Top 7 Swords To Use In Destiny 2

Ah, the humble sword. While the pen might be mightier in the real world, in games like Destiny 2, that is certainly not the case!

While swords have been a class of special weapon that has been around since the first Destiny game, they have always been… well, let’s just say suboptimal, in PvP and PvE, aside from the satisfaction of landing a clean strike on an opponent.

Top 10 Swords To Use In Destiny 2

However, the devs over at Bungie have recently made a few tweaks to this particular weapon and have turned swords from a somewhat middling weapon that you’ll normally pass up when playing competitively, to one of the deadliest alternatives to guns that you can choose in the game.

So, with this sudden uptick in the viability of swords, many guardians are dusting off their old weapons and preparing to head out to the crucible to test their metal with old favorites that have been given a new lease of life in the meta.

However, which of these swords is the best to use in Destiny 2? Either in PvP or PvE Raids? Does that old legendary or exotic weapon that you’ve had in your cache since 2017 finally have some extra use?

Well, that’s what we’re here to find out! In this guide, we are going to go through some of the best swords that you can use in Destiny 2, both against players and in those raids that you’ve had your eye on for some time.

1. Falling Guillotine

I mean, with a name like this, how could this sword not make the top of any list?

Starting off this guide with a sword that is universally considered one of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful in the game, we have the Falling Guillotine.

The main thing that many people will notice about Falling Guillotine, aside from its gorgeous aesthetics, is the massive amount of damage that it yields on contact. It’s so strong, it can take out a Major in a single strike!

This void-damage heavy sword first arrived on the scene in season 11, and since then, it has gone on to be one of the most sought-after weapons in the game.

And again, to point out the obvious, it looks incredible, with its neon line and engraved accents, it’s as good to look at as it is to slice and dice.

Then again, this is Destiny 2. Saying a weapon looks nice or cool in this game is like saying that water is wet, or that the sun is sometimes quite bright.

Still, the point stands. The Falling Guillotine looks great, and has an awesome power to boot!

2. The Lament

Coming up next on the list with our first exotic weapon in this ranking, we have The Lament.

Like the Falling Guillotine that we just covered, The Lament is another case of a heavy weapon that does high damage in a single strike. Only this time, that damage is solar damage.

So it’s a perfect little weapon to have on your treks through Hive territory!

However, with The Lament being an Exotic weapon, it also comes with a few extra perks that help this sword stand out from the rest.

Its life-stealing perk allows you to heal whilst dealing damage and even has shielding bypassing capabilities to boot, making it an ideal way to take out champions whilst also staying alive for yourself.

Plus, the microchip and Vex-inspired design of the sword help give this weapon a distinct character from the similarly shaped Falling Guillotine.

The only thing holding this heavy weapon back currently is that the Lament currently has some tracking issues when aiming at opponents. Otherwise, this might be the Falling Guillotine’s equal!

3. Crown-Splitter

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. So why not try and take some of that burden off their heads by putting this sword into your opponent’s cranium?

Jokes aside, the Crown-Splitter isn’t just an awesome name with a gorgeous classically inspired sword design. Its base stats more than earn this sword its title!

When it comes to DPS, there might not be another sword that comes close to this weapon.

A single string of light attacks from the Crown-Splitter might have the overall highest damage string of any attack damage in the game, making light work of pretty much any opponent who’s within swinging range of this sword, even in PvP!

However, it is in PvE where it shines, where its potential pool of perks can make quick work of pretty much any horde of foes, especially those with a vulnerability to its void damage.

For our money, whirlwind strike or relentless strike synergizes the best with this most terrifying of crowd-pleasers and crown-stealers.

4. Sola’s Scar

Top 10 Swords To Use In Destiny 2

Next on this list, we have a weapon that can be as infuriating to grab as it is glorious to use in combat.

Sola’s Scar immediately jumps out to players, with its distinct sickle-shaped design and light-purple/blue blade edge (Destiny 2 loves its light-purple blades, it seems).

There’s very little chance that you’ll mistake this blade for anything else in the game, that’s for sure.

And in combat, it is just as distinct, with its solar damage doing big numbers on many CPU opponents and guardians in the crucible alike.

However, what helps set Sola’s Scar apart from the other sword on this list is its caster frame perk, which, when used at a distance from your target, allows you to send a circular blade to your target, and deal solar damage to them over time.

This extra range already gives it immediate versatility over other swords, even if the wind-up time does mean that it’s more geared towards PvE and surprise attacks in PvP.

Aside from that, the fact that you can only find this weapon in drops, rather than being able to craft it, does hurt the weapon overall. Still, it’s a sick weapon that any player will find a use for!

5. Eternity’s Edge

This next entry in this guide is the first class-specific weapon that we have come across in this guide.

The Eternity’s Edge, although obtainable from pretty much any random legendary drop (the pain of looter shooters across the world), this sword can only be used by Warlocks in-game.

However, this exclusivity does not detract from its usefulness in PvE, where its vortex frame makes it a deadly force for PvE enemies to go up against, especially once it is combined with perks like Relentless Strike and Surrounded.

So, what stops this weapon from being any higher? Well, the fact that its other perks are a little lackluster means that this isn’t exactly the best sword to use in PvP, especially when compared to other weapons on this list.

However, if you are a Warlock who is about to enter a raid, say hello to your new best friend!

6. Hero Of Ages

Time to go medieval on your enemies with this sword!

Hero of Ages, with its trademark old-fashioned crossguard, and claymore-inspired blade design, already makes this weapon look deadly.

And fortunately, the stats that this sword has are more than enough to back up that imposing design too!

A more recent addition to the list of swords on this list, being introduced in season 15, this sword is another void damage weapon that is classified as a vortex frame, already giving this weapon a leg over many others in the game.

However, this weapon is at its most effective when considering the kinds of perks you can use with it.

And, unlike many of the other blades on this list, there are a few options when it comes to an optimized weapon.

On the one hand, the one-two punch combination of demolitionist and chain reaction creates a pairing that allows you to recover grenade energy that much quicker.

However, unrelenting and chain reaction together creates a build that allows you to survive in the thick of combat that much longer, as well as keep sustaining the unrelenting perk with the explosive damage of chain reaction.

So, if you’re looking for customizability in your build, this is the weapon to go with!

7. Razor’s Edge

Look, we get it. Destiny 2 is effectively swords and sorcery in space, so you want to feel as much like a Star Wars Jedi as you possibly can.

So, you’re probably best off looking for the Razor’s Edge in drops or your inventory.

This weapon has been dubbed the ‘lightsaber’ of Destiny 2, on account of its tubular design and bright blueish-bladed edge (on one side, anyway).

This certainly helps give the weapon an identity of its own, without the threat of copyright infringement from the mouse, too!

But what is it like to use?

Well, like many other swords, this Iron banner weapon has plenty of versatile perks that can make the most of its void vortex frame damage output, such as frenzy and relentless.

Try experimenting with this blade, once you get it from Iron Banner loot drops.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there is plenty of swords for you to try using in Destiny 2, including some we couldn’t talk about.

Try some of these out for yourself!

Ashley Newby