Tales Of Arise: The Playable Characters And Their Weapons Of Choice

Tales of Arise is the seventeenth game in the Tales video game series, released back in September 2021 by developers and publishers Bandai Namco Entertainment. 

With an action-packed story and a huge world to explore, it is no surprise that it is a particularly popular action role-playing title. It is available on PS5, PS4, and XBOX

Tales Of Arise The Playable Characters And Their Weapons Of Choice

If you find that you are considering playing Tales of Arise, then keep reading, as we are going to be diving into the playable characters from the game and looking at their skills and weapons. Let’s get started. 

Alphen: Blazing Sword 

Alphen is the main protagonist of Tales of Arise, being the first playable character. He hails from Dahna, one of the two Twin Worlds to be found in Tales of Arise, and he is an excellent leader due to this level-headed nature. 

Alphen is able to wield the Blazing Sword due to his inability to feel pain, and although he has very little to offer in terms of support, his role as the best offensive character more than makes up for it. 

Shionne: Rifle 

Shionne is also a protagonist in the game and is the first to join Alphen’s party. There is more than meets the eye with Shionne, as her initial cold nature soon gives way to a caring attitude hidden behind high emotional barriers. 

In terms of gameplay, she is an excellent long-range character due to her wielding of rifle-based weaponry. 

This is balanced out by a somewhat weak damage output, but her ability to create distance and take out enemies at long range without getting hurt makes it well worth it. 

Dohalim: Extendable Staff

The Lord of Elde Menancia, Dohalim is a just leader who abolished slavery under his rule and fought for the equality of both the Renan and the Dahnan races in his kingdom. 

His wisdom and nobility are admirable, and his fighting style reflects this, being a great all-rounder who can fight at long range, close range, or hang back and provide support with his staff. 

All-rounders can be super useful but unfortunately, it does mean that they don’t excel at one particular skill and Dohalim is no exception. 

His DPS is much lower than the offensive players, too, so keep that in mind if you want him to be a close-range fighter. 

Kisara: Mace And Shield

Kisara is a powerhouse guard captain with strong defensive skills who becomes a mothering figure to her peers. 

She supports Dohalim’s ideals of equality between the Renan and the Dahnans and brings a balanced attitude to the group. 

Kisara is definitely the tank of the party, delivering heavy shield attacks that cause a lot of damage and a good level of mid-range attacks with her mace. 

Her ability to both attack and defend all at once makes her an excellent offensive and defensive character, even if she is a little slower than some of the others.

Law: Gauntlets

The son of the Renan resistance group leader, Law is a somewhat headstrong and brash character who will run into danger without much thought for his own safety (which is reflected well in his fighting technique).

As a martial artist, it is no surprise that Law is the close-range melee fighter of the group.

He has the strongest penetrating attacks and base physical attacks in the game and can be a solid lead fighter as long as he has an equally strong support team behind him. 

His lack of defense can make him very vulnerable and reliant on the support team, though, but his strong penetration stats allow him to damage armored enemies fantastically well. 

He also has some minor healing abilities, which is a good compensation for his lack of defensive skills. 

Rinwell: Spell Book

Dahnan Rinwell is a somewhat secretive character who does her best to hide her true feelings from the group. She is also distrustful of the Renans due to her past experiences, making her relationship with Dohalim strained. 

Essentially the mage of the group, Rinwell suits the role of support best, thanks to her impressive Astral Artes abilities when casting from long range. 

Her abilities can be game-changing, such as her silence spell, which can take powers from Artes casting monsters and use them against them. 

However, she is much like Law in that she can be very vulnerable on the battlefield due to her lack of defense. 

Her spell casting leaves her wide open as she is stuck in a stationary position until she casts, which can lead to spells being interrupted. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have everything that you need to know about the six playable characters from Tales of Arise, their weapons of choice as well as their roles when on the battlefield. 

If you are thinking of trying out Tales of Arise, hopefully, our list has helped you to consider your in-game strategic tactics once you get started!

Ashley Newby