The Top 10 Claw Grip Mice For Gaming

If you are in the market for a new gaming mouse and you want to know what to get, you have probably already noticed just how many options are available to you! 

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The best thing to do if you want to narrow down the list of which mice you are looking for is to consider what type of grip you want for your mouse as this will limit the options and make it a lot easier for you to make your mind up!

The Top 10 Claw Grip Mice For Gaming (2)

If you have decided that you want a claw grip mouse for gaming, this is the best list for you to look through!

If you are unaware, a claw grip style player will want a mouse which will have a more low profile hump on it.

This will ensure that you have a wider range of movement when using your mouse and is overall a more flexible mouse to work with.

All of the mice which we have chosen on this list can be classified as a claw grip mouse, so you do not have to worry about any mice which do not fit this categorization slipping in. 

For a quick answer after much consideration we have decided that the overall best choice for a claw grip gaming house is the Razer Viper Ultimate.

In spite of this, it may not be the best choice for you based on a wide variety of factors which should be considered.

We have chosen this mouse because it fits all the requirements for a claw grip mouse perfectly and will be perfect for most players of this style, however because of it being a more expensive choice, it will not suit everyone the best.

If you want something a bit more affordable, we also recommend the Glorious Model O which is a much cheaper alternative.

However, if you want more information on either of these mice, or want some more options to consider, we have more detailed explanations ahead on each of our choices.

So, if you are looking for a claw grip mouse and have no idea what you should choose, keep on reading.

If you are still unsure of which mouse you should choose after finishing the list, we have also placed a buyer’s guide right after the list so you can think through what factors will impact your decision the most, and then make a more informed conclusion.

The Top 10 Claw Grip Gaming Mice

While we do generally prefer some mice compared to others, just because we have ranked something higher than another option, does not automatically make it a better choice for you.

So make sure to consider all of our options since each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages which make them a better choice for different people.

Razer Viper Ultimate

What We Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Features the Focus+ sensor which works amazingly
  • One of the most light wireless gaming mice which is available
  • Has tactile mouse 1 and 2 with Razer’s custom switches
  • Some of the best side buttons
  • Top scroll wheel is a useful inclusion
  • Has PTFE smooth feet
  • Ambidextrous design makes it an accessible option
  • Has more than 70 hours of battery life if fully charged
  • Features a custom charging dock

What We Do Not Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • The RGB features will drain the battery at an accelerated rate
  • The most expensive option on this list currently.

Razer Viper Ultimate Description

If you know about how much equipment Razer has been releasing, you will know that part of this is some astounding peripheral pieces of technology.

Some of their previous releases of technology similar to this have not been the best, but the Viper Ultimate proves that they can provide what is needed.

This is why we see this mouse by Razer as the overall best choice for a claw grip mouse which is specifically designed for gaming, but it surpasses this being one of the best mice for gaming overall, as well as just for claw grip.

It is worth noting that there are 2 different versions of this mouse which are available, and which you get will depend on which has the function which you prefer.

There is the standard Razer Viper which is the version with a wire, so you will not have to worry about charging, but it does not feature the PTFE feet which attracts some people to this mouse.

And then there is the Razer Viper Ultimate which is the version we will be referencing mostly and this is wireless and has the aforementioned PTFE feet.

Other than this though, these mice are practically identical.

This mouse by Razer has a lot in similar to mice by Zowie when looking at its shape and can also be compared to the Glorious Model O.

However, where it stands above these choices is in the better side button, better clicks, the better sensor, and the mice feet it uses.

The sensor especially is worth investigating with Razer having made their own specific sensor called Focus+ and this will give you a DPI value of up to 20,000.

If you do not know the higher DPI your mouse can get, the more your mouse will move on screen when you move it.

This sensor also features 650 IPS tracking and this is the most distance your mouse will be able to cover every second while it can continue tracking.

All of this means that while using Razer’s mouse you will be able to swipe as much as possible and not have to worry about your sensor working poorly.

So if there is one thing we can not fault about this mouse, it is the sensor it features having some of the best performance available.

Razer Viper Ultimate Dimensions

The length of the mouse is 12.5 cm or 125 mm. The width is 6 cm or 60 mm.

The height is 3.8 cm or 38 mm. And the mouse weighs 74g.

