The Best Jean Builds Genshin Impact

If you have just hit pity on standard, or lost the 50/50 on the limited banner, there is a good chance that you have pulled Jean, or one of her constellations.

The Best Jean Builds Genshin Impact

Of course, you might be mourning a character which you could have got, but Jean is one of the best standard 5 stars, and she is arguably one of the easiest to build! 

Jean, or her full name, Jean Gunnhildr, is a 5-star rarity anemo sword user in Genshin Impact. Lore wise, she is a descendant of the Gunnhildr Clan which is one of the most famous clans in Mondstadt.

While it is not referenced much in the story of Genshin Impact, Jean is also the older sister of Barbara, who is a free to play Hydro 4-star catalyst user.

Jean is currently working as the Acting Grand Maser of Mondstadt’s Knights of Favonius, while Varka, the actual Grand Master is away on an extended mission.

This means she is currently overworked to keep the Nation of Freedom at peace.

There are plenty of ways to build Jean, and since she has been in Genshin Impact since the game released, players have experimented and tinkered with her character to see the best way to build her.

One of the most common ways she is build is as an anemo support character which fits her perfectly being one of the best healers.

However, while building her as an anemo support is the most simple role for her to play, you can also build her as a physical DPS, or as a sub DPS. Because of this she is one of the most versatile characters in the game!

So, if you have Jean, and want to know how to build her properly, this guide will have all the information you need on how to build her!

Jean’s Talents

First, we will go over Jean’s talents as these will show you how she plays and what her attacks do.

Normal Attack

Jean’s normal attack is called Favonius Bladework. This attack will perform a combo of 5 strikes consecutively. He charged version of her normal attack is quite unique.

This will use up a set amount of her stamina and it will strike an enemy and launch them into the air and they will slowly fall leaving them open to attacks.

This launching charged attack will only launch enemies which are small enough. Jean’s plunge attack is a standard sword user plunge attack plunging from mid air and creating physical AoE damage below.

Elemental Skill

Jean’s elemental skill is called Gale Blade, and it works differently depending on if you tap or hold the skill.

If you tap the elemental skill, Jean will focus winds around her into her blade and release a mini storm which will launch smaller enemies in the direction she is facing and will deal anemo damage.

However, if you hold the skill, it will begin to drain Jean’s stamina, but it will hold a whirlwind which draws enemies towards Jean and Jean can then aim the enemies and shoot them in that direction when letting go. Jean cannot move while doing this.

Elemental Burst

Jean’s elemental burst is called Dandelion Breeze. This attack shows Jean calling upon the protection of the wind, and she will create a Dandelion Field around her.

This field will launch opponents, as well as dealing a burst of anemo damage to them.

At the same time a large amount of HP will be restored not just to her, but all characters in the party. The amount of HP which is healed will scale off Jean’s attack value.

The Dandelion Field created by Jean’s burst continuously regenerate the HP of characters who are standing in it at regular intervals as well as imbuing enemies and playable characters with anemo.

This means that any other elemental effects on characters or enemies will be cleansed off playable characters, and swirled off enemies causing extra damage.

Enemies will also be dealt anemo damage when they enter or exit the Dandelion Field as well.

Passive Talents

Jean has 3 passive talents. The first is Wind Companion, this makes it so hitting one of Jean’s normal attacks gives a 50% chance to regenerate HP which is equal to 15% of Jean’s attack to all members of the party.

Let The Wind Lead makes it so after using Dandelion Breeze, 20% of its energy will be recovered immediately.

Finally, Guiding Breeze makes it so when you perfectly cook a dish which has healing effects, there is a 12% chance Jean will double the results.

Jean’s Constellations

Constellations are when you pull a double of a character and there are 6 for each character in Genshin Impact.

Jean’s first constellation is Spiraling Tempest, this makes it, so the pulling speed of Gale Blade is increased after it has been held for longer than a second, and the damage caused by Gale Blade is increased by 40%.

