The Best Tanks Champions In League Of Legends

League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game played by controlling a character with unique abilities. There are 157 characters available to play, as of November 2021.

The Best Tanks Champions In League Of Legends

Born in the vane of other leading forefathers of the esports/online gaming genre (such as World of Warcraft).

League of Legends has risen to become one of the leading examples within the industry, incorporating marketing, merchandising, live events, and surrounding media to create one of the most powerful esports companies in the world. 

Whilst massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) are commonplace within the gaming community, especially in the genres of fantasy (Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online).

And science fiction (for example Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, and Bethesda’s upcoming game Starfield), there are few that can interact with and cater to their audience in the same way as LoL.

With merchandising, streaming potential, live competitive events, and the capability to play mobile phone versions of the game.

Riot has catered to the changing contemporary dynamic of the industry, and capitalizing on the need of young people to have entertainment on the go 24/7. 


Riot Games was founded by two developers (Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill) who wanted to make a game similar to Defense of the Ancients, a game initially intended to be developed as a custom world map for Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. 

After developing League of Legends in 2009, as well as several spin-offs, and an unrelated upcoming first person shooter, entitled “Valorant”, Riot quickly became prominent in the esports community.

Operating fourteen international League of Legends esports leagues, the League of Legends World Championship, and the Valorant Champions Tour. 

Whilst remaining free to play, the game features in-game purchases, purchasable upgrades and expansions, and character customization to entice customer interaction. 

Since then, international LoL events have become commonplace on streaming sites such as Twitch, Youtube, and Bilibi, even going as far to be broadcasted on sporting channels like ESPN. 

As of 2019, the game boasted eight million players, a success that has since led to large scale merchandising, including music videos, short stories, comic books, turn-based role playing games, and even an animated series called “Arcane”.

Which focuses on the back stories surrounding the various champions featured in the game’s lore. 


Gameplay is composed of two teams of five players battling each other in PvP (player vs player) combat, with each team possessing their own half of the game map, with the objective being the total control of the enemy’s territory.

Each match consists of five 20 minute “lanes” where players control a hero that can use a variety of different skills and items to fight against other heroes. 

After each lane, there is a short time period where all the heroes must leave the map before the next round begins. This is known as the “creep wave”.

During this time, minions spawn from neutral camps, and it is possible for them to attack the enemy base or allied towers. 

If a creep kills an enemy champion while he is not near a tower, it will grant experience points to the killer, and if the champion dies while near a tower, it grants gold to the tower owner. 

Champions gain levels when they kill creeps, and level up through a combination of killing creeps and receiving experience points. Items are purchased using gold earned during matches.

Gold is gained by killing minions and champions, completing objectives, and selling items.

At the end of every lane, the winning side gains control over a nearby jungle camp, which spawns monsters that can either help or hinder the opposing team.

Some monsters have special effects, such as healing allies or damaging enemies. Monsters also drop runes, which can be used to upgrade champions’ passive skills.

There are three types of champions: tanks, carries, and supports. 

Tanks are typically melee fighters that deal high damage to multiple targets, but cannot take much punishment themselves. 

Carries are ranged attackers that deal moderate amounts of damage to a few targets, but require support from teammates to survive. 

Supports are healers that provide health and mana regeneration to their allies. Each champion has four basic stats, Health, Mana, Attack Damage, and Armor Penetration. 

These stats determine how well the champion deals damage, how quickly the champion heals, how fast the champion attacks, and how hard the champion takes damage. Other important statistics include movement speed, attack range, and ability cooldowns. 

Top Five Tanks Champions

Top Five Tanks Champions

Tank champions are those who have high health, and significant damage output. They are very difficult to kill because they can take a lot of punishment before dying.

A tanky champion is also known as a bruiser or squishy champion. Champions with high health are considered tanks.

Being some of  the most important parts of any team, tanks are the ones who make sure everyone else stays alive. In League of Legends, tanks get fed early, and they’re unbeatable. 

So without further ado, here are the top five champions in League of Legends who belong to the tank class of playable characters. 

5. Ornn

In at number five, Ornn (known as “The Fire Below The Mountain”) is the “Freljordian” demi-god of forging and craftsmanship, blacksmithing in the fires of the large volcano Hearth-Home

And staying out of the affairs of mortals, even going as far to smite other wandering gods who meddle in human business – a fate that befell his demi-god brother Volibear. 

Crafting some of the finest weapons in the realm, Ornn’s primary weapon is his trusty hammer, but he has been known to unleash the fiery power of the mountain itself when the situation requires. 

Ornn is considered as the strongest tank champion in League of Legends, despite the fact that he has no scaling health and no attack speed.

Ornn is a powerful champion who is very good at escaping. He uses his bellow breath to avoid being caught by CC. He also has a lot of HP and Armor.