If you do not know, having a length of 125 mm is about average for a mouse at this moment, but it is much more low in its height at 38 mm making it a great choice as a claw grip option.

This means that your arch will have much more space to grip and reposition. If the arch is too high, a claw grip player will find it gets in the way which can be a hassle.

What Makes Razer Viper Ultimate Stand Out?

This mouse features an impressive 8 separate buttons.

This includes mouse 1 and 2, as well as a scroll wheel, then 2 side buttons on both sides of the mouse, as well as the DPI button which is on the bottom.

Razer has their own optical switches which reach an impressive 70 million clicks and this makes them one of the best options available, and very few getting even close.

The side buttons which are on the mouse are also amazing and spaced out perfectly making them easily accessible for any user.

They will not be uncomfortable to reach for, but they are not easy to click accidentally. The click itself is just tactile enough but has no travel time which means you can activate them easily.

However, you also have the choice to disable these side buttons if you want which is simple to do using Razer Synapse, so if this is not a feature you prioritize and could get in the way, this option exists to help with this.

The primary clicks as well as the side buttons are essentially without fault, and this is why the mouse is just so impressive to use. This matches the scroll wheel which has a little weight to it and is easy to use.

It is easy to use whether it is standard computer use, or for gaming. The only scroll wheel we prefer is that offer by the G Pro Wireless.

While the battery for this mouse is advertised to last 70 hours, it is worth remembering that activating the RGB will drain this more quickly, so you will want to avoid using it if you want to maximize usage.

However, to fully charge the mouse does not take long, so this is not a constant worry. The charging dock works well and will have a sleek look on your desk.

You can even configure it to match your setup and to display your battery level.

The feature exclusive to the ultimate is the PTFE mouse feet which make it, so the mouse has a silky smooth glide over your pad and is easy and painless to use.

Who Is The Razer Viper Ultimate Perfect For?

If you like the sound of all the features we have mentioned here, then we seriously recommend putting aside the extra cost and going for this mouse.

As well as all the amazing features and performance, it is also the most durable making it an investment too!

Glorious Model O

What We Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Features the 3360 sensor
  • Very lightweight option
  • Has a paracord light cable
  • Very tactile mouse 1 and 2
  • Good solid scroll wheel
  • Uses G Skate feet
  • Software is easy to work with
  • Very good value for the price

What We Do Not Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Click on the side buttons is not as crisp as some other options.

Glorious Model O Description

Before the Razer Viper, this was the unmatched best option, but now it stands its own ground as the best budget option being significantly cheaper than Razer’s offering, while being just as good.

The design of this mouse is very similar to some of Zowie’s designs and this can be seen in the significantly lower hump and the close dimensions in width and length. 

The sensor which is offered by this model is most close to those which are offered in most Logitech mice and it will give you a DPI between 400 and 12000.

This can be configured using the software which comes with the mouse which is easy to work with!

Glorious Model O Dimensions

This mouse is 12.8 cm or 128 mm long and 5.9 cm or 59 mm wide. It is 3.75 cm or 375 mm high and weight between 67 and 68 grams.

Part of the reason why this mouse is so lightweight is because of the unique honeycomb design which it has which makes it super easy to move around which is something most people want out of a claw grip mouse.

This also lowers the chances of fatigue during a longer play session.

What Makes Glorious Model O Stand Out?

This mouse is definitely designed for those using claw or fingertip style play and will be good for those with medium or even larger hands.

If you want a smaller design Glorious also offer other similar designs which will be better suited.

The mouses hump is also good with a flat shape which is a lot less obvious than designs like the G Pro. 

There are 6 buttons featured on this mouse with the standard mouse 1 and 2, scroll wheel and DPI button, as well as 2 side buttons as well.

Mouse 1 and 2 are noticeable for being separate from the rest of the shell which helps them feel more tactile and that they have a lighter actuation force. 

Unfortunately by only having side buttons on one side, this is not an accessible option for left handed players who will want to use these buttons, which is a shame since the mouse otherwise, is symmetrical.

The buttons also have a noticeably short travel time, but unfortunately are not as tactile as some competitors, so if this is something you want, this is not the best option for this.

One of our favorite things about this mouse was the cable it uses which is paracord. This is much more lightweight than some other options and is easier to work with than a braided or rubber cable.

This will reduce your drag and make play feel a lot easier in the claw style. 

