does the error occur?

One of the key reasons behind the error is the alteration in the device. Minecraft developed by Mojang Studios allows players to access their game from the Microsoft platform on any device. However, when you switch to a different gaming console, the Microsoft account cannot verify the game data and will throw the error.

This error can also occur due to corruption in the game data. The data that is saved on the Microsoft account might get corrupted, causing issues with authentication, and hence the error is displayed.

An occasional bug or software glitch can also cause this error. Any minor bug in the game or the device’s operating system can potentially disrupt smooth gameplay.

Impact on gameplay

The error impacts the online multiplayer mode of the game the most. The error prevents players from logging in and connecting to the server, hence disrupting the multiplayer mode.

Offline gameplay might not be as severely impacted. The error primarily disrupts the connection with the server, which is relevant for online multiplayer gameplay only.

Situations leading to the error

  • During the Minecraft installation process: The error might show up during the launch right after you’ve installed the game.
  • During an upgrade: The error is likely to be encountered after switching or upgrading consoles because your Microsoft account has to sync with the new device.
  • Cross-play: Minecraft users often face this issue when participating in cross-play between console and PC.
  • Device reset: You may confront the error after resetting your device and reinstalling Minecraft, as the game is attempting to authenticate your account again.

To resolve this error

To resolve this error, one must delete the Minecraft saved and corrupted game data, enter the correct Microsoft sign-in code from the Microsoft website, considering the correct URL, or reinstall the game on the console.

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Familiarizing with Minecraft Settings

Understanding Minecraft’s Settings

Minecraft, as a popular sandbox video game, offers a plethora of settings that can alter the gameplay experience. These range from simple graphical changes to more technical alterations that may have substantial impacts on the way the game performs. Understanding these settings is essential not only for optimizing gameplay, but also for troubleshooting any technical issues that may arise like the error.

Gameplay-Related Settings

Many of Minecraft’s settings are directly tied to the gameplay. For example, the ‘difficulty’ setting can adjust how challenging the in-game foes are. You can also switch between Creative, Survival, Adventure, or Spectator gaming mode, all of which provide different experiences. Modifying render distance and brightness impacts how much of the game world you can see and how brightly illuminated it is, respectively. Any changes in these settings shouldn’t lead to a technical error but understanding their logic is relevant when adjusting game preferences.

Performance-Related Settings

Some settings in Minecraft affect the technical performance of the game on your system. Graphic settings, for example, allow you to select between ‘Fast’ or ‘Fancy.’ Choosing ‘Fast’ lowers the game’s graphical quality but enhances the game’s performance, which is beneficial for those running the game on older systems. Similarly, the render distance and smooth lighting settings also impact game performance, making matchless demands on your system resources. Understanding these settings can help you ensure that your game runs smoothly without in-game lag or crashes and prevent errors.

Audio and Control Settings

Other settings to get accustomed with include Minecraft’s audio and control settings. The audio settings allow you to adjust the volume of in-game sounds, including music, environmental sounds, and in-game characters. The control settings, on the other hand, let you personalize your control layout for the most pleasant gaming experience. Although these features are not likely to contribute to technical issues like the error, familiarizing yourself with them will offer a more enjoyable and customized gaming experience.

Network Settings and The Error

Finally, the network settings are one area to carefully consider when troubleshooting the error. This error typically occurs when attempting to play Minecraft on a device other than a personal computer, signifying a difficulty with Microsoft account authentication. To fix the error, you must enter the code that the game provides you at Should the error persist, it may be sensible to examine your network settings, performing actions such as restarting your router, testing your internet speed, or trying a wired connection instead of a wireless one.

Gaining an understanding of Minecraft’s settings allows you to personalize the game to your liking, boosts your game performance and troubleshoot technical issues swiftly like the error thereby providing a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

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Dealing with Xbox One Console Settings

Step 1: Checking the Network Settings on your Xbox One Console

Before we begin, it’s important to ensure your Xbox One console is connected to an operational network. Go to ‘Settings,’ and then select ‘Network Settings.’ Make sure that the console has access to the internet – a status named ‘All services are available’ should be visible.

