Tank Mythic Builds: Everything You Need To Know

League of Legends is a popular online video game played and adored by countless fans from all around the world.

Tank Mythic Builds: Everything You Need To Know

With numerous different classes of characters, and various ways of customizing and improving their particular ‘build’, players have one of the most impressive games of its type at their fingertips.

But what exactly is League of Legends, and what are mythic tank builds?

What Is League Of Legends?

League of Legends is an online battle arena-style game, where players from all around the world can compete against one another in various group and individual based battles.

Developed by Riot Games, League of Legends – or LoL as it is known – started life as the custom map Defense of the Ancients, originally developed for Warcraft III, but quickly became a stand alone title within the same genre.

Classes & Characters

Players can choose from specific ‘classes’, each with a roster of associated characters that they can then play as. When choosing their character – or champion – players can choose from classes that include:

  • Controller – comprised of enchanters and catchers
  • Fighter – composed of juggernauts and divers
  • Mage – composed of bursts and battlemages
  • Artillery – composed of marksmen
  • Slayer – composed of assassins and skirmishers
  • Tank – composed of vanguards and wardens
  • Specialist – composed of several unique champions with undefined specialities

What Is A ‘Tank’?

Within League of Legends, as in most online games, a ‘tank’ refers to a larger, stronger, more powerful character – usually one that possesses larger, heavier weaponry, takes on a high damage position against the enemy, and delivers (and takes) the most damage.

To give it context, within Marvel Comics The Avengers, the tank character would be The Incredible Hulk, due to his propensity for damage, destruction, damage resistance, and strength.

What Is A Mythic Tank Build?

In League of Legends, players can outfit their characters with costumes (or skins) and weapons – many of which come with a specific enhancement, or active/passive effect that grants certain powers or abilities to the character in question.

There are also things known as ‘mythic items’ which can be earned and unlocked, and which imbue the player characters with mythical properties – providing them with powers and abilities as a result.

When a tank character is assigned mythic items, they develop active or passive abilities (depending on the item), and are referred to as ‘mythic tank’ builds.

In the case of gaming, a ‘build’ refers to the collectively assigned attributes that a customizable player has – such as traits, powers, and skills.

What Mythic Items Are There?

What Mythic Items Are There?

Of course, within League of Legends, there are numerous items that are considered mythic – all of them with different levels of prestige within the lore of the game.

Sunfire Aegis

One such item is ‘sunfire aegis’, a legendary item within LoL that delivers several perks to the player who owns it. Such perks include +400 health, +50 armor, and a series of unique abilities that the player character can then unleash during combat.

These unique abilities are encapsulated with the effect immolate, which is a passive ability that essentially bolsters all of the other attacks with the effects.

These include targeted dealing 15 magic damage to enemies within a centered range, 325 units of damage, and an additional 25% being inflicted upon minion enemies.

When using this passive ability against an enemy champion , it creates a stack – lasting for 5 seconds, and increasing the immolate damage by 10% during this window. This can be increased to 60% for 6 seconds with enhancements.

Frostfire Gauntlet

Another mythic item is the Frostfire Gauntlet – a unique weapon within LoL, and one that has many perks for the user.

Perks of this item include +20 ability haste, +450 health, +25 armor, +25 magical resistance, as well as a couple of unique abilities that can come in handy during combat.

These abilities include the above mentioned Immolate, Snowblind, and a mythic passive ability.

Snowblind allows basic attacks to develop a frost field around the target that lasts for 1.5 seconds, and deals varying degrees of damage depending on the level of the enemy.

It also slows all enemies within the vicinity of the attack, as well as having certain melee and ranged damage effects on them too. The mythic passive ability also imbues allied players with +100 bonus health, and an increased 6% size.

Berserker Suit

Finally, we have the berserker suit – mythic item within LoL that has many perks for the wearer. The perks of the berserker suit include +350 health, +30 armor, +50 magical resistance, and +15 ability haste.

The latter refers to the speed at which abilities recharge, meaning that you can unleash more damage in a shorter time period.

It also imbues the character with certain powers, including immolate (dealing 20-40 magic damage to enemies), a mythic passive ability, and an active ability.

The mythic passive ability gives players slow resistance, as well as providing +5% tenacity to all other legendary weapons. Meanwhile the active effect is pursuit, which grants +75% speed while moving towards an enemy or their turret for 4 seconds.

Once near an enemy, it emits a shockwave that slows down the move speed of enemy champions by 75% for a total of 2 seconds. It also has a 90 second cool down period before the next use.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about League of Legends, and the best mythic builds for tank-class characters.

It’s true that League of Legends is one of the most popular games around, offering much in the way of customization and advancement for those lucky players involved with the game.

What’s more, with this guide, you too can learn more about tank builds, and the best enhancements. So if you want to enhance your mythic tank character in LoL, then why not give some of these methods a try?

Ashley Newby