With inclusions like paracord, this mouse does not feel cheap, in spite being a budget option.

This is further reinforced when looking at the G Skate feet which make the mouse super smooth when going over your pad. This is simply the best quality mouse you will find in this price range.

Due to the aforementioned honeycomb design and the light weight of this mouse, we were concerned when considering its durability, but so far we have not encountered any warping, or any breakages.

The only thing which might become an issue in the future is debris getting caught in the honeycomb which will be slightly difficult to remove.

Who Is The Glorious Model O Perfect For?

If you want a mouse which is just as high quality as the Razer Viper, but you are willing to sacrifice a couple features for a significantly lower price, then this mouse will be your best bet!

Logitech G Pro Wireless

What We Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Uses the HERO sensor which works well
  • Side buttons are some of the best available
  • Very lightweight design
  • Accessible for ambidextrous use
  • Side buttons are modular
  • The battery life is impressive
  • The best scroll wheel available

What We Do Not Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Steep price considered how accessible a lot of other Logitech products are

Logitech G Pro Wireless Description

This is the newest Logitech mouse and this mouse has been tested specifically by esports players to test just how well it will work.

This means that the feel and design of the mouse has been specifically optimized for gaming. This feedback can be seen in some of the features that this simple but effective mouse has.

The main noticeable difference which can be noted with this design is the HERO sensor which can get up to 16000 DPI within 50 increments.

This is one of the most impressive sensors which is currently available and has not had any noticeable pixel skipping or jitter.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Dimensions

The length of the G Pro is 12.5 cm or 125 mm and it is 5.9 cm or 59 mm wide.

The mouse is 4 cm or 40 mm tall and is weighs 80 grams with its bottom plate and 77 grams without.

While this is not as lightweight as some of the other options, it is definitely up there making it a great choice for claw grip players.

This can partially be accredited to the 1 mm thick shell walls which were apparently the hardest part of the design to work with, while still feeling like a balanced product.

What Makes Logitech G Pro Wireless Stand Out?

The G Pro has 8 buttons with the standard mouse 1 and 2, scroll wheel, DPI button and 2 side buttons on either side making it an ambidextrous option.

The response on mouse 1 and 2 is tactile as you would want it to be, and we think the side buttons are some of the best available. They are not too close to the front of the mouse making them well placed and not too cramped.

Another great aspect of the mouse is the buttons being modular so you can take them off if you do not want them, or just modify or disable them if you prefer.

The click from the wheel has a good resistance, and you can feel the notches without them being too obvious.

The battery life is about 48 hours if you want to keep the RGB on, but can get well over 60 if you keep it off which is a big improvement compared to Logitech’s previous offerings.

Who Is The Logitech G Pro Wireless Perfect For?

The Logitech G Pro is in an awkward position being the previous top choice before the Razer Viper, and not being eligible for the budget position with its steep price.

If you can find it on sale though, this has some features which put it above the Glorious Model O.

Zowie FK1

What We Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • One of the most comfortable mice on the list
  • Texture is designed to be anti-sweat
  • Mouse 1 and 2 are very tactile
  • Cable is great
  • Ambidextrous design

What We Do Not Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Scroll wheel feels poor quality compared to other options
  • Changing the polling rate is awkward

Zowie FK1 Description

This is one of the more popular options for claw grip gaming mice and it is used by plenty of esports players to prove this.

It is one of the most popular for a reason and it has inspired plenty of other claw grip mice to follow in its steps.

There are plenty of different sizes available for this mouse with the FK2 being a smaller size and the FK1+ being a bigger option. 

This series uses an optical sensor called Avago ADNS-3310.

The DPI increments go between 400, 800, then 1600 all the way up to 3600, which means there are options, but not as many as some of our other options, however, this is simply not something every user will care about.

You can also change the DPI on the bottom of the mouse which will have an LED to represent the DPI being red, purple, blue and green in order of DPI.

Zowie FK1 Dimensions

The FK1 is 128 mm long and 60 mm wide, it is 37 mm tall and weighs 89 grams.

Being such a low option this is what makes it perfect for a claw grip, this gentle arch will give you all the support you need. It is of course a little heavier than other options, but this is not very noticeable.

What Makes Zowie FK1 Stand Out?

