Top 10 Best Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2

The world of Destiny 2 is fraught with countless weapons, each possessing its own unique brand of lethality and utility. However, there’s a special kind of thunder that only Fusion Rifles can bring to the battlefield. These are not just tools of destruction, but works of futuristic art, marrying raw power with technological finesse. In the hands of a skilled Guardian, Fusion Rifles turn combat into a symphony of explosive light. We’ll delve into the crème de la crème of these versatile armaments, highlighting the top tiers of Fusion Rifle majesty. From the legendary Telesto to the avant-garde Bastion, each of these weapons redefines the lines between strategy, power, and artistry in the field of battle.


When it comes to Fusion Rifles in the realm of gaming—particularly within the iconic universe of Destiny 2—Telesto has an almost mythical reputation. Why, you might ask, has this Exotic Fusion Rifle managed to maintain such a renowned status among a sea of high-powered weaponry? Here are some compelling reasons:

  1. Versatility: Telesto is the Swiss Army knife of Fusion Rifles. It fits comfortably into a variety of playstyles, making it equally at home in a skilled sharpshooter’s arsenal as it is in the chaotic fray with a run-and-gun enthusiast.

  2. Explosive Payload: Each shot from Telesto fires a burst of void projectiles that stick to surfaces and enemies alike, detonating after a brief delay. This unique feature allows for strategic area denial and unexpected multi-kills, making it a game-changer in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

  3. Ammo Economy: One of the gripes commonly associated with Fusion Rifles is their voracious appetite for ammo. Telesto circumvents this issue with remarkable efficiency. It seems to find the perfect balance between power output and ammo usage, making it a reliable choice for extended encounters.

  4. Elemental Advantage: Telesto’s void damage is not just for show. It can tear through void shields with ease and is perfectly poised to take advantage of the various elemental buffs and debuffs that the game’s mechanics throw at players. This elemental affinity makes it a formidable tool against shielded adversaries and during activities with elemental singes.

  5. Reliable Performance: Unlike other weapons that may fluctuate in effectiveness with game balance updates, Telesto has consistently delivered reliable performance. Its ability to adapt and remain valuable through various meta changes is a testament to its well-rounded design.

  6. The Catalyst: A good Fusion Rifle is a force to be reckoned with, but with its catalyst, Telesto shifts into overdrive. The catalyst improves the weapon’s already impressive stats and grants it the Harbinger’s Pulse perk, which only further solidifies its place at the pinnacle of power.

  7. Ease of Use: Despite its sophisticated mechanics, Telesto is surprisingly user-friendly. The learning curve is relatively shallow compared to other Exotics, allowing players of varying skill levels to pick it up and make an impact without a steep investment of time learning its quirks.

  8. Unmatched Crowd Control: Telesto’s explosive projectiles make it a crowd control master. In situations where enemies come in waves, a few well-placed shots can create a domino effect of void explosions, swiftly clearing groups and creating some serious breathing room.

  9. Cool Factor: Let’s not skirt around the topic—Telesto just looks and feels cool. The sleek design, the satisfying sound as it charges up, and the visual spectacle of its explosive void projectiles make it a standout weapon, both functionally and aesthetically. It’s the type of gun that makes a statement every time it’s drawn from the back.

  10. A Staple in the Meta: Over the years, regardless of the ebb and flow of the game’s ever-evolving meta, Telesto has remained a staple choice for guardians. Its adaptability and the sheer joy of its unique firing mechanism guarantee it a spot in many players’ loadouts.

While changes to the Destiny 2 sandbox might come and go, the empire of Telesto within the Fusion Rifle category endures. Its combination of destructive potential, utility, and just sheer fun ensures that it remains not just relevant, but a preferred instrument of mayhem for any guardian looking to unleash the power of the stars.

Image of the Telesto Legendary Fusion Rifle, showcasing its sleek design with void explosions.


Bastion’s Unique Fusion Rifle Mechanism: Unlike other fusion rifles that disperse their energy blasts in a widespread pattern, Bastion fires a tight burst of slugs that can be devastating at close to mid-range. This concentrated fire gives it a shotgun-like quality with the added benefit of fusion rifle range, making it lethal in a duelist’s hands.

Shield Popping Precision: One of the defining features of Bastion is its intrinsic perk, ‘Saint’s Fists,’ which allows it to bypass elemental shields with brutal efficiency. When other weapons are fumbling with matching shield types, Bastion powers through, ensuring that a Guardian always has the upper hand against shielded foes.

Surprise Multi-Kill Capability: Given its unique burst fire, Bastion has a surprising ability to land multi-kills in situations where enemies are closely grouped. It’s not just for picking off single targets; tight enemy formations are fodder for this potent weapon.

