What Does FF Mean in Gaming?

In the context of online gaming, especially when it comes to team games that require players to make their moves simultaneously in real-time, fast and effective communication is key.

What Does FF Mean in Gaming?

This means that abbreviations are commonly used in-game to speed up the process. 

Unfortunately, the thing about abbreviations is that they can get confusing, especially for beginners, and particularly when a single abbreviation can be used to mean multiple things. 

If you’ve come across the abbreviation ‘FF’ whilst gaming and don’t know what it means, don’t worry!

We’re going to explain every possible meaning of FF in gaming to help you understand your fellow players better in future. 

Without further ado, let’s find out what FF means in gaming. 

What Does FF Mean In Gaming 


The most common usage of FF in gaming stands for ‘forfeit’. When you see this in chat, it means that you are being asked to surrender during a match.

This is not a good sign and probably means that the match isn’t going well for your team.

Forfeiting is a concept that is well understood in games like League of Legends, which allows teams to vote among themselves at least 15 minutes into a match regarding whether or not they will surrender or continue to play until defeat. 

Some reasons why a team may vote to FF or forfeit before the end of a match include feeling that forfeiting is a more dignified end to the game or because one or more team members are experiencing technical issues.

In some games, if you leave a match without forfeiting, you can be penalized, so it’s best to forfeit in these situations. 

With