What Are The Best And Worst Skins For Octane From Apex Legends? – Our Unofficial 2022 Rankings

When Apex Legends was released, it became an instant smash hit, with over 50 million people registering to play the game before it was launched and with 190 million users registered to play right now.

What Are The Best And Worst Skins For Octane From Apex Legends? – Our Unofficial 2022 Rankings

This game involved some intensive shooting and required you to be very accurate with your gun work. One of the favorite characters that were introduced in season 1 was Octane.

This is one of the best characters for double-tap strafing, rope climbing, and bouncing from wall to wall. But how can you get the best look for Octane?

Well, we’re going to cover some of the best looks that you can get for this character, rating them from the worst to some of the best. Once you’ve read this article, there’s nothing you won’t know about this character.

Octane Skins – Rated From Worst To Best

When it comes to Octane skins, there are plenty to choose from. Thus far, Respawn has released around 79 skins for octane alone. That’s right, you might be struggling to find the right outfit to don during your game.

We have ranked the skins into various tiers. Before we get stuck into them, here are the categories and what they mean:

  • S -Tier – this is the best tier, containing skins that might be expensive, but are simply amazing in terms of animation and design.
  • A -Tier – these might not be rated the best skins, but they are certainly good enough to warrant spending money on.
  • B -Tier – these are skins that we would describe as being average. They just do not have the glitz or the cool factor of the A- and S-Tier skins, although you might find one or two for cheap.

Before we go onto our list, you should bear in mind that this is our subjective tier system. You might find that you are drawn to one of the lower-tier skins or that the skins we consider the best really aren’t up to much at all.

So, factoring all that in, let’s delve into Octane’s skins and see which ones rank at the top, along with our reasons why.

B-Tier Skins – Average Skins For Octane


This first skin is a novelty one that might raise a smile when you first purchase, but actually doesn’t come with that many amazing attributes. As you can see, this was a seasonal skin that recreates Octane as one of Santa’s fastest reindeer.

This skin has come and gone in recent years, making reappearances in 2020 and 2021.

However, apart from the comedy aspect, there is not that much to this skin and we can’t imagine anyone would want to take this into the combat arena outside of the holiday season.

Sonic Boom

We think that this one is the coolest looking, coming with blue and pink trim that looks amazing, but little else. This has been a popular skin with players since it came out in the Aftermarket event during Season 3.

This skin has made an appearance yet again, mostly due to its popularity with the players. This skin does not come with that many great animations and you might find yourself wondering why you spent so much money on it.

Wild Speed

A lot of Octane skins are associated with speed and this one is no different. This comes in the form of a cheetah, the fastest animal in all of the Sahara. This is a great-looking skin, but we found that the novelty factor soon wore off.

That’s not to say that this skin doesn’t have a great color scheme. This skin was released as a limited edition as part of the Championship sale during season 9 of Apex Legends, however, it is making a comeback in January 2023.

A-Tier Skins – Good Octane Skins


Aside from the pun-tastic name, this skin gives Octane that unique look that you can be sure will draw some attention from your fellow players. This suggests a character that is going to burst out at you at any moment.

This comes with a vintage feel that we thought perfectly suited Octane, almost transporting him back in time. This is a steampunk-style skin, which is great for a fan of this kind of genre. This is now available as a bundle, which was released in 2022.

Fast Fashion

If Octane was ever to hit the dance floor or the catwalk, then this is what he would wear, for sure. Coming with a stylish blue and yellow patterned design, this outfit conveys sophistication and class, which is not what you might often associate with this character.

What we liked about this skin was the streamlined look, with the punky blue hair and the goggles that we all associate with Octane. This was rereleased with a black and red design in 2022, renamed Overdrive.

Riding Dirty

With a name that sounds like a stripper from Coyote Ugly, it is hard not to raise an eyebrow when you see this skin. This is a gladiatorial costume, with luminous green spikes on the side and a wicked all-in-one helmet.

