The Best Guilds In World Of Warcraft

The forefather of modern MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role playing games) World Of Warcraft boasts a loyal fanbase of over 116 million players. 

The Best Guilds In World Of Warcraft

You might wonder how any player, or indeed guild, can manage to make a name for themselves in such an expansive world with a massive player base, but this article shows that, despite being no easy feat, it can be done. 

Read on for our list of the top ten World of Warcraft guilds active today!

10. FatSharkYes – EU Kazzak

Taking the number ten spot, “Fat Shark Yes” is a popular and well-known guild in the European server of WoW, with over 20k members. 

The guild was founded in Sweden by a group of friends as a means of having fun, but is now one of the most active guilds on the European servers, having played every expansion since Vanilla.

The guild was founded in 2012, and they’ve been consistently making Mythic progress since then. They’ve never had a World First kill, but they’re always among the highest ranked guilds.

9. Aversion – DE Blackhand

Formed in Germany, Aversion has been around for quite some time now. Their main focus is PvP (player vs player) but they do offer PvE (player vs enemy) as well. With over 16k members they are definitely not the smallest guild out there. 

Sticking to their server, BlackHand, they were one of the first ones in the world to progress through the mythic dungeons, and progressed well in Sepulcher Of The First Ones (the final raid in the Shadowlands expansion).

8. 佶天鸿 (Jitianhong)

This Chinese guild has been playing together for about 3 years now. They are currently ranked 2nd place on the Chinese server and are considered a very friendly guild who have a reputation for helping others when needed.

They are also one of the few guilds that have a female leader.

Jitianhong is a top WoW guild, having been very successful in numerous raids, including the Sepulcher where they confronted Rygelon (the penultimate boss) and got an 8th kill count.

7. Aster – CN血环

Another Chinese guild, Aster, have played together for a long time. One of the oldest guilds in China, they have a good reputation within the community.

Boasting very successful raiding stats, they also won several places in the rankings of the game. 

Their first raid, Sepulcher, saw them attain various 7th place kills against Rygelon, Halondrus, Lihuvim, and Anduin Wrynn, even managing to get the fifth place against the Lords Of Dread. 

6. BDGG – US Illidan

Despite their moniker, the “Big Dumb Gaming Guild” is indeed very skilled. 

Ranking second in US raiding, their best achievements were the 6th kill on Rygelon, Anduin, Halondrus, Dausagne, Prototype Pantheon, and achieving the 4th kills on Lihuvim, and Artificer Xymox

In the past, they also got the World’s 4th kill on Sylvana in Sanctum of Domination (a ten boss raid), and the 9th kill Sire Denathrius on Castle Nathria.

5. Method – EU Twisting Nether

Method is a Scottish guild and eSports company that started playing together in 2011. They are a very active guild of skillful players, being mostly focused on PvP modes. 

Their best achievement was getting the 5th kill on Lihuvim, which was a very difficult boss back then. They also got third place on the Sepulcher.

The Best Guilds In World Of Warcraft

4. SK Pieces – EU Stormscale

SK Pieces is a European guild that has been playing since 2004. Despite a reputation for PvP, they engage in PvE, especially with Mythic Dungeons. 

They have experienced members and are infamous for being well organized. Regardless, they are friendly towards new people and are widely known as a very supportive guild.

Whilst it’s safe to say their achievements are impressive, they do not take themselves too seriously, always looking forward to new challenges and opportunities for fun.

They are perhaps most famous for killing Ragnaros The Firelord (an elemental fire demon) in the raid Firelands

3. Skyline – CN无尽之海

Skyline is a guild from Shanghai, who have been playing WoW for a long time. 

Being one of the few guilds that have mastered the art of using macros (pieces of code that can extend the functionality of WoW), they have certainly made a name for themselves in China, where they are mostly based. 

Skyline has always been number 1 or 2 in Asia. Scoring top 5s in Sepulcher, their best achievement is perhaps the high-ranked kill of The Jailer, the final boss of Sanctum of Domination

2. Liquid – US Illidan

Liquid is a guild from North America, and despite being pretty new, they have already made some great accomplishments in PvP.

Whilst not an overly active guild, they are also seeking to improve, perhaps highlighted by their number one ranking in North America. 

Having won several tournaments, their first being Blizzcon, and their most famous being the Mists of Pandaria, the 4th expansion set for WoW.

1. Echo – EU Tarren Mill

At number one, Echo is a European guild, boasting one of the longest histories, having formed in 2006. 

Echo is currently ranked 1 in Europe. They have achieved this because they have won numerous tournaments.

They have won the first ever World Championship Series (WCS), the first ever World Cup, the first ever World Cyber Games, and the first ever World Arena Championships.

Echo is back in the top spot after taking down Method, an achievement that came when they took the second place against Sire Denathrius, and the first place against Kel’Thuzad, Guardian Of The First Ones.


Despite WoW being one of the most immersive, yet somewhat overpopulated playing fields in modern gaming, this list goes to show that with skill, practice, and teamwork, hardy players can still rise to the top and make a name for themselves. 

Think you could reach the top spot? Round up some faithful friends and try your luck!

Ashley Newby