The Controller Vs Mouse And Keyboard Debate Explained

When it comes to gaming, there is one debate that stands – the controller vs the mouse and keyboard. Whilst there is no right or wrong, those who use controllers will always feel in opposition with those who use a keyboard and mouse.

The Controller Vs Mouse And Keyboard Debate Explained

Either side will say that their way of gaming is best and will talk negatively about the other, but why is this? If there is no right or wrong way of gaming then why is there such controversy? This article will be exploring this debate further.

Using A Controller For Gaming

When you think of gaming, what do you picture in your mind? For many people, it’s a game where they are sitting on a couch playing with a controller.

The controller has been around since the early days of video games, when they were first invented by Atari. It was originally designed as a replacement for joysticks which had become too small and difficult to hold comfortably. 

Controllers have evolved over time, becoming more advanced and giving us some of our favorite games today like Mario Kart and Call Of Duty. However, controllers don’t offer much flexibility.

They can only control movement within the confines of the console itself, meaning that if you want to play a different type of game, you’ll need another controller.

Controllers also require money. Although it is possible to find affordable  good quality controllers that can cost upwards of $100, if you’re looking to buy them all, you’ll end up spending quite a large sum. You may not even find room for them at home.

Controllers aren’t the most comfortable thing to use either. They tend to get hot during long sessions, especially if you’re using a wireless controller. They can also cause repetitive strain injuries if used incorrectly. In addition, they take up valuable desk space.

So why use a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard? Well, there are several reasons. Firstly, controllers allow us to play games we’ve never played before. With a controller, you can sit back and relax whilst someone else plays through the story line. 

Secondly, controllers are easy to carry around. You can easily take them along with you wherever you go, whether it be work or school. Thirdly, controllers are very versatile.

You can play any kind of game from racing simulators to fighting games. And finally, controllers are affordable. You can pick up a decent controller for less than $30, making them an ideal choice for anyone wanting to try out new types of games.

Using A Keyboard And Mouse for Gaming

On the other side of the coin is the keyboard and mouse. Just like the controller, there are many ups and downs. Like controllers, mice and keyboards can be expensive. Some models can cost hundreds of dollars. 

But unlike controllers, they offer more flexibility. Mice and keyboards let you move freely throughout your house, allowing you to play games anywhere.

They also give you full control over every aspect of the game, letting you change settings, adjust camera angles and even pause the action.

But despite these advantages, mice and keyboards come with disadvantages. First off, they are bulky. You’ll need to invest in extra storage for your keyboard and mouse.

If you decide to keep them at your desk, you’ll need to make sure that the area is big enough to accommodate both. 

Second, they can be uncomfortable to use. Because mice and keyboards are mechanical devices, they can be noisy and create vibrations.

This can lead to sore wrists and fingers after prolonged periods of use. Finally, mice and keyboards are hard to set up. You’ll need to spend time learning how to navigate complex menus and figure out how to configure the controls.

Reasons To Get A Gaming Controller

Reasons To Get A Gaming Controller

There are many reasons you should choose a gaming controller over a mouse and keyboard:

Can Take Anywhere

One great thing about using a controller for gaming is that it can be taken everywhere. Whether you want to take it into another room or want to play at a friend’s house for a multiplayer game, the controller allows you to do this easily. 

Long Range

Using a controller is also better for its long range ability. Because of this ability, players are able to play from across the room instead of right in front of the screen as a keyboard and mouse gamer would.

Ease Of Use

Controllers are easier to use than traditional input methods such as a keyboard and mouse because they are designed specifically for gaming with functions such as pressure-sensitive triggers.

Why Should You Get A Gaming Keyboard And Mouse?

Aesthetically Pleasing

What many people love about the gaming keyboard and mouse is how aesthetically pleasing it is to the eye. It is highly common for PC gamers to use keyboards which are either of a bright vibrant color or have lights underneath the keys.

No Need To Charge

Another positive about using a keyboard and mouse is that they do not need to be charged. This means that you can happily play any game you desire without the worry of your keyboard dying like a controller would.

Offers Precision

The keyboard and mouse allow for better gaming precision, particularly when it comes to aiming. This is something that an analog stick can’t do.

Final Thoughts

So which one should you choose? There really isn’t a right answer. Both controllers and mice and keyboards have their pros and cons.

While controllers are great for certain genres of games, mice and keyboards are better suited to others. The best way to decide what’s right for you is to experiment. Try playing different games on each device and see which works best for you.

Ashley Newby