What Are The Hidden Missions In Hot Wheels Unleashed And How Can I Find Them?

Hot Wheels Unleashed has been rightly lauded as one of the best games that you can get on the market, with people praising it as an innovative racer with plenty of thrills and replayability.

What Are The Hidden Missions In Hot Wheels Unleashed And How Can I Find Them?

But if you have played this game, then you might have heard about the secret missions. Hot Wheels have figured out that secret missions give you a reason to keep playing a game.

This game comes with 9 secret missions overall and each one is equally difficult to find. They require you to complete certain tasks before you can unlock them. So how can you gain access to these hidden missions?

What are the names of these missions? How can you successfully complete them all to gain your prize? Well, for all the info on Hot Wheels Unleashed’s hidden tracks, then keep reading.

What Is Hot Wheels Unleashed?

This is a game based on Hot Wheels toys and operates on much the same principle. You can build your own tracks and then race a series of cars on them.

There are numerous settings you can choose from, from an opulent living room to a garage to a construction site. The great thing about this game is the physics engine.

All the surfaces in this game look incredibly real and you really will believe that you are racing a miniature car.

There are plenty of prizes and rewards that you can complete in Hot Wheels Unleashed, one of the main ones being the 9 secret tracks that you have to unlock.

What Are The 9 Secret Tracks In Hot Wheels Unleashed?

You might have already unlocked some of these tracks early in the game, but you might not have all of the prerequisites that you need to complete the track.

Don’t worry, the mission will give you everything that you need to know to complete each course.

When you complete all 9 of these missions, then you will be awarded one of the 5 secret cars in the game: the Oldsmobile 442. This car is one of the fastest cars, with the speed bar maxed out.

It also had fantastic braking and handling ability, making it a very sought-after unlockable prize.

What Are The 9 Hot Wheels Secret Missions?

Each one of these missions comes with a name and a hint about how to complete the course. In our run-down of each secret, we’ll basically translate the hint and tell you what you need to do to unlock the course.

Unsolved Mystery

The hint for this mission is: complete the Amazing Driver course with a Motosaurus in City Rumble. To get the Motosaurus vehicle, you must complete all of the tracks leading east in City Rumble.

Hidden From View

The hint for this mission is: End the winged monster’s reign of terror. This means that all you have to do is complete the Jurassic Predator race with a car of your choosing.

Hidden To Most

If you have reached the Snow Pilot boss and defeated it with any car, then you’ll have unlocked this course. The hint cryptically reads: Defeat the one that reigns the ice.


The hint for this mission is: defeat the four bosses to take on the challenge. To unlock this course, all you must do is defeat 4 bosses with any car.

Can You Keep A Secret?

Before you take on this challenge, read the hint: The legend says that a restless ghost blocks access to this path. What could this mean? Well, once you have completed the Ghost Seekers boss race, then you will be granted access to this prize.

Secret Unveiled

The hint for this course reads: Complete Reckless Driving in City Rumble with Bone Shaker. All you need to do to get the Bone Shaker is win the Ghost Seekers boss race.

Top Secret

The hint for this mission is: Complete The Best in City Rumble with Buns of Steel. You can unlock Buns Of Steel by collecting rewards at the end of any City Rumble Street.

However, you still need to have completed the Secrets Unveiled mission to gain access to this course.


The basic criterion for this mission is that you have to complete the Top Secret task. Once you have done this, then you can gain access to the prize.

Tell No-One

The hint for this final mission is very strange and does not reveal much: Wake up, it’s late! Today is your first day, you’ll miss the school bus!

But all you must do to gain access to this is complete the Journey Begins mission with a Hot Wheels School bus. You can gain this vehicle through limited offers within the game.

Once you have completed all these tasks, then you will receive the Oldsmobile 442 car. This car looks fantastic, handles very well and, most importantly, goes really, really fast.

Check out some YouTube videos of this car performing, and you can see it for yourself. Here are the stats of the Oldsmobile 442:

  • Speed: Max
  • Braking Power: 4 bars
  • Acceleration: 5 bars
  • Handling: 3 bars
  • Boost: 4 bars


We hope that our guide to some of the secret tracks in Hot Wheels has given you the incentive to complete every aspect of this game. That is why Hot Wheels is so playable and has players returning to it again and again.

Ashley Newby