Valorant Agents And Their Age, Real Name, Nationality, And Past Professions

For those who don’t know what Valorant is, the game is essentially like a cross between CSGO and Overwatch, with a big emphasis on guns, movements, and agents with different abilities.

Its characters are so well-developed that they all carry a background story with them, with their age, nationality, real names, and past professions becoming a point of interest for fans and gamers.

Valorant Agents And Their Age, Real Name, Nationality, And Past Professions

Indeed, the game managed to grow its base of players and rank among the top tactical shooter games that exist, with one of the crucial things that set it apart from the competition being its emphasis on developing a diverse variety of agent characters, each with their own set of skills.

So, if you want to know more about their ages, nationalities, real names, and past professions, keep reading below!

What Are The Ages Of The Valorant Characters?

Riot Games doesn’t offer much intel into the ages of the agents and only provides us with intel on their nationalities and old professions.

Thankfully, the Valorant universe has a strong fanbase that loves to go deeper into it and explore all the possibilities, analyze even the tiniest of details, and come up with conclusions with a strong foundation.

So, according to the official data, some guesstimates, as well as innumerable fan theories, here are the ages of the Valorant agents:

  • Aged 19-20: Neon
  • In the age group of 20-25: Jett, Killjoy, and Raze
  • In the age group of 25-30: Chamber, Phoenix, Skye, Fade, Harbor, Yoru, Astra, Sage, and Reyna
  • In the age group of 30-35: Cypher, Sova, Breach, and Viper
  • In the age group of 45-50: Brimstone
  • As for Omen and KAY/O, they are both immortal.

What Is The Nationality Of The Valorant Agents?

As we previously mentioned, this information is provided by Riot Games, so it is easy to find it on Valorant’s official data pages.

Having already mentioned the diversity of the characters, it is no surprise that only two of them are from the USA, and those are Brimstone and Viper.

Covering the Eastern world and the Asian continent: Sova is from Russia, Fade is from Turkey, Sage is from China, Yoru is from Japan, Jett is from South Korea, Neon is from the Philippines, and Harbor is from India.

Moving on to Europe: Chamber is from France, Killjoy is from Germany, Breach is from Sweden, and Phoenix is from the United Kingdom.

From the African continent are Astra, who is from Ghana, Cypher, who is from Morocco, while from the American continents there are Reyna, who is from Mexico, Raze who is from Brazil, and Brimstone and Viper who are from the U.S.

Finally, Skye is from Australia, while Omen and KAY/O are of unknown nationality and continue to be the biggest mystery in the game when it comes to the agents’ personal details.

Valorant Agents And Their Age, Real Name, Nationality, And Past Professions

What Are Their Real Names And Past Professions?

All agents had a past life with a real-life profession before they became agents. So, if you feel attached to a character already, you might be surprised by what they did in their past life and what their real name is!

Sova’s real name was Alexander (Sasha) Novikov, and he was a hunter, while Sage’s real name was Ling Ying Wei, and she was a monk.

Fade was a bounty hunter, but her real name remains unknown and so does that of Yoru for whom all we know is that he was being educated about his past and the samurai order.

Jett, on the other hand, was called Joon-Hee and he was a chef, Neon was Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez, and she was a K/SEC veteran, and Harbor’s name was Varun Batra and he was a task force agent.

Chamber was Vincent Fabron, and he was a weapons designer, Killjoy’s real name was Klara Böhringer and she was an inventor, while Eric Torsten, a criminal, ended up becoming Breach, and Grant Galloway, a Performing Arts student became Phoenix.

Cypher’s real name was Amir El Amari and he was an information broker and Reyna’s real name was Delilah. However, we don’t know about her past professional life.

Raze, on the other hand, was an engineer and her real name was Tayane Alves, Brimstone was Liam Byrne. and he was both a firefighter and a soldier, whereas Viper was called Sabine Callas and she had the title of a Chief Scientific Officer.

Skye used to be called Kirra Foster and she fought against the Kingdom Corporation. Last but not least, Astra and Omen both remain Radiants with unknown real names and professions.

As for KAY/O, his robotic nature means he had no real name. Yet, what we do know is that he was used as a machine for war.


Valorant is a great tactical game. and its agents are well-developed. There is an agent for every taste and age, so pick and choose the one you like best!

Ashley Newby