Like many of the options featured on the list, you get 8 buttons with the standard fare. The main issue here is the clicks on the side buttons as well as the main ones is a little loud and the travel time is a bit longer than expected.

The scroll wheel is also not perfect occasionally feeling clunky, but nothing which you will not be bale to get past.

The LOD is also worth mentioning being between 1.5 and 1.8 mm and you can also adjust the report rate between; 125, 500, and 1000 Hz which does not need software to be adjusted.

The cable is 6.6 feet giving you plenty of room to work with and the rubber it is made of is smooth and flexible.

We also love the texture of the mouse being perfect for preventing sweat which is not a feature often included. The build also feels durable compared to some more lightweight options which is appreciated.

Who Is The Zowie FK1 Perfect For?

This mouse has been popular for years for a reason, and its classic design is a good default choice. While some features are slowly becoming outdated, it is still a more than valid choice.

Logitech G403 HERO / G703 HERO

What We Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Uses the newer HERO sensor
  • Comfortable feel to use
  • The grips feel very high quality
  • You can adjust the weight
  • Mouse 1 and 2 feel very tactile
  • The software is very easy to work with

What We Do Not Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • If you have sweaty hands pressing the side buttons can feel squeaky
  • The braided cable is a little too thick to feel flexible

Logitech G403 HERO / G703 HERO Description

The G403 and the G703 have both been updated to have the aforementioned Logitech HERO censor which we consider to be one of the best available.

You can also get a wired version of the G403, but this uses the older censor which we would not recommend over its replacement.

Both the 403 and 703 have a similar shape and features, the only definitive difference is that the G703 is wireless, but other than this, the pair of Logitech mice and very similar.

The DPI of these mice is between 100 and 16000 and the size is perfect for most hand sizes, but if you have slightly bigger than average hands, you will likely enjoy using this mouse.

Logitech G403 HERO / G703 HERO Dimensions

The length is 124 mm and is 68 mm wide, the mouse is 43 mm high and weighs 88 grams for the wired version, and the wireless option is heavier at 106 grams.

This is why we partially prefer the wired version since it is lighter, but both are viable. There is also a 10 gram weight which you can add onto the mouse if you play games where you want a bit more feedback to help with aiming.

What Makes Logitech G403 HERO / G703 HERO Stand Out?

This is not an ambidextrous design with 6 buttons featured with the side buttons just kept to one side.

The buttons have been quoted to have a lifespan of 20 million clicks, however we do not prefer them to the G Pro in terms of feel. There are also few issues when it comes to the LOD.

While the cable is a good length, the cable is a bit of an issue for the wired version feeling a little too chunky and not very flexible.

The sides of the mouse have a textured finish which feels like it might scratch over time, but other than this the mouse feels very durable.

The wireless mouse also has a lifespan of 20 hours every charge which is significantly under average compared to other options.

You can also configure the RGB color and the DPI options using the compatible software and you can even create custom profiles which is appreciated.

Who Is The Logitech G403 HERO / G703 HERO Perfect For?

This is a pretty standard pick which does not have any standout issues or anything which helps it stand out, but if you can get a good deal, it has a strong recommendation here.

Zowie EC2-B

What We Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Features the 3360 sensor
  • Has a comfortable ergonomic shape
  • Good quality cable similar to the FK1
  • Mouse 1 and 2 have a great tactile feel

What We Do Not Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Scroll wheel has noticeable room for improvement
  • Could have a weak durability if you use it quite often

Zowie EC2-B Description

This is the successor to Zowie’s EC1 series, and this mouse is specifically designed to be ergonomic, making it a non-ambidextrous option, which obviously makes it inaccessible to left handed users, but makes it much more comfortable to those who are not.

The 3360 optical sensor is an improvement to the previously used 3310 sensor and it works a lot better on some different surfaces.

The side buttons it features are a lot softer than some of the competitors, but if you like this or not will depend on preference.

There is also a polling rate button next to the DPI button which is a great option to have and makes changing this simple.

Zowie EC2-B Dimensions

The Zowie EC2 B is 120 mm long, 61 mm wide, and is 40 mm. It weighs 95 grams as well. The mouse is designed specifically for right handed players so if this fits your preference it will be comfortable!

Who Is The Zowie EC2-B Perfect For?

If you have been using the Zowie EC1 series, we recommend going for this as an upgrade, so if you find it at a good price we recommend it!

