Valorant Support Ticket: How To Create One?

Valorant is a widely popular online game, played and enjoyed by millions of fans from all around the world. And while this game is so well loved, there can be times – as with most things – where there is a problem that needs solving.

Valorant Support Ticket: How To Create One?

Luckily for players, Riot Games, the developers of Valorant, have an extensive support network that players can access and hopefully get their problems solved. But what exactly can players access, and how can they request the help they need?

What Is Valorant?

Valorant is an online multiplayer first person tactical shooter produced by Riot Games.

The game is free to play for all, although it does come with in game purchases for things like characters, weapons, and skins – the latter referring to different paint jobs and design styles for weapons or characters.

The game is set in the near future, and sees players choose from certain classes of fighters that have different specializations when it comes to combat and skills.

The object of the base level game is to hunt down all rival ‘agents’ (as the player characters are called) to achieve supremacy on the specific map.

What Is A Support Ticket?

As with most things, online gaming can sometimes go wrong, and there can be any number of problems that can crop up that need specific attention from the developers and their staff.

When these problems arise, players can fill in what is known as a ‘support ticket’ – that is, a personalized request pertaining to the problem, that they can then submit and await feedback from technical support at Riot Games.

This is somewhat unusual, especially in the gaming world, and shows just how hands on the technical support network is with their fans – not to mention how much they want to foster a safe and supervised gaming environment.

What Problems Can Gamers Face?

When it comes to Valorant – or online gaming in general – there are numerous problems that gamers can face – either during states of play, or with their wider account in general.

Refund Unused Content

As Valorant relies on in-game purchases – namely with regards to online currencies within the game – players often buy loads of things and accessories.

If for whatever reason these players are no longer going to hold an account, then they can request a refund regarding their purchases – such as unwanted in-game currency – which they can then exchange for their money back.

This is also useful due to the young player base that Valorant has, wherein desperate or naive players could end up making purchases they cannot afford, or indeed using their parents’ money to do so.

Account Recovery

Account Recovery

As with most things online, Valorant relies on a sign in system. This is usually a username and a password linked to an email address.

If this email address locks the player out, or something else goes wrong with their password etc, then they will need their account recovered – something they will have to contact tech support and answer questions to make happen.

Being locked out of your account can be troubling, especially if you have in-game (or indeed real world) currency invested in it, so to alleviate this stress, tech support are always on hand to help.

Purchase History

Those with reckless spending habits, or indeed parents whose children have stolen their account information to make purchases, will need to view their purchase history to keep an inventory of what they have spent.

This is useful for a number of reasons, and helps with transparency as far as money and resources go.

Useful Error Codes

The website also has a lot of information pertaining to error codes – that is codes that can flash up on screen when a specific problem occurs with the game mechanics – or indeed the mechanics of the software in general.

When this happens, players can consult the associated information pertaining to the error code, and potentially alleviate their own problems themselves.

This is not always the case, and if the problem is not addressed within the code list, then players can contact tech reports in the form of a support ticket.

Suspensions & Restrictions

If you have been suspended and you do not know why – or you wish to appeal – then this is also the section where you can submit a request pertaining to those issues.

How To Create A Support Ticket?

When it comes to creating a support ticket, there are a few steps you need to take to make it happen.

Account Information

Firstly, players need to be signed into their account if they want to submit a support ticket. This means that they need to sign in using their specific information for the whole thing to be accessible.

If you have forgotten your login information, then this is a different problem entirely.

Select ‘Support’

Next you need to click on and access the ‘support’ page. Here you can find all of the categories discussed above, as well as the ‘submit a ticket’ link, which will progress you further along.

Submit A Ticket

Once you have clicked on submit a ticket, you will then be directed to a details page, wherein you can hone down your problem into one of several categories. This will direct you to the right section of tech support.

This will then take you to specific sub questions to hopefully alleviate your problem.

If this still does not answer your question, then there is a further section where you can add specific details, as well as having the option to call tech support, or contact them via email.

Email is probably the quickest way to be seen, as these technical lines can be bogged down with callers, however depending on the nature of your problem – and the urgency therein – you might prefer to talk to a human being on the phone.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about the game ‘Valorant’, and the necessary steps to create a support-ticket.

Valorant is a widely popular game, played and adored by many from around the world, and as such it has had a wide impact on the online gaming community.

However, when things go wrong, it is important to know where to turn, and with this handy guide, you will be able to create a support ticket in no time at all! So if you need a problem solved quickly, then why not fill out a support ticket?

Ashley Newby