4. Dr Mundo

Known as the “Madman of Zaun”, Mundo is a large, muscular, purple, homicidal maniac, who practices as a “physician”, practicing his skills on any unfortunate stragglers who wander too close to his territory. 

Constantly modifying his appearance and skills, thanks to a near endless supply of chemicals and medications, Mundo’s appearance, temperament, and powers are warped to such a degree that he has become a force to be reckoned with. 

Spending much of his life in Osweld Asylum, where he was subjected to countless cruel and unusual experiments at the hands of the hospital staff.

Mundo eventually went insane, confusing himself as the doctor of the hospital, and all the other inmates and staff his “patients”, killing them all and taking over the facility. 

Mundo heals himself when he gets low health, something he can do by using the “maximum dosage” ability. This makes him very strong because he can always get back to full health.

Mundo is an unusually varied character with a lot of abilities. He starts out as a tank, but then gets stronger and stronger throughout the game. In the end, he’ll be able to take a ton of damage before dying. 

However, he also heals himself after casting “heart zapper”, providing players with a useful last resort option, making him a formidable opponent in most cases. 

3. Shen

A samurai-like warlord who leads the fearsome Ionian warriors (known as the Kinkou), Shen goes by the name “The Eye Of Twilight”, and prides himself on walking the path of “dispassionate judgment”, embracing no emotion as he inflicts justice on the realm. 

Belonging to neither the spirit realm nor the mortal world, Shen walks the line between states, enforcing the equilibrium between them with his twin steel blades potent with arcane energy. 

Shen’s health pool increases as he levels up, but he also gets more powerful skills as he goes along. His passive ability gives him a shield when he uses any ability.

Making him quite tough to take down.Shen’s “Spirit’s Refuge”, is a particularly useful type of Ability that allows players to block all auto attacks from other players in League of Legends.

Keep in mind, however, that it doesn’t block ultimate abilities, or their effects, which means Shen can still get Stunned. Despite this, Shen is one of the most powerful tanks in League of Legends, and remains a strong fan favorite. 

2. Sion

A monstrous and brutal warlord from a bygone time, the “Undead Juggernaut” was denied the peace of death, being resurrected to serve the empire he once overthrew. 

Wearing crude armor held in place by bolts through his flesh, Sion quickly developed an infamous reputation for ruthlessness and indiscriminate slaughter of all who stood in his way.

Existing for centuries, before becoming the master of Noxus, the realm where he was bound. 

Sion scales well, but he isn’t as strong as Cho’gath, and despite having an infinite amount of health, he can’t gain more than 15 health per large monster or champion with each kill. 

This makes him lose out to other champions who can scale better. Despite this, Sion is a great tank who doesn’t need much help, and he can use his Blood Furnace special and his ultimate ability to block attacks and deal massive amounts of damage. 

When he dies, he comes back as a zombie (due to his status as an undead character) with increased stats and damage, making him one of the most formidable champions on this list. 

1. Cho’Gath

Taking the number one spot in this rogues gallery of characters, and perhaps the most fearsome on the list, is Cho’Gath. 

Known as “The Terror Of The Void”, Cho’Gath is an ancient demonic, otherworldly entity existing between realms in a space known as the “Outside” or “The Void”. 

From a species of “void born”, creatures considered so awful they were banished from the realms entirely, Cho’Gath is considered one of the worst, an alien entity of violence and cruelty, growing more powerful and unstoppable with each prey it feasts upon. 

Despite this, Cho’Gath possesses intelligence and tactical prowess, hinting that the cruelty and domination he inflicts on the realms is a choice, and not his base nature, perhaps proving that The Void is in fact as redeemable and evil a place as its reputation suggests. 

Cho’gath is a melee champion who uses his ultimate abilities to gain massive amounts of health. 

Gaining more health when he attacks larger, more powerful targets, Cho’Gath is an aggressive champion who gains a lot of health during the later stages of the game when the violence and stakes get higher. 

Cho’gath is a powerful champion who needs to be fed well in order to scale up, but once this is achieved, it will require a full team of five people to beat him, using their combined skills and attributes to overwhelm him in extended bursts. 

Approach with extreme caution!

Final Thoughts

With such a rich backstory of characters, scenarios, and explorable realms, it is easy to see why League of Legends has risen to the level of popularity it possesses today. 

Whereas other games such as World of Warcraft require a subscription, not to mention a PC powerful enough to run and play the game efficientl.

League of Legends(see also ‘How To Change League Of Legends Name?‘) allows players to experience a genre they know and love, without monthly fees or the need for expensive equipment. 

Surely it is this combination, as well as the things we have discussed above, that have led the game to become what it is today, and with the increasing popularity of esports games.

And the need for player interaction, community streaming, competitive environments, live events, and international tournaments, it certainly seems like this relatively new facet of gaming is here to stay. 

Ashley Newby