What Are The Best Skins For Ezreal In League Of Legends? – His Best Skins Ranked 2022

Ezreal is one of the best carriers in League Of Legends. Landing in 2012, he is a great player for laying down serious skill shots.

He is one of the most popular characters and gains a top-level power strike during the middle of the game (sadly tapering off at the end).

What Are The Best Skins For Ezreal In League Of Legends? – His Best Skins Ranked 2022

If you are fighting with your team, then you can be sure that you can fight with Ezreal without him suffering from any serious damage, although you might have to protect him or drop him back towards the end of your match.

But what about skins? The great thing about Ezreal is that he has plenty of skins that you can choose from. But which are the best ones and which are the worst? Well, we’re going to rank Ezreal’s skins, so you know which ones to spend your RP on.

Ezreal’s Best Skins

We’re going to divide up Ezreal’s skin selection based on the tier system that he has been allocated.

D-Tier Skins – The Worst Ezreal Skins

Frosted Ezreal

This is one of the cheaper skins that you can get for Ezreal, and we can see why. This was released in 2010 and is simply a bad rebrand of the original Ezreal skin. This doesn’t even come with any additional VFX that would bring Ezreal to life.

This one only cost 520 RP, and you do not really get that much for your money.

The gold trims are the only saving grace of this skin, but if you want something a bit grander, then we would recommend that you save your credit for something a little better.

Nottingham Ezreal

Robin Hood surely is a classic tale, but is it suitable for Ezreal? This is a neat concept but poorly executed. It comes in the same price range as Frosted Ezreal, and it seems like the same amount of effort has gone into the design.

This really skimps on the additional animation, so don’t expect to be dazzled by this skin. We feel that this skin makes Ezreal look like some cheap bandit rather than the badass he really is. All in all, this is a skin that we would urge people to avoid.

Ace Of Spades Ezreal

This one is a slightly more expensive skin (you’ll be shelling out 750 RP for Ace Of Spades Ezreal), but sadly the greater price tag doesn’t come with any new features or effects, so you’ll really feel short-changed.

This is not a great character model, with barely any VFX to make it stand out from the crowd. We think that there was a shortage of coffee in the League Of Legends character modeling office when they dreamt up this one.

C-Tier Skins – Skins To Avoid

TPA Ezreal

This character model slightly elevates itself above some of the others as we found it a super-cool reinterpretation of the character. It is also a little bit cheaper than some of the other skins, so if you are desperate, then you might want to invest 750 RP.

However, this skin does not have some of the bells and whistles as some of the other skins that we mention later in the article do. This has no additional animations or VFX, which results in a skin that quite simply fails to impress.

Striker Ezreal

Seeing Ezreal as a world-class football player is a cool spin on the character. The plus points of this skin are the novelty, the fact that it was specially released for the World Cup in 2010 and the fact that it is very rare.

Apart from this, there is little else to say about this skin. It is a bit cheaper than a lot of the other skins, but you do not really get a lot for your credit. The character model doesn’t look that great and this skin will only really appeal to Ezreal completists.

Debonair Ezreal

Personally, we always thought that Ezreal was one of the more debonair characters, but we guess League Of Legends really wanted to hammer the point home with this skin.

One of the few perks of this skin is the fact that it comes with 8 chromas, so you can change the color to suit your liking. This comes at a decent price of 750 RP, so if you have some spare credit in the coffers, then this is a great one to add to the collection.

However, the skin is very drab as a whole, feeling quite outdated when placed next to some of the more recent skins.

Explorer Ezreal

This skin is slightly more interesting, drawing on a much more dynamic color palette that certainly makes Ezreal look a little more dashing.

This also comes at a better price point, so if you want to broaden your Ezreal palate, why not add this skin to your collection? The cool thing about this skin is that it comes with a new character model.

However, that’s where the diversity ends. This skin does not come with any additional VFX or animation. If you get this akin in a loot box, you should consider this a good find.

B-Tier – Average Skins You Might Want

PsyOps Ezreal

Now we have a skin that really throws Ezreal into the future. This is a very cool skin, coming with a bunch of sound effects and animations that really make this character stand out. However, be prepared to spend 1350 RP on this skin.

We found that the character model was not that good-looking, which is what prevents us from placing this one in the upper tiers. The fact is that there are cooler skins that you can get for cheaper, making this skin distinctly middle-of-the-road.

Pajama Guardian Ezreal

We’ll be honest and say that this skin took us aback as we really feel that it doesn’t suit Ezreal’s character model. This is one for people who want a cuter Ezreal, rather than someone who wants a kickass Ezreal.

Over time, this one has gone up in our estimations because of how quirky it is. Sometimes you have to approach an old character from a completely new angle.

However, we will recommend you opt for Star Guardian if you want to combine cuteness and coolness.

A-Tier – Really Good Skins

Porcelain Protector Ezreal

When it comes to radical and innovative skins for Ezreal, we found that this skin was one of the best. This comes with a cool character model, dynamic animations and sound effects that are out-of-this-world.