Logitech G Pro

What We Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Features the 3366 sensor
  • Small and lightweight design
  • Compatible software is easy to work with
  • Very affordable cost
  • Mouse 1 and 2 have some great tactile feedback.

What We Do Not Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • The braided cable is a little too thick and is difficult to work with

Logitech G Pro Description

This mouse is well known amongst claw grip style esports players and it is known for how affordable it is as well as its great performance quality.

Because of this many professional players keep using it in spite of some successors coming out and technically surpassing it. The arch provided gives some great support for those using a claw grip who still want support.

The dimensions also ensure it is lightweight and allows for agile movement. The G Pro uses the 3366 sensor which works very well too.

Logitech G Pro Dimensions

The G Pro is 100 mm long and 55 mm wide. It is 35 mm high and weighs 83 grams.

Who Is The Logitech G Pro Perfect For?

This is a great choice for esports, and if you are looking for a small and smooth mouse with good performance, we can strongly recommend the Logitech G Pro.

Steelseries Sensei 310

What We Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Uses the TrueMove3 3369 Sensor, specifically modified for the mouse
  • Uses a comfortable ergonomic design 
  • The side grips have a good feel and are durable
  • The primary buttons are separate from the main shell giving them a good tactile feel
  • Features a matte coating designed to help with hand sweat

What We Do Not Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Hump is a bit more thick than preferable for a claw grip mouse
  • A bit heavier than some of our other options

Steelseries Sensei 310 Description

Steelseries put out some great technology and this mouse is not an exception and should definitely be considered when it comes to gaming using a claw grip.

This mouse has its own unique optic called TrueMove 3 which works well for it and rivals similar mic using 3360 and 3310.

The DPI goes between 100 and 2000 giving some good range, but has since been surpassed by quite a few other options.

The mouse has 8 buttons with side buttons on either side making it a good ambidextrous option.

The mouse also has a sturdy build with a good quality which makes you feel like you can trust it to do a good job.

The matte finish the mouse uses is also specifically designed to lower sweating on the mouse which makes it a lot easier to grip onto.

Steelseries Sensei 310 Dimensions

The Sensei 310 is 125 mm long and 59 mm wide, it is 39 mm high and weighs 92 grams.

Who Is The Steelseries Sensei 310 Perfect For?

This mouse has a great overall feel and has a good durable build which is comfortable to work with. It is a bit heavier than some would find preferable with a more noticeable hump, but it is still a good option.

Zowie ZA12

What We Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • The higher hump gives some good support if you want it
  • Has an ambidextrous design
  • The cable has a good design which is simple to work with
  • Lightweight design perfect for a claw grip
  • Has an anti-sweat coating which helps improve the grip

What We Do Not Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Scroll wheel has plenty of room for improvement
  • Changing the polling rate is far too awkward

Zowie ZA12 Description

This is yet another Zowie option, but it is still a worthwhile contender. While we have listed the ZA12, there is also the bigger ZA11 available as well as the smaller ZA13 if you have a smaller grip.

These sizing options mean that you will be able to find a version of this mouse which fits you perfectly. It provides a good arch which will give you support, but it is not too prolific that it is not suitable for claw grip players.

Zowie ZA12 Dimensions

The ZA12 is 124 mm long and 58 mm wide, it is 39 mm tall and 85 grams. It will work with plenty of hand sizes, but the height of the arch is a bit too much for a proper claw grip.

Who Is The Zowie ZA12 Perfect For?

If you want a bit more support for a claw grip, this design will work for you, it also fits a lot of hand sizes as well.

Ninox Venator

What We Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Uses the great 3360 sensor
  • Some great value for money
  • The feedback from mouse 1 and 2 is very tactile

What We Do Not Like About This Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

  • Shell could be more durable
  • Scroll wheel rattles a little when moved in certain directions

Ninox Venator Description

This ambidextrous mouse has a competitive price, and it has a good accuracy using the 3360 sensor as well. You can change the DPI anywhere between 400 and 12000 which gives you a great level of control as well.

Ninox Venator Dimensions

The Venator is 122 mm long and 62 mm wide, the mouse is 40 mm high and weighs 79 grams. The arch gives a lot of support but for some people, the claw grip needs a little less of an arch.

Who Is The Ninox Venator Perfect For?

This is a good option and very affordable, but it does have some drawbacks which make it a less than perfect choice, especially considering its durability.