This was released as part of the Winter collection event in season 12 and has been a fan favorite ever since.

We would recommend this outfit for outdoor forest combat, as it allows you to blend in with your surroundings – if it is possible for Octane to blend in at all!

El Tigre

El Tigre

This skin is a reconfiguring of a previous Octane skin that was deep green and called the Jade Tiger. This comes with a cool mask that is eye-catching and will make your version of Octane stand out from all of the others.

This has augmented parts of the chest, head and leg plates. This comes with a vibrant color that will allow you to pick out your player in the melee. When it comes to regal warrior chic, this is a great skin to have.

S-Tier Skins – The Best Octane Skins

Extreme Measures

Combining biker fashion with high combat, Extreme Measures is one of the most electrifying items of clothing. This suit really suits Octane, coming in a purple and yellow combo that symbolizes fast movement and speed.

This is a premium skin, which means that you have to hand over more of your credits, but that does not mean that it isn’t an amazing skin to have.

The best part of this skin is how unique it is, so if you are a completist, then you should have it in your collection.

Arachnoid Rush

This skin will really put chills up your spine, and with cold, piercing white eyes, it will resemble something that is not human. The fact that this skin is not rare will be somewhat of a drawback for most players, as they will want their character to be unique.

Some of the features that we enjoy on this suit are the claw design on the upper arms and the fact that Octane’s shoulders have been widened out. But no matter how much they bulk him up, the original character model of Octane still shines through.

Peak Performance

With an amazing look that looks both heroic and villainous at the same time, this skin takes the top spot for our favorite Octane skins. This comes with so many fins and spikes, that it makes Octane look like a human landmine.

The colors are also amazing for this skin, coming with orange spikes on the shoulders and the forearms. This makes Octane look like a dangerous deep-sea fish!

This is also quite a rare skin, so if you see a player using it, then you know that they mean serious business.

Who Is Octane?

Octane has a very colorful and lively history within the Apex Legends universe, combining his quick wits with even quicker speed on the field.

This character was the son of the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals, performing stunts and recording them on holovids for his fans. However, when he destroyed both his legs with a grenade, he needed to find another method of seeking thrills.

This is when he asked his friend Ajay Che to replace his old legs with bionic ones. Granted with newfound speed, he decided to enter the Apex games, seeking to use his newfound fast-paced fighting style to become the overall champion.

He has the passive ability of swift mend, which means that he can heal and repair himself much more quickly than a lot of other characters. However, Octane’s best ability is to use the launch pad to get him across great distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Previous Octane Skins From The Apex Legends Store?

There are certain skins that might still be available, but they are always changing to make certain skins rarer and more specific to a certain tournament or event.

Respawn has announced that it will release certain season 11 battle pass skins that will be made available as part of certain battle-specific packs in the future, although the specific date has not been mentioned yet.

What Tactical Abilities Does Octane Have?

Octane has the tactical ability to stim, which will allow him to run at a 40% faster pace for a total of 6 seconds. This will cost you 20 health, so make sure that you use it wisely and that you have decent health when you activate it.

Stim will help you to dodge attacks and will come in handy during melees. You can also use this ability to quickly escape the scene, which is very important if you are under attack from all sides.

Why Should I Use Stim?

There are a few different reasons why you’ll want to use Octane’s stim ability. You can use this to cover large amounts of the map and scout enemy positions. This will also allow you to keep your teammates safe from the line of fire.

However, you should make sure that you do not use stim that often, a stim will create a lot of noise that will alert your enemies. You should only use this when you are a safe distance away or you do not need to worry about too much noise.

What Is Octane’s Launchpad Ability?

Using your launchpad ability will help to propel you either out of danger or to another side of the map. Use this ability tactically and make sure you practice outside of battle.


We hope that our guide to Octane skins gives you a better idea of how you can kit out your favorite fast-paced fighting fiend.

Remember that the skins do not change the fighting ability of your avatar, so do not purchase a skin because you think it will make you faster or stronger.

Ashley Newby