The Best Build For Qiqi In Genshin Impact

If you did not know, Qiqi is one of the best healers available in Genshin Impact, but a lot of people do not know how to build her.

The Best Build For Qiqi In Genshin Impact

This is because her kit can be quite confusing to understand.

So, in this guide we will explain how Qiqi works, and what build to equip her with so you can take full advantage of her set of skills and fit her into any team composition you need her.

If you did not know already Qiqi is a 5-star rarity playable cryo sword user in Genshin Impact.

She is actually a zombie of a child who died in the adepti war, so she was revived by an adepti and ended up getting sealed away for years.

That was until she was found by Baizhu who now has her working in the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor where he studies her for help on his studies to become immortal.

Qiqi is incredibly quiet, yet polite when it comes to dealing with customers she meets at the pharmacy, however, she has trouble retaining her memories, so she very often forgets people or their faces.

There is a part of the Liyue storyline where this is exemplified where she tasks the Traveller with getting her Cocogoat milk, which just ends up being her forgetting the name for coconut milk.

Qiqi has been a playable character in Genshin Impact since the game was released, and she was designed to be one of the most desirable characters to have as a healer.

Qiqi’s healing capabilities scales off her attack, so this means she is able to do quite a bit of damage with her burst and attacks for a healer.

Since Qiqi is a standard 5-star character, you can get her by hitting pity on the standard banner, or as one of the 6 available characters when you lose the 50/50 on the limited character banner.

So, if you have got Qiqi, and you want to know how to build her, keep reading!

Qiqi’s Talents

One of the main ways people get confused about how Qiqi works is with her talents with people not knowing how they work.

This section will go into detail on how Qiqi’s talents work and how to best take advantage of them!

Normal Attack

Qiqi’s normal attack talent is titled Ancient Sword Art and she is able to perform 5 rapid strikes with a normal combo, and like a normal sword user, her charged attack quickly does 2 fast sword strikes and uses stamina.

She also has a standard sword attack plunging from mid air to damage opponents with the AoE created when landing.

Elemental Skill

Qiqi’s elemental skill is called Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost, and she uses her Icevain Talisman to summon a Herald of Frost, this herald deals cryo damage around Qiqi.

When the herald is present, when Qiqi does normal or charged attacks she will regenerate HP for the party members and this healing scales off Qiqi’s attack.

The Herald also periodically regenerates the HP of the active character, and it follows the playable character and deals cryo damage surrounding them.

Elemental Burst

Qiqi’s elemental burst is called Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune, and this shows Qiqi releasing the adeptus power inside her and this will deal cryo damage around her and marks all nearby opponents with a Fortune Preserving Talisman.

If an opponent is marked with this talisman, every time this opponent takes damage, the player who dealt the damage will be healed.

Passive Talents

Qiqi’s first passive talent is called Life Prolonging Methods, and it means that when a character is surrounded by the Herald of Frost, and does an elemental reaction, their healing bonus will be increased by 20% for 8 seconds.

Her second passive talent is called Aristocratic Dignity, and when Qiqi hits a normal or a charged attack she has a 50% chance to mark the opponent with a Fortune Preserving Talisman which will stick to them for 6 seconds, but this can only happen once every 30 seconds.

Her last passive talent is called Former Life Memories which marks Liyue unique resources on the mini map when you are near them.

Qiqi Constellations

Qiqi’s first constellation is called Ascetics of Frost and this makes it so when the Herald of Frost hits an opponent who has a talisman on them, Qiqi will be able to regenerate 2 energy.

Her second constellation is called Frozen to the Bone, and this means that Qiqi’s normal and charged attack damage will do 15% more damage if the opponent is affected by cryo.

Her third constellation Ascendant Praise raises the level of her elemental burst by 3 levels.

Qiqi’s fourth constellation is called Divine Suppression and this means that targets who have one of Qiqi’s talismans on them, they will deal 20% less damage.

Qiqi’s fifth constellation will raise the level of her elemental skill by 3 levels.

Finally, her sixth and last constellation is called Rite of Resurrection, and this means that using Qiqi’s elemental burst will revive all of the fallen party members and also regenerates half of their HP, however this can only happen once every 15 minutes.

Qiqi Artifact Sets

As we have referenced, the most common way to build Qiqi is as a healer, so this is why healing sets are common on her, however, a lot of people now build her as a physical damage DPS which can work quite well for her since she is a cryo character.

Let’s look at the best artifact sets for Qiqi.

A popular artifact set choice for Qiqi is the Ocean Hued Clam 4 set which was introduced in version 2.3.

The 2 set bonus of this set gives Qiqi a 15% healing bonus, while the 4 set bonus is a little more complicated.

When the character equipped with this 4 set bonus heals a character in the party, they will form a sea dyed foam which lasts for 3 seconds where it will accumulate all the HP healed, as well as any HP overflow, and once the 3 seconds is up, the foam explodes and will deal 90% of this HP as damage to opponents.

This amount is not affected by elemental mastery, but is calculated like an elemental reaction. These foam bubbles can only be made every 3.5 seconds and can only get up to 30,000 HP.

There can only be one on the field at a team, so do not build multiple healers on a team with this set. The user does not have to be on the field for the foam to form as well.