What Does Claw Grip Mean In Mice?

A claw grip means that the player who is using this mouse will be arching their hand while they are holding it. This means that they will be contacting the mouse with the upper section of their fingers usually. 

The other most common style of using a mouse is the fingertip grip and this will give your grip a much more obvious arch and this instead uses your finger tips for moving and repositioning your mouse.

There are different guides and diagrams available if you want a more detailed explanation on which type of grip you use.

By knowing which grip type you use, you will be able to get a mouse which is better suited for your style of play.

By doing this you will have a much more comfortable experience when using your mouse and you will not worry as much about cramping and similar issues.

Buyer’s Guide – What To Consider When Buying A Claw Grip Gaming Mouse?

If you have not bought many mice before, especially for gaming, you may not know just how many features there are which will need to be considered.

By fully understanding each of the features which you need to know, you will be able to make a much more informed decision over which mouse to choose.

This section going over the different factors should also help you come to a decision between different mice as you should be able to consider which factors you prioritize and line this up with different mice we have featured in the list!


This is perhaps one of the most simple factors included, but you will not be able to use a mouse efficiently if it does not fit in your hand properly.

Make sure you look at the product dimensions before purchasing and looking at a size comparison so you know if it will fit you. What is best for you is easy to test if you know your hand size and if it is bigger or smaller than average.

Optic And Dots Per Inch (DPI)

You will want to make sure that if you are using a mouse for gaming that it will have the best quality optic available.

This will make sure that your aiming will be not just accurate, but consistent as well. This is going to be most important when you play a lot of FPS games as the aiming is the most important in these.


This feature is seen as very important by some, but overlooked by others. For some games having extra buttons available on the mouse is a must, but for others it is something which can very easily be overlooked.

For example. If you play lots of MMO or standard RPG games using a mouse, these extra buttons can be incredibly useful. For some FPS games these are also useful, but it greatly depends on what you are playing.

LOD (Lift Off Distance)

If you did not know, the Lift Off Distance of your mouse is the distance which will get between your mouse and the surface which the mouse is on before it inevitably stops working and will not register any of the movements you have made.

You will usually not want an above average LOD as this will make the movements you make with the mouse a lot more unpredictable and hard to work with during gameplay.


Generally speaking, if you are a claw grip type user of a mouse, we recommend getting a lighter than average weight since you will get a lot more freedom with your movement.

This is also because claw grip users will have less contact with the mouse.

However, there are some claw grip users who would still prefer a weightier mouse, so if this is you, make sure to look out for a mouse which is heavy enough to fit your standards.


Something which is important but overlooked quite often is the cable which the mouse connects to your device with. In spite of this, having a good quality cable for your mouse can make or break its quality as well as its usability.

There are plenty of different types of cable which are used on gaming mice. Some can end up causing friction, and some can lead to vibrations.

You could of course go wireless, but this will usually lead to some input delay which you will want to avoid as much as possible, and then you also have to worry about charging which is something you will want to avoid as much as possible.

Texture And Durability

We usually group together the texture and the durability of the mice since they tend to go hand in hand when it comes to considering the quality of your mouse.

For example, if the mouse you have chosen has a slightly cheaper build quality, you will notice that in both the durability and the texture of your mouse.

A lot of this factor will depend on your own personal preference. The best thing you can do is have a good understanding of what you find comfortable to hold.

For example, some people like a textures surface since it helps them grip better, however for some people they will quickly find it annoying and would prefer something more smooth.

If you have a tendency to sweat, you will also find that some mice will become slippier a lot quicker than others which can get quite frustrating.

Knowing which materials and shapes you work with best will ensure a much better final decision.


So, hopefully from this list you have realized just how many great options there are for you to choose from when it comes to a good quality gaming mouse with a claw grip.

While we have narrowed down the choice quite significantly, there are still quite a few to choose from which are all in a similar price range.

So, if you are struggling with making a decision, we would strongly recommend going back through the list after considering the buyer’s guide. 

By looking at all the factors which need to be considered, and choosing a couple which you prioritize and are most important to your decision, you can make a much more informed decision when it comes to choosing the best mouse for you!

By doing this you can ensure that there is no chance you will regret your decision when it comes to buying a claw grip style gaming mouse!

Ashley Newby