This skin is one of the more expensive ones, but we would certainly recommend that you save up your credit and invest in it. Once on the battlefield, nothing will inspire more fear in your opponents than the Porcelain Protector.

Prestige PsyOps Ezreal

Prestige PsyOps Ezreal

If you want to go for the upper level of the PsyOps skin, then you should invest in the prestige version. This comes with a gold trim that really suits Ezreal’s golden floppy hair. This comes with great animation and sound effects.

This skin is another one that is not cheap, but you do get a lot for what you pay for. If you have leveled up your character, why not show how powerful you are by investing in a skin to match your amazing abilities?

Star Guardian Ezreal

If you want to combine quirky with cool, then the star guardian outfit is simply incredible. With cool amulets and wings, you can’t deny that Ezreal looks the coolest when he is dressed like this.

This skin comes with amazing animations that really elevate it beyond all the other skins that have come before. For the Ezreal connoisseurs, they’ll want this skin in their arsenal, it really shows off his classy side!

SSG Ezreal

This next skin was released to celebrate SSG winning the Worlds competition in 2017. This skin is simple, with Ezreal dressed up in the classic SSG outfit. This skin is known for its rarity, which is a reason to pick it up.

This will cost you around 1350 RP, but it is worth the price for the amazing character model that really puts a different spin on Ezreal. The blue coat and hood give him that edge that a lot of the other skins don’t. We prefer showcasing the darker side of Ezreal!

Arcade Ezreal

If you prefer a more fun and retro-futuristic look for Ezreal, then we would certainly recommend this skin. It comes with a chunky button gauntlet and great sound effects that will transport you back to the era of arcade machines and Game Boys.

While this might not look as good as some of the Arcade skins for other characters, it certainly comes head and shoulders above the other skins assigned to Ezreal. This is an amazing skin that brings Ezreal into the 20th Century.

S-Tier – The Best Ezreal Skins

Pulsefire Ezreal

This skin has been around for nearly a decade now, but that has not diminished that it is still one of the coolest looking for Ezreal. This comes with some incredible animations, including a pulsing gun that has detachable parts.

This will cost you a mighty 3250 RP, but if you are a dedicated League Of Legends fan, then it might be worth storing up your credit.

This is a top level of skin and everyone knows it. If you want to convey professionalism on the battlefield, then choose Pulsefire Ezreal!

Battle Academia Ezreal

If you are looking for an affordable skin with some amazing animations and splash art, then the Battle Academia skin will be ideal for you. This comes with an anime style that we think really suits Ezreal’s character.

This will only set you back 1820 RP, which is why it has made the best skins list. Wheeling this one out in battle will certainly turn some heads. This skin comes with great sound effects that will make you feel invincible.

Who Is Ezreal?

Ezreal is one of the more cunning players in the League Of Legends. This is a character who uses his wits to get out of any situation. Improvisation and winging it is how Ezreal manages to escape danger time and time again.

This character is one of the most popular in the League Of Legends, coming with a handy gauntlet that he uses to vanquish enemies. This character comes with a quiff of blonde hair with piercing blue eyes.

He has a leather jacket that barely fits over his body, although some versions of this come with a fur lining that is deep blue. He is a colorful character that often demands attention from everyone around him.

Wherever Ezreal is, usually trouble is not too far behind. He likes to pick locks and gain access to places where he knows he is not allowed.

What Are Ezreal’s Powers And Abilities?

Ezreal is magicborn, which means that he has always been able to wield a small amount of power. However, Ezreal doesn’t have a high level of magic ability, he rather relies on his gauntlet as a shortcut to accessing his magic abilities.

Here is a list of Ezreal’s powers that you can use in the game:

  • Arcane projection – This ability allows Ezreal to shoot blue energy bullets from his gauntlet that usually take the form of arrows. Whether Ezreal can control the strength of these projectiles is unclear.
  • Short-range teleportation – Leaving some yellow sparkles behind, Ezreal can use his gauntlet to transport himself across short distances. He can teleport at least a few meters away, which is very handy when it comes to dodging attacks from enemies.
  • Arcane blast – this is the more potent version of the arcade projectiles that we listed above. This requires a little bit more focus, but you can tell that he’s achieved this when a yellow half-moon shape appears.

Ezreal is also granted extremely high intelligence, allowing him to understand quite complicated ideas and help him think of a way out of situations quickly.

This attribute certainly helps him out of a sticky situation although he does not always use this gift for good. Ezreal can also think quickly and get himself out of situations much faster than other characters.

This ingenuity will translate into much faster actions on the battlefield.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is Ezreal At His Strongest?

Ezreal is generally at his strongest at levels 1, 2 and 6, with his power spikes being Sheen, Manamune and Divine Sunderer. He will scale very well and usually reaches his strongest during the middle of the game.

Does Ezreal Work Better In A Team Fight?

A: Generally, Ezreal fights best in 1-on-1 attacks, but if you are playing a 5-on-5 game, then you should put Ezreal near the back and only make him a priority when trying to do damage on a larger character.


If Ezreal is your favorite League Of Legends character, it is important that you know how to dress him for every occasion. We hope our list of skins gives you a better idea of which to spend your hard-earned RP on.

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