Jean’s second constellation is called People’s Aegis, and this makes it so when Jean picks up an elemental orb or particle, every member of the party has their movement and attack speed increased by 15% for 15 seconds.

Jean’s third constellation, When The West Wind Arises will increase the talent level of Dandelion Breeze by 3.

Jean’s fourth constellation Lands of Dandelion makes it so when an enemy is within the Dandelion field, their Anemo resistance is lowered by 40%. Jean’s fifth constellation increases the level of Gale Blade by 3 levels.

And finally, Jean’s sixth constellation makes it, so incoming damage inside the Dandelion Field will be decreased by 35% and this effect will last for 3 attacks or 10 seconds after leaving the field.

Jean’s Best Artifact Sets

As mentioned earlier, Jean is most commonly built to be an anemo support character, or just a healer, but she can also be built to be a physical DPS or sub DPS.

Like most characters who you want to build as an anemo support, the best artifact set will be the Viridescent Venerer. However, for a Physical DPS, you want to build her using Gladiator’s Finale, or the Pale Flame set.

The 2 set bonus of the Viridescent Venerer set will give Jean 15% extra anemo damage bonus.

The 4 set bonus of the Viridescent Venerer will increase the damage by the swirl reaction by 60% and it will decrease the elemental resistance of the enemy to the element which swirl was infused with by 40% for 10 seconds after the swirl reaction.

A lot of people build Jean with Noblesse Oblige to help her support capabilities to buff the team and increase her burst damage. The 2 set bonus of Noblesse Oblige will increase the damage by elemental bursts by 20%.

The 4 set bonus of Noblesse Oblige will make it so after using the elemental burst the attack of the rest of the party will be increased by 20% for 12 seconds, but this buff will not stack.

For a DPS Jean build, Gladiator’s Finale is quite common, the 2 set bonus for this set increases attack by 18% and the 4 set bonus makes the user of a sword, claymore, or polearm have their normal attack damage increased by 35%.

For a physical DPS Jean build, Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry are the most common set choices.

For Pale Flame, the 2 set bonus increased physical damage by 25%, and the 4 set makes it, so after a skill hits an opponent, attack is increased by 9% for 7 seconds, and this will stack twice, and then triggered once every 0.3 seconds.

After you get two sets, the physical damage bonus will be increased to 100% bonus. Bloodstained Chivalry has the same 2 set bonus as Pale Flame, but its 4 set is more focused on charged attacks.

After you defeat an opponent your charged attack damage will e increased by 50% and the stamina cost for charged attacks is lowered to 0 for 10 seconds.

The Best Jean Builds Genshin Impact

Jean’s Best Weapons

If you are building Jean as a support, there are plenty of viable options for weapons for her, but if you are building her as a DPS, you will need to be a bit pickier with weapons if you want to get the best results.

One of the best weapons for a physical DPS Jean is the 5-star Aquila Favonia which will give 674 base attack and 41.3% physical damage bonus at level 90.

The refinement 1 bonus of this sword will increase attack of Jean by 20% and when you take damage you will regenerate damage equal to 100% of your attack and deal 200%  attack damage in an AoE surrounding you, however this only happens once every 15 seconds.

A better support option for Jean is the 5 star Skyward Blade, which will give 608 base attack and 55.1% energy recharge when at level 90.

The refinement 1 bonus of this sword increases crit rate by 4% and when you use Jean’s burst, she will have her movement speed increased by 10% as well as her attack speed, and her normal and charged attacks will deal an extra 20% attack, this effect will last for 12 seconds after using the burst.

If you were lucky enough to be playing Genshin Impact in lat 2020, you might have the 4-star event sword, Festering Desire which was given out free to refinement 5.

At level 90 it gives 510 base attack and 45.9% energy recharge. At refinement 1, the elemental skill damage of Jean will be increased by 16% and the crit rate of the skill is increased by 6%.

For a free to play DPS Jean, one of the best options is Prototype Rancour which can be crafted, at level 90 you get 565 base attack and 34.5% physical damage bonus.