The classic artifact set for healers is Maiden’s Beloved. 

This has a much more simple explanation with the 2 set bonus giving a similar 15% healing effectiveness bonus, and the 4 set bonus makes it, so after the users does their skill or burst, all the healing of the party will be increased by 20% for 10 seconds.

The Best Build For Qiqi In Genshin Impact

Qiqi’s Best Weapons 

Since Qiqi is most commonly built as a support style character, you do not need to give her your best weapons, and there are plenty of great free to play options here.

However, if you want Qiqi to do some impressive damage, you might want to try and get her a 5 star weapon.

One of the best 5-star weapons for Qiqi is the Skyward Pride which has 608 base attack and 55.1% energy recharge at level 90.

At refinement 1 it will increase Qiqi’s crit rate by 4% and after using her burst her movement and attack speed will be raised by 10% and her normal and charged attack will deal an extra 20% of her attack value, this state lasts for 12 seconds after the burst is activated.

If you want to build Qiqi as a physical DPS which is quite viable for her, you can use the Aquila Favonia, this has 674 base attack and a 41.3% physical damage bonus at level 90.

This sword will increase Qiqi’s attack by 20%. And when taking damage she will regenerate HP equal to 100% of her attack, and then deal 200% of her attack as damage to opponents surrounding her, but this only happens once every 15 seconds.

One of the best 4-star weapons for Qiqi is Lion’s Roar which does a good job of raising her attack with 510 base attack and 41.3% bonus attack at level 90.

This weapon will deal 20% extra damage to enemies who are inflicted with pyro or electro. 

For a free to play friendly physical DPS option you can build Qiqi with the craftable Prototype Rancour this has a base attack of 565 at level 90, and a physical damage bonus of 34.5%.

You can get 4 stacks of a 4% attack and defense boost for 6 seconds every 0.3 seconds every time you do a normal or charged attack.

For some other viable 4-star sword options, you could give Qiqi, The Flute, the Amenoma Kageuchi which can be crafted in Inazuma, or the Festering Desire which was a limited event weapon in version 1.2 if you were playing back then.

If you already have any of the swords in this section leveled, they will be perfect to use, but try and focus on raising Qiqi’s attack as high as possible as this is what her healing scales from.

Best Qiqi Builds

Currently, the best builds for Qiqi are either the 4 set Ocean Hued Clam, or the 4 set Maiden’s Beloveds.

For both of these sets you want the standard HP flower and Attack feather, you want an attack % timepiece and goblet, and you want the headpiece to be attack % or healing bonus.

The substats you want to go for are attack, attack %, and energy recharge.

Qiqi’s Playstyle

The best way to play Qiqi is as a healer, and you want to ensure that you are taking full advantage of both her skill and burst.

You want to have her skill out as often as possible, and when she can, do her burst, especially if your party needs healing.

Also, once every 30 seconds you want to get Qiqi on the field to get the 6 second bonus talisman on one enemy for her passive, this is even more important if you are just fighting a single target. 

You want to put Qiqi in teams which can take advantage of her cryo application, as well as her cryo elemental affiliation.

Cryo has a great elemental resonance when you have 2 cryo users which will boost the crit rate against frozen opponents.

For this you will need a hydro user as well to freeze the enemies.

If you want to build Qiqi as a physical DPS, you will want to have at least one electro applier on the team who can help with doing the superconduct reaction so you can debuff the physical resistance of the enemies you are fighting.

Qiqi Team Compositions

As we have mentioned Qiqi is most useful as a healer, so you will want to put her on a team which needs her healing, and can get some good reactions from her cryo application as well.

If you want you can put her on a melt team with pyro characters, a superconduct team with electro characters, or a freeze team with hydro characters.

The only element Qiqi does not have much synergy with is the new dendro element with this element not reacting with cryo. 

While it is possible to build Qiqi as a physical DPS, this will take a lot of dedication and will require 5-star weapons to get good results, as well as a few constellations.

Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time farming the perfect artifacts, as well as building the rest of the team around Qiqi, which is not the most efficient way to build a team.

Qiqi’s Ascension And Talent Materials

To get Qiqi past level 20 you will need 3 violet grass which can be found in Liyue on cliffs, one shivada jade sliver which can be obtained in various places, but the bigger versions of this crystal can be crafted or dropped by bosses like the Cryo Regisvine or the Cryo Hypostasis.

You will also need 3 divining scrolls which are dropped by all varieties of samachurls, as well as 20,000 mora.

To get Qiqi past level 40 you need 10 violet grass, 3 shivada jade fragments, 15 diving scrolls, 2 Hoarfrost cores from the Cryo Regisvine boss, as well as 40,000 mora.

To get Qiqi higher than this you will need more and more Shivada jade pieces, more violet grass, more Hoarfrost cores, more mora, and more diving, sealed or forbidden curse scrolls.

To level up Qiqi you will need teachings to prosperity, then guide to prosperity, and finally philosophies of prosperity.

You will also need to use diving scrolls, the sealed scrolls, and finally forbidden curse scrolls. You will also need Tails of Boreas from the Wolf of the North weekly boss found in Wolvendom in Mondsdadt.

Furthermore, you will need a Crown of Insight if you want to get her talents to level 10 as well.

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