Step 2: Deleting the Minecraft Save File

Next, in your Minecraft game settings, navigate to the ‘Saved Data’ section. Find the saved game file that’s causing the issue — typically marked with the error — and delete it. Don’t worry, doing so won’t delete the saved data from the Microsoft server; it just removes the corrupted data from your local device.

Step 3: Uninstalling and Reinstalling Minecraft

In some cases, deleting the saved file may not be enough. If you’re still experiencing the error, try uninstalling and reinstalling Minecraft on your console. To do this, press the Xbox button on the controller, after which you should select the ‘My Games & Apps’ section. Find Minecraft in your game library and select ‘Uninstall.’ After the uninstallation process is complete, reinstall the game.

Step 4: Adding your Xbox or Microsoft Live Account

Sometimes to resolve the error, you might have to re-add your Microsoft (or Xbox Live) account to your Xbox One console. To do so, go to ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Account’ option. Then, choose ‘Remove accounts’ and select the profile you want to delete. After removing the profile, restart the console and go back to ‘Settings’ > ‘Account’ > ‘Add account.’ Then, just sign in with your Microsoft (or Xbox Live) account credentials.

Step 5: Entering a Code on Microsoft’s Activation Page

If you are still facing the error, go to ‘Settings’ on your Minecraft game on the console. Here, you should see a code to ‘Pair with the Xbox.’ Note down this code, and on a different device, open a web browser and go to the Microsoft Activation page at Enter the code that you noted down, then click ‘Next.’ This should help you establish a new connection with your Microsoft account, potentially fixing the error.

Remember, it’s advisable to ensure your Xbox One console and Minecraft game are running their latest versions to minimize the risk of such errors.

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Practical Steps to Fix

Understanding the Error in Minecraft

The Microsoft game Minecraft often throws an error named It’s usually presented when a user tries to access Minecraft on a console with a Microsoft account that was used on a non-Microsoft device. This cross-platform play error happens mostly on PlayStation 4 (PS4), Nintendo, and other non-Microsoft consoles. However, there are ways to fix this issue, and here’s how you can do it.

Method 1 – Enter the Game Code

  1. Open the console and log in to your account. You will get the error message along with a code.
  2. Open a web browser on another device, like your smartphone or computer.
  3. Enter the URL
  4. Here, log in using your Microsoft account credentials.
  5. You will then be asked to enter the code from the error message. Type in the code and hit enter.
  6. This should automatically enable the cross-platform play, and the error message should no longer appear.

Method 2 – Delete Minecraft’s Saved and Corrupted Game Data

Sometime, this error can result from corrupted or outdated saved game data on your console. In such cases, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu of your console, go to “Settings.”
  2. In Settings, navigate to “System Settings.”
  3. Then go to “Storage,” and under that, select “Game Storage.”
  4. Here, locate Minecraft and delete the saved and corrupted game data files.
  5. Now restart the game and sign in again with your Microsoft account.

Method 3 – Create a New Microsoft Account

If the above methods don’t work, you might need to create a new Microsoft account:

  1. Sign out of all Microsoft accounts on your console.
  2. Create a new Microsoft account online.
  3. Restart the console and log in to Minecraft using the new Microsoft account.

Method 4 – Re-Sync Data Between Devices

Lastly, if none of the other methods work, try re-syncing all game data between your console and Microsoft account:

  1. Log into your Microsoft account online.
  2. Under account settings, find the option to sync all data and click on it.
  3. Leave it for a few minutes to allow it to sync all data.
  4. Now launch Minecraft on your console, and you shouldn’t see the error anymore.

By following these steps, you should now be able to enjoy your Minecraft gaming sessions without the annoying error.

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While technical errors like the error can indeed pose challenges and momentarily hinder your gaming journey, the right knowledge can empower you to troubleshoot such issues independently. Armed with an understanding of Minecraft’s various settings, a grasp of Xbox One Console’s multifaceted parameters, and practical insights into addressing the error, you can ensure that your venture into Minecraft’s multidimensionality remains seamless. Remember, every problem has a solution, and the key is perseverance, patience, and the right information.

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