The normal and charged attacks, on hit increase attack and defense by 4% every 6 seconds to reach a maximum of 4 stacks, but this effect can only be gained once every 0.3 seconds.

However, this is just at refinement 1, and you can craft more refinements for this sword. 

Finally, if you get lucky enough, you should be able to pull the 4-star Favonius Sword, which is one of the best free to play options for a support build for Jean, and it is great for generating energy for Jean and the rest of the team.

At level 90 you get 454 base attack and 61.3% energy recharge. Your critical hits will have a 60% chance to generate elemental particles, and these regenerate 6 energy for the character and this happens once every 12 seconds.

Best Jean Builds

When building Jean, the best thing you can do is build her attack to be as high as possible, this is because this will make her do more damage, but will also increase her healing as well, so, if you want to get the most use out of Jean on your team, build her to have as much attack as possible!

For whatever set you build jean with, give her an Attack % timepiece, an anemo damage or physical damage bonus goblet, and a Crit Rate or DMG Headpiece depending on which you need more.

Jean’s Playstyle

As we have mentioned earlier, Jean is one of the most versatile characters to play in Genshin Impact, and she can be played as a great support and healer, but she can also do a good job as a physical DPS as well.

This will all depend on the weapons she is given as well as the artifact set she is given too. 

If you are going to build Jean as an anemo support, we recommend using Viridescent Venerer as this will boost the swirl damage done by Jean’s skill and her burst which will be how she does the most damage.

The de buff to enemies which you will do by swirling them will also increase the damage your other characters can do as well. 

If you want Jean to be a physical DPS, we recommend building her using Gladiator’s Finale or Pale Flame as her artifact set, and then building her with a physical damage bonus sword like Prototype Rancour or Aquila Favonia if you are lucky enough to have it.

If you are using Jean as a support character, we recommend keeping her off field unless you are using her skill or burst, or collecting energy for her.

You can use her passive to heal the team using her normal attacks, but this can be risky and take time from your DPS, and since her burst does such good healing, this bonus healing is not really needed too often.

Keep in mind Jean’s energy cost for her burst is 80 and has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

With her passive it will automatically regain some energy, however, make sure she has enough energy recharge, so her burst can be up often. 

Best Team Comps For Jean

As a support, Jean has good synergy with other anemo characters so she can create anemo resonance in the team which will increase attack and movement speed as well as lowering the cooldown for skills.

Having another anemo character in the party also means that Jean and the other anemo character can help recharge each others bursts quite quickly.

For an anemo character, you could use Sucrose, Venti, or Kazuha as supports, or Heizou, or Xiao to support them as an anemo DPS.

We would not recommend pairing Jean with Sayu, or any other healers, since her healing is usually enough to keep the whole team healed. 

There are some specific teams which work well with Jean, for example swirl teams where you can take advantage of Jean swirling other characters elements to debuff the enemy.

However, as mentioned multiple times, as a support, Jean is incredibly versatile and can fit in just about any team.

Since anemo is such a versatile element you can use her in any team which needs a healer and she will do her job well.

As a physical DPS, her teams will need to be more niche to make sure she can do as much damage as possible.

Even if Jean has good physical damage bonus for her weapons and artifact, you will still want to have a superconduct team to ensure that enemies are more vulnerable to physical damage.

Unfortunately this means you will need both a cryo and an electro character to do this.

For good electro application, Fischl, Beidou, or Raiden Shogun are the best, and for cryo application you can use Kaeya, Rosaria, or if you are lucky enough to have her Shenhe will work amazingly.

You could also use Chongyun’s cryo infusion to infuse Jean’s normal attacks with cryo, but this will decrease the amount of physical damage she is doing.

Jean’s Ascension Materials

To ascend Jean you will need to farm hilichurl masks, and dandelion seeds which are found in Mondstadt and need anemo application to be farmed.

To level Jean’s talents you will need the resistance books from Mondstadt’s talent domain, hilichurl masks, and past level 6, you will need Dvalin’s Plume

Ashley Newby