The Best 10 Wheels In Rocket League

Rocket League is a hugely popular and competitive multiplayer game where players can put their skills to the test against competitive players and play casually with friends.

The Best 10 Wheels In Rocket League

The game is much-loved for its fast pace, competitive nature, and variety of gameplay modes. However, one of the game’s best features is actually the ability to customize your car.

Rocket League has been offering customization before it ever became popular. To this day, it still executes it brilliantly. From flags to wheels and more, Rocket League has a huge range of great options that let you represent yourself through your car.

In today’s post, we’re going to show you the best customizations you can make to your wheels. In this post, you’ll find a list of the best wheels you can use in Rocket League. If your car is in need of an upgrade, stick around!

Cristiano Wheels

We’ll start with an interesting set of wheels put into the game as a dedication to one of football’s greatest-ever players. Of course, we’re talking about Cristiano Ronaldo.

Why are these wheels interesting we hear you ask? Well, they are interesting because of how simple they are. Most customizations involve giving our cars a more vibrant, impressive appearance. However, these wheels are the opposite.

Instead, they don’t feature any shiny elements. The reason these wheels are loved though is that competitive players prefer their cars to be subtle so they don’t interrupt their focus.

Another reason why these wheels are popular is that they are pretty easy to unlock. You only have to purchase the Supersonic Fury DLC. The wheels will then be added to your account.

Chopper EG

The chopper EG wheels are another set of wheels that have a simple, yet pleasing appearance. Somewhat elegant, these wheels feature a unique propeller design that gives cars a fantastic appearance.

We have the spokes of the inner wheel to thank for this chopper’s appearance. We personally love how the chopper EG wheels stand out. Thanks to the strong white color of the wheels and the light gray surface, the wheels really pop out.

Even from a distance, these wheels shine. Another great thing about them is that they aren’t too in your face. You’ll be able to easily keep concentration without losing focus.

Lowrider Wheels

Next up, we have the lowrider wheels. If you want to give your car a more classic look, these wheels are perfect. The lowrider wheels offer a classic/hot rod look that looks great with any car body. Super stylish, your wheels will be noticed instantly.

To make things even better, these wheels are available in 9 different colors, giving you the opportunity to choose your favorite colors. The lowrider wheels are another set of wheels that are popular not only for how they look but how easy they are to unlock.

You can easily unlock the wheels by simply playing the game. Lowrider wheels are categorized as common but the color variations are classified as exotic.


The next Rocket League wheels on this list are one of the most expensive sets of wheels the game has to offer. In fact, to own a pair of these wheels, you could be set back well over a thousand dollars.

As a result, the goldstone wheel isn’t only one of the most expensive wheels in the game, but it’s also one of the rarest. Rocking a set of these golden wheels gives competitors the impression that you mean business.

When it comes to appearance, these wheels look awesome. They’re bright gold in color, yet not too much. Thanks to the impressive, yet simple design of the goldstone wheels, they go well with any color setup.

Infinium Wheels

If you want to stand out from the crowd, the Infinium wheels could be perfect for you. The Infinium wheels will help you look like you’re playing Rocket League in the future whilst everyone else stays stuck in the past.

These futuristic wheels give off TRON vibes, which works well with the overall theme of the game. Luckily for us, they also go well with most vehicle skins.

For obvious reasons though, for the best appearance, you should pair these wheels with neon skin. This will complete the futuristic look.

These wheels were introduced to Rocket League via the Victory Crate. Since crates have now been retired, you can only obtain these wheels by trading or from Blueprints.

Bravado: Infinite

There’s something incredibly mysterious about the bravado: infinite wheels. They have a minimalist, yet intriguing design that looks great as you drive. The wheels have a dark, yet sharp color theme.

They also have an interesting five-hole design. When stationary, this five-hole design looks a little strange, however, when you drive, the design creates a brilliant sonic wave illusion. The wheels seem to pulsate as you drive.

It’s quite hard to describe just how these wheels make you feel as you drive with them, but the mystery and intrigue the wheels offer certainly come with an almost menacing vibe that you’ll love.

The Flash Wheels

Fans of the DC universe will appreciate what these wheels have to offer. Dedicated to the Flash, these wheels have a cool Flash design that features a classic lightning bolt.

Red, yellow, and black in color, the Flash wheels are one of the more vibrant sets of wheels Rocket League has to offer.

If you’re the player that pops up everywhere, grabbing goals, making assists, and stopping your opponents from scoring, this set of wheels could represent you perfectly.

Aside from showing your game style or your love for the Flash, these wheels simply look fantastic. The blur of colors presented as you drive quickly looks awesome.

Tunica Wheels

Next up, we have the tunica wheels. If you want to give your car a more exotic look, these wheels are perfect. Available in a wide range of vibrant, neon colors, these wheels will help you stand out from your competitors.

You’ll also love these wheels if you have a passion for street racer games. These wheels have brightly colored rims, giving off those classic street racer vibes.

Not only does this make your car look sleek and stylish, but it also makes you look extremely fast. In total, there are 12 different color variations to choose from. Like most common Rocket League wheels, you can unlock the tunica wheels by playing matches.

Pyrrho Wheels

The penultimate Rocket League wheels on this list are the pyrrho wheels. These wheels might just be our favorite. As far as style, uniqueness, intimidation, and design goes, these wheels are perfect.

The pyrrho wheels have a stunning fiery design that glows red like lava. Driving at full speed with another player with these wheels equipped will leave them in awe. They might even feel a little nervous.

The fiery nature of these wheels goes really well with the fast pace of Rocket League. The wheels look incredible before you even move, and when you do move, they leave a trail of fire in their wake.

Pele Wheels

The final set of Rocket League wheels on this list are the Pele wheels. What better way to celebrate the world of football than with a colorful set of wheels dedicated to one of the greatest of all time?

If you’re a football fan, which you probably are if you play Rocket League, this set of wheels is one of the best. Pele played for Brazil. As a result, these wheels stick with a Brazilian theme. Unlike the Cristiano wheels, these wheels are incredibly bright.

In terms of color, they are yellow, blue, and green. They even feature the number 10 (Pele’s number). If you believe you’re the Pele of Rocket League, you have to give these wheels a try.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 10 of the best wheels Rocket League has to offer. Customizing your car with different wheels is a great way to represent yourself in the game.

Whether you want to show your style of play, impress competitors with your experience, or simply make your car look great, there are wheel customizations out there for you.

In this post, we’ve shown you 10 of the best. With our list at your fingertips, you should now have a better idea of what you can expect from the most popular wheels.

All you have to do now is narrow down the list and choose the wheels you like most. You might even want to look for other wheels to see what else is on offer.

Ashley Newby