Valorant Agents And Their Lines: A Complete List

Read this article to find out about the way Valorant’s agents come to life and what lines they have!

Valorant Agents And Their Lines: A Complete List


When she speaks to an ally, Astra she says “World divided!” and when she speaks to an enemy, she says “You are divided!”


When there is no enemy in sight, he says “Give me a corpse,” while when talking to an ally, he says “Where is everyone hiding?” and when talking to an enemy he scares them by saying “I know exactly where you are.”


To her allies “They Will Cower,” to her enemies she says “The hunt begins” while when she’s in her ultimate she says either “All mine,” “Oh, the rush,” or “More, more!”


When she kills while in her ultimate, she says “I blew you up!”, “Obliterated!”, or “Boom!”.

When she exterminates many players at the same time, she’ll boast about it and say “You see that?” or “Oh, that worked great!”


Brimstone’s lines when using Orbital Strike lend credence to his military schooling and professional experience.

“Deep fried!” is a smart line he uses when he exterminates several of his enemies at once.

When talking to an ally, Brimstone says “Open up the sky!” and when talking to the enemy, he says “Prepare for hellfire!”


Viper’s greatest ability is commonly considered to be among the most powerful in Valorant.

Even though Viper’s Pit is a power that frequently results in numerous kills at once, she wasn’t given a line for that.

This could be intentional, so the player doesn’t lose sound signals during her highest form, which already severely limits vision.

So, we can only hear Viper say “Don’t get in my way” to allies and “Welcome to my world” to enemies.


Unfortunately, he’s one of those agents with limited lines, so you can only hear him say “I am the hunter!” to his allies and whenever he sees an enemy he’ll threaten them saying “Nowhere to run!”


Fade is saying to her allies “Nightmare, take them!”.

When she speaks to an enemy, she’ll say “Face your fear,” whereas if she kills one of them she says something like “I’m done with you,” or  “Contract complete.”


Sage has only two lines, one to her allies which is “Your duty is not over!” while to the adversaries it is “You will not kill my allies!”


Yoru’s lines are “I’ll handle this” when speaking to his allies, and “Who’s next?” when speaking to his enemies.

When he’s back to his original form he says “I’m back” and “Miss me?”, “I’m right here,” or “Looking for me?” is what he says once he’s killed someone.


“Watch this!” is what she says to allies, “Get out of my way!” she shouts at enemies, and when she kills one, she’ll say “Give me those back.”



Vanille Velasquez is from the Philippines too, so there was no better voice actor for Neon.

“Here we go!” is what she says to allies, “Hoy! I’m pissed!” she says to enemies, and when she kills one with her ability, she’ll exclaim “Die!”, “Dead!”, or “Zapped!”


To her allies, she’ll say “Let’s turn the tide,” and to the enemies, she’ll say “I suggest you move.”


To his allies, he’ll say “They are so dead!” he’ll then provoke his enemies by saying “You want to play?

Let’s play,” and if he kills one, he’ll say either “Ooh, I like it,” “Oh I’m enjoying this!”, “Beautiful,” “I love this gun!” or “This is too fun!”


Killjoy has plenty of lines so here’s a list of them:

  • To her allies, she’ll say: “Initiated!”
  • To the enemy, she’ll say “You should run”
  • If no one is detained by her ability, she’ll say “Area clear!” but if she gets someone she’ll say “Caught one” or “Caught two” if there are two, and the same goes for three, four, or five agents.
  • When a captured opponent is killed, the phrase “fish in a barrel” “trapped and zapped!” or “Have you had any problems?” is used.


Despite his previous experience in games, David Menkin’s (the voice actor doing Breach) lines for Breach are very simple, with “Let’s go!” being what the agent says to his allies and “Off your feet!” being his word to the enemies.


Afolabi Alli looks and sounds just like Phoenix, and the voice actor does Phoenix and says “Come on, let’s go!” to his allies and “Joke’s over, you’re dead!” to his enemies.


To her allies, Skye says “Seek them out,” to her enemies she says “I’ve got your trail.” When she finds enemies with her ultimate, she says “Found one!”


“Watch them run,” he says to allies, and “Scatter!” he says to the enemies.

When he kills someone with an ultimate, he says one of the following:

  • “Look behind you”
  • “Behind you”
  • “Boo”
  • “You thought you were safe”

When there’s a disruption to his ultimate, he’ll exclaim “Damn!” or tell the other agents that “Teleport stopped”.


When taken down whilst using Null Command, KAY/O has a great deal to say for a robot agent.

At the very least, he has a 20% chance of commending the players who resurrect him.

So, when he speaks to an ally, he authoritatively says “No one walks away.” and when she speaks to an enemy, he confidently says “You are powerless!”

Finally, when he’s down he’ll typically say “I need a reset,” or “System failure” among other things

Once he’s resurrected, you can hear him say things like “Thank you,” “Back online” and “Now, where was I?”


Valorant is one of the best games in the world, so having voice actors completing its characters’ creation and development with a voice and a line was a given.

And they all nailed their lines!

Ashley Newby