Want The Kappa Container In Escape From Tarkov? Find Out How To Get It Here

Escape From Tarkov is a tactical first person shooter computer game made by Battlestate Games. The aim is to join ‘raids’ where you can fight other players or bots to survive and escape while gaining loot.

Want The Kappa Container In Escape From Tarkov? Find Out How To Get It Here

One of the more sought after items that you may find in a raid is the very secure Kappa container. This is the most valuable and wanted contained in the entire Escape From Tarkov game.

The appeal of his container is that even if you die, all of the items in the container, and there are a whopping 12 slots, will remain with you.

However, it can only be attained if you are an experienced player, as you will need to reach a certain level before you can even get it.

So, how can you unlock the Kappa Container for yourself, what level do you have to be, and what do you need to know? We’ll answer all in this guide.

What Level Is Kappa Container In Tarkov?

The word on the street is that in Escape From Tarkov, you can only unlock the container, once you meet all of the requirements, if you are a Level 62 player. This was previously set higher at Level 71.

Although, there have been rumors that Battlestate Games altered the level unlock for the container to Level 55, when it was previously Level 62.

How To Get The Kappa Container In Escape From Tarkov

To get the Kappa Container for yourself, there are a few things that you need to do, and quests you need to complete.

For instance, you will first need to complete nearly every single quest as part of Tarkov’s quest line. You will need to have completed over 24 of Tarkov’s quests.

Not only this, but you will also need to complete a quest called The Collector which comes from Fence. To do this, you will have to receive a quest from Fence, where you have to find streamer items.

You will need 22 items from raids, so it’s best to look for stashes to find as many as possible.

The Collector will only become available after you’ve completed pretty much every quest in the game, aside from Trust Regain, Import, Hippocratic Vow, Regulated Materials, The Stylish One, Textile (Part 1 and 2) and Charisma Brings Success.

As part of The Collector, you will need to find a few items in order to unlock the Kappa Container, however, these can only be collected In Raid. As mentioned above, you will also need to be at Level 62, but this can be subject to change.

To reach Level 62, you will need around 9,928,578 XP so you’ll have to do some serious playing before you can even unlock the Kappa Container.

What Do You Need To Obtain The Kappa Container?

In order to obtain the Kappa Container, once all requirements are met, you will need to find the following items in raid (in A-Z order).

  • Axel Parrot Figurine
  • Antique Axe
  • Baddie’s Red Beard
  • BakeEzy Cookbook
  • Battered Antique Book
  • BEAR Buddy Plush
  • Can Of Sprats
  • Can Of RatCola Soda
  • Can Of Dr. Lupo’s Coffee Beans
  • DeadlySlob’s Beard Oil
  • DRD Body Armor
  • Evasion Armband
  • FireKlean Gun Lube
  • Fake Mustache
  • Golden Rooster
  • Gingy Keychain
  • Golden Egg
  • Glorious E Lightweight Armored Mask
  • Golden 1GPhone Smartphone
  • Jar Of DevilDog Mayo
  • JohnB Liquid DNB Glasses
  • Kotton Beanie
  • Loot Lord Plushie
  • LVNDMARK’s Rat Poison
  • Missam Forklift Key
  • Old Firesteel
  • Pestily Plague Mask
  • Press Pass
  • Raven Figurine
  • Shroud Half Mask
  • Silver Badge
  • Smoke Balaclava
  • Veritas’ Guitar Pick
  • Video Cassette With The Cyborg Killer Movie
  • WZ Wallet
  • 42 Signature Blend English Tea

This list is subject to change due to updates in the game, as a few new streamer items were recently added to the quest as part of the requirements to unlock the Kappa Container.

What Is In The Kappa Container?

There are twelve slots in the Kappa Container in Escape From Tarkov.

Some of the items that the Kappa Container can hold are currency, meds, keys, maps, keycards, ammo, the WiFi camera, a signal jammer, loot, provisions, a dog tag case, wallet, the key tool, a documents case, the SICC organizational pouch, the leatherman multitool, and weapon mods except from magazines, special scopes and various mounts.


With this guide, you should now know exactly what you need to do in order to unlock the Kappa Container for yourself.

While there are a lot of items to find for Fence in the Collector quest, and you’ll need to build up your XP to get to the right level, it will be worth it, as the Kappa Container is the most wanted and sought after container in the entirety of Escape From Tarkov.

Ashley Newby