The Best Ways To Collect Free ‘Valorant’ Skins

Valorant is a popular video game adored and played by fans from all around the world. One of the benefits of such things are the customizable features – such as skins – that can make a game experience feel more personalized and unique.

The Best Ways To Collect Free ‘Valorant’ Skins

But what exactly is a skin, and how can you get them for free?

What Is ‘Valorant’?

Valorant is a tactical, 1st person hero shooter developed for Microsoft Windows by Riot Games. The game is free to play, and allows players to play as ‘agents’, who operate within a near futuristic version of our own world.

Players have the option to choose agents from various points around the world, with the object of the game being the annihilation of all the other players on the map.

What Is An ‘Agent’?

Each agent represents a character from a different region, and has specific powers, and abilities, each of which require ‘charges’ to activate.

There are four classes that players can choose from, including ‘duelists’, ‘sentinels’, ‘initiators’, and ‘controllers’ – each of which have specific weapons, abilities, and strengths that can be employed within the different scenarios within the game.

What Is A ‘Skin’?

Within contemporary video games, a ‘skin’ is a costume or design style that players can use to give their characters a specific look or image.

This could be another costume, the replacement of the current character with a similar character, or indeed, another character in the same class.

These can either be free, unlockable, or purchased – depending on the game – and can be used within online gaming specifically to add a degree of customization and personalization to the gaming process – allowing players to embody their own (relatively) unique characters.

One of the most notable games in recent years to employ skins is the game Marvel’s Avengers, which offers players the basic ‘Avengers’ characters (Captain America, Iron Man etc), along with numerous other costumes and styles mimicking famous costumes and looks of the characters from comic books and media.

What Skins Are Available In Valorant?

Within the game Valorant, the skins that are available refer specifically to the weapons that the player can possess. This is because Valorant is a 1st person shooter – and thus, the player’s camera view is from the perspective of the character.

This differs from, say 3rd person, which allows you to see the entire character in front of you, albeit shot from behind or over the shoulder.

The skins only refer to the weapons because players cannot see their character’s costumes, and as such there is little point.

Melee Weapon Skins

For melee weapons, there are numerous skins that can replicate or replace the combat knife option, as well as other bladed and blunt weapons.

These include various blade alternatives, including those within military styles, fantasy styles, knife styles, sword styles, and ax styles, as well as blunt objects – such as the ‘winter wunderland melee’ which resembles a giant candy cane.

Sidearm Weapon Skins

Sidearms are represented as pistols, revolvers, and other such guns, and there are numerous skins that can be chosen from and unlocked.

These include western themed weapons (like six shooters), military style pistols, futuristic pistols, silenced pistols, and sawed-off shotguns – all of which are considered a small, side weapon that can be wielded alongside other guns.

SMG Weapon Skins

SMG Weapon Skins

SMG stands for ‘submachine gun’, and is essentially a compact machine gun designed for closer range, light combat. There are numerous skins for this weapon, consisting of different paint jobs, machine gun styles, and futuristic weaponry.

Shotgun Weapon Skins

These are longer, higher caliber shotguns, and are considered a heavier weapon – consisting of the character’s main weapon in game.

The skins for this include shotguns in military styles, fantasy styles, revolutionary styles, sci-fi styles, and strange alien-style weaponry.

Bulldog Weapon Skins

The bulldog is a heavier semi-automatic machine gun, and as such the skins offer different color schemes, models of weapon, and even fantasy style machine guns.

Phantom Weapon Skins

The phantom is another machine gun, and comes in numerous color schemes and styles.

Marshal Weapon Skins

The Marshal is a sniper rifle, designed for long range attacks. These come in numerous paint schemes, weapon styles, and varying levels of technology.

Operator Weapon Skins

These are another form of sniper rifle, and are sleeker than the Marshal. These also come in various colors and designs, many resembling futuristic, sci-fi style weaponry.

Odin Weapon Skins

Finally, the Odin is a heavy machine gun designed for providing significant fire on enemies. These come in various different color schemes, but only come in one style (in terms of shape).

Can You Get Free Skins?

Within Valorant, it is possible to get free skins, although this does not apply to all of them – many of which require unlocking within the game, or in-game purchases to own.

However, there is a selection that can be acquired for free, without any need for unlocking or payments.

How To Get Free Skins?

If you are looking to get free skins, there are certain methods you can use.

Valorant In-Game Currency

Valorant has its own in-game currency called ‘radianite points’, which can be exchanged in-game for weapons and skins. These points can either be purchased through the store, or they can be awarded by completing battle pass contracts during gameplay.

Agent Contract Skins

Within the game, there is something called an ‘agent page’. Here, you can see the available ‘contracts’ (or missions) for each particular agent.

Once you have completed each level of each agent’s contact, you will be awarded with free skins, and when you complete each full package of contracts, you will unlock that specific agent.

Using ‘FreeCash’

FreeCash is a perfectly safe and legal website online that allows you to earn money, currency, and in-game rewards by completing certain tasks.

This can be watching video commercials, filling out surveys, testing software, or playing the game – rewarding players in real world cash that they can then use to buy in-game features like skins.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Valorant, and the best ways to get free skins.

It’s true that Valorant is a popular game, enjoyed by countless fans around the world, and now thanks to these methods, they can all get their hands on the free skins that are available.

So if you want to get your hands on free skins, then why not try these simple methods?

Ashley Newby