Exotic Intrinsic Trait, Breakthrough: This trait enables each burst from Bastion to overpenetrate targets, making it exceptional for dealing with multiple guardians or lined-up combatants. It’s a trait that turns the usual piercing rounds up a notch, feeding into its role as an anti-guardian and PvE powerhouse.

Kinetic versus Special Ammo: Bastion’s placement in the special weapon slot is already one of distinction, and while it does consume special ammo, it packs the punch typically associated with kinetic weapons. This blending of heavy firepower with special ammunition is a rare treat.

Flexibility in Loadout Assignments: Bastion doesn’t limit a Guardian’s loadout as harshly as some exotics might. Its firing mechanism and impact allow it to play well as both a primary damage dealer and a swift backup for unexpectedly aggressive scenarios. This flexibility ensures it remains a solid choice regardless of a Guardian’s preferred combat strategy.

Standalone Champion: Even without catalysts or mods, Bastion stands proud as a formidable weapon. Whereas some weapons depend heavily on additional perks or buffs to unlock their potential, Bastion holds its own straight out of the weapon vault, ready to deliver its brand of justice.

Image of Bastion's unique fusion rifle mechanism, showing its sleek design and compact structure


Jötunn, often affectionately dubbed as the “flying toaster” by its enthusiasts, is a force to be reckoned with, marrying a distinct look with raw power in a way few exotics can claim. The weapon’s design draws inspiration from Norse mythology, resonating with the might of the frost giants after which it is named. This Exotic fusion rifle from the Black Armory isn’t just a showpiece; it’s a formidable tool for destruction.

The gun’s unique design is evident from the way it launches its fiery projectiles. Instead of a typical burst of energy, Jötunn fires a single, massive bolt of solar energy that tracks targets. This tracking makes it exceptionally deadly in both PVP and PVE environments as it compensates for potential aim issues, ensuring that even foes on the move aren’t safe.

Moreover, the charge time on Jötunn doesn’t impede its lethality. Once unleashed, the projectile moves swiftly towards its target, exploding on impact. This explosion has a significant radius, causing collateral damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby. It’s not just a single-target weapon but a crowd management tool with a penchant for chaos.

When we delve into the Jötunn’s destructive might, its ability to deal with multiple enemies at once or to take down stronger adversaries with its burn effect cannot be overstated. The damage over time allows for effective damage spread, especially useful during high-level activities where opponents can overwhelm with sheer numbers or resilience.

Jötunn doesn’t just excel at offense. The inherently sturdy frame of the weapon makes it a boon in defensive situations. Guardians can hold choke points and corridors, discouraging enemy advancements with the threat of its fiery charge shot.

Furthermore, the weapon’s balance is not to be glanced over. Despite its considerable output, Jötunn doesn’t feel overbearing in a guardian’s hands. It’s heavy enough to instill a sense of power yet light enough to not be cumbersome, ensuring guardians remain agile and ready to spring into action or retreat when the situation demands it.

One thing to keep in mind is its reload speed, a balanced mechanic to offset its significant punch. The reload offers a pause in the action, a moment of vulnerability that requires strategic planning and positioning to mitigate. It’s a subtle reminder that with great power comes the need for a mindful approach to battle.

The aesthetic appeal is the cherry on top for this piece of armory; Jötunn’s design isn’t just for show. Every inch of its rugged, industrial appearance speaks to its function: to deliver a crushing blow against the darkness. Whether carving through the ranks of the Hive or facing down other guardians in the Crucible, Jötunn does so with a presence that is unmistakable and unforgettable.

For those in pursuit of combining artistry with utility on the battlefield, Jötunn stands as a testament to what can be achieved when innovation is driven by a commitment to excellence. It is a weapon that does not merely perform; it captivates and dominates, living up to the Jötunn name in both design and might.

Image description: A powerful, fiery fusion rifle named Jötunn inspired by Norse mythology and known for its distinct design and raw power.

As we’ve ventured through the formidable arsenal that is Destiny 2’s Fusion Rifles, we’ve witnessed the remarkable diversity and explosive potential these weapons can offer. Each Fusion Rifle stands as a testament to the ingenuity of the Guardians who wield them and the craft of the creators who forged them. Telesto, Bastion, Jötunn, and their peers each hold a special place in the annals of Guardian legend and lore, mixing raw power, exotic functionality, and strategic depth to equip any Guardian for the trials that lie ahead. Embrace their might, harness their potential, and carve your path to victory among the stars.

Ashley Newby

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