The Top 10 Sheriff Skins In Valorant (Best Animations And Appearances)

Valorant is one of the most popular multiplayer games out there, with millions of players enjoying its satisfying first-person shooter gameplay and exciting online matches.

The fact that it’s free to play makes it even more appealing, allowing loads of gamers to jump into the battlefield and get into the fight.

The Top 10 Sheriff Skins In Valorant (Best Animations And Appearances)

One of the key features of the game is its wide range of cool and creative weapons for players to pick from, which can be bought during matches, alongside abilities and shields.

There are lots of weapons to choose from, but the Sheriff is one of the most popular and sought-after firearms in the game, thanks to its incredible damage. In fact, it’s the most expensive weapon in the entirety of Valorant. 

As a result, players who have spent the impressive amount of money required will want to make the most of the gun, and this includes giving it a supremely stylish and interesting skin.

Across all weapons in Valorant, there are loads of cosmetic skins which players can buy and apply to them. These modify the appearance, giving it a new visual look as well as cool animations.

But what are the best skins to buy for the Sheriff in Valorant?

If you’re having a tough time deciding what to spend your Valorant Points on, we’ve got the answers! In our guide below, we’re going to show you the top 10 Sherriff skins in Valorant.

With each one, we’re going to look at its cost, appearance, animation style, and more. By the end, you’ll be able to find the perfect skin for dressing this illustrious in-game weapon in!

What Is The Sheriff In Valorant?

Before we get on to the list of the Sheriff’s best cosmetic skins in Valorant, it’s worth looking at the gun in greater detail so that you can understand why so many players would want to customize its appearance and style.

For a start, The Sheriff is a semi-automatic revolver which holds 6 bullets to a magazine. It takes just 1 second to equip, but takes just over 2 seconds to reload it. 

The Sheriff is the most expensive gun in all of Valorant, and the key reason for this is its deadliness. The pistol has high-impact rounds that are able to kill enemies in just one shot to the head, and this can even be done from most ranges, making this a seriously versatile gun. 

As you can see, it’s a powerful weapon. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to use, because The Sheriff is certainly challenging to master.

This helps to keep it balanced, because only the best players are going to be able to make proper use of this expensive sidearm. 

For a start, its 6 bullet magazines are admittedly low in capacity, which means that players are going to have to be more sparing with their shots.

If they miss them, they’re going to have to spend a few seconds reloading, and this can make all the difference in a battle scenario.

On top of that, the pistol has a low rate of fire too. This means that players using it are going to need to be more precise with their shots, because the gun fires less frequently than many others, so every shot really counts.

In addition to these issues, the high-impact bullets of The Sheriff give off a lot of recoil when they’re fired, meaning that the player will need to compensate for this extra movement in their aiming.

If they’re firing multiple shots, they’re going to need precise and careful control over the weapon, so that their aiming isn’t totally thrown off. 

What Do Skins In Valorant Do?

Now that we’ve looked at The Sheriff, it’s worth explaining what skins in Valorant actually do to a gun. 

Skins are completely cosmetic, which means that they only change the appearance and style of the gun.

This means that they don’t alter its effectiveness in any way, meaning that a Sheriff with one skin is going to be no more powerful in a match than a Sheriff with another skin. They’re all the same gun, just different visuals and other features. 

In terms of those cosmetic changes, skins can change the look of the gun, giving it a new color scheme and pattern. On top of that, you can get new animations for when you equip the gun, as well as unique reloading animations too.

Finally, skins can also change certain sounds with the gun too.

The Top 10 Sheriff Skins In Valorant (Best Animations And Appearances)

In our list below, we’re going to be looking at the top 10 skins that you can get for The Sheriff in Valorant. All in all, there have been over 26 different skins made available for this expensive sidearm, meaning that there is plenty to choose from. 

However, some of these skins have been limited to Battle Pass and as a result they can’t be bought later.

For this reason, those skins aren’t going to be appearing on the list, because most players aren’t going to be able to buy them. 

Number 10: Death Wish Skin For The Sheriff

  • Price: Free when you reach Agent Tier 10, Yoru’s Contract
  • Upgrades: No
  • Variants: No

We’re starting our list with this fancy Death Wish skin for The Sheriff, which is a pretty stylish Valiant cosmetic and will certainly brighten up your gun.

While a lot of the other Sheriff skins we’re going to be looking at on this list will need to be bought with Valorant Point, this skin won’t cost you a thing! This is because it has to be earned instead, with players needing to reach Agent Tier 10 for Yoru’s Contract. 

Though it won’t cost you points, it will require as much as 250,000 in-game XP to reach this Tier, and this is no easy feat. Collecting this much XP takes time and you’ll need to defeat a lot of other players to get there.

If you’re already playing Valorant an awful lot, this will be easy, but occasional players are unlikely to get this skin without extra effort.

As for its appearance, the pistol has a great patterned color scheme that includes orange, purple, blue, and more. It’s funky! On top of that, the pistol grip has purple spikes on it, and the gun chamber has a stylish blue glow to it.

Number 9: Sakura Skin For The Sheriff

  • Price: 1275 Valorant Points
  • Upgrades: No
  • Variants: No

The Sakura skin for The Sheriff is part of a collection that can be bought and applied to a few other guns in the game, even sometimes being available to be bought as a bundle.

In order to get the skin for your Sheriff sidearm, it’s going to cost you 1275 Valorant Points. 

This has a great Japanese design to its visuals, with a picture of mountains and a large red sun on the barrel. There are also Japanese cherry blossom trees too, and the overall white background contrasts very nicely with those pink leaves. 

Number 8: Prism II Skin For The Sheriff

  • Price: 875 Valorant Points
  • Upgrades: No
  • Variants: No

Next up on our list is the Prism II cosmetic skin, which will set you back 875 Valorant Points to buy, making it one of the cheapest Sheriff skins in the entire game.

The reason for this is that it’s pretty simple! In terms of appearance, it just recolors your pistol to be a metallic hot pink. This is certainly a striking color, and the metallic nature makes it shine in a cool way too, so it’ll definitely stand out in your matches.

Number 7: Protocol 781-A Skin For The Sheriff

  • Price: 2475 Valorant Points
  • Upgrades: VFX Animation Finisher, Localized Voiceover
  • Variants: Green, Red/Blue, White/Pink

This next skin is the most expensive Sheriff skin we’ve looked at so far, costing 2475 Valorant Points – but it justifies the cost! This is because it brings some major changes to the gun, rather than just changing its visual design. 

For one thing, it has an animated finisher where a mech appears and assists you in firing at the enemy. On top of that, the gun has a localized voiceover too, with an AI speaking lines during the match. 

Of course, it’s got a pretty cool appearance too, with a futuristic style that consists of shiny sections and bright red strips.

Number 6: Game Over Skin For The Sheriff

  • Price: Free when you reach Agent Tier 10, Jett’s Contract
  • Upgrades: No
  • Variants: No

 This is another one of the Sheriff skins that doesn’t cost points, because you have to complete Jett’s Contract in order to unlock it. This will require plenty of playing, but at least that means it’s free.

In terms of its appearance, it’s got a nicely understated look to it, with a pattern of cloud swirls on the barrel. Its colors include dark and light blue, as well as misty gray, which is a really soothing arrangement. 

Number 5: Ion Skin For The Sheriff

  • Price: 1775
  • Upgrades: VFX Animation Finisher
  • Variants: No

Like the Protocol 781-A, this is another Sheriff skin that gives the expensive pistol a futuristic style, only we think that these futuristic visuals are even cooler! Although it’s admittedly missing out on the AI voiceover. 

Visually, the gun uses a mixture of sleek silvers and cool blacks, along with futuristic blue glows on the barrel and in the chamber. Better yet, there’s blue smoke when you fire!

On top of these cool colors, the gun has cool sound effects as well.

Number 4: Magepunk Skin For The Sheriff

  • Price: 1775
  • Upgrades: VFX Animation Finisher
  • Variants: Orange, Green, Pink

If you’re into steampunk aesthetics, then this is going to be the best skin for your Sheriff in Valorant, and it’ll cost a moderate amount at 1775 Valorant Points.

This is one of the very best looking Sheriff skins in the game, in our opinion! The pistol has loads of gold on it for a start, which makes it look both expensive and retro, fitting the steampunk style.

On top of that, it’s got lots of transparent glass parts, allowing you to see inside the game, which makes the firearm seem a lot more intricate and impressive.

Number 3: Reaver Skin For The Sheriff

  • Price: 1775
  • Upgrades: VFX Animation Finisher
  • Variants: Black, Red, White

The Reaver collection of skins is one of the most frequently used in Valorant, so you can bet that it makes a good skin for The Sheriff pistol. 

It has a properly medieval or fantasy aesthetic to it, with lots of metallic spikes and hard edges, as well as a color mixture of deep purple and dark black to make it quite striking and mystical. 

However, the skin isn’t just visual, because it also comes with some unique firing sounds. On top of that, it has a fantastically ghostly reload animation!

Number 2: Singularity Skin For The Sheriff

  • Price: 2175
  • Upgrades: VFX Animation Finisher
  • Variants: Red, Blue, Purple

One of the most expensive Sheriff skins, this has an extremely slick and futuristic design full of hard edges and moody colors. It doesn’t look like a pistol, more something that has materialized! 

Better yet, it has a unique reload animation to it, and a finisher that opens up a black hole to suck the enemy in. On top of that, it has futuristic noises.

Number 1: Sentinels Of Light Skin For The Sheriff

  • Price: 2175
  • Upgrades: VFX Animation Finisher
  • Variants: Red/Green, Pink, Blue/Purple

Taking the top spot is the Sentinels of Light skin, which is connected to League of Legends. It’s a simple, spiky design, with gold curves and a barrel that has fantastic blue crystal.

On top of that, it can unlock a finisher that suspends the victim’s soul, and it’s got equip and reload animations. 

Final Thoughts

The Sheriff in Valorant has plenty of skins – find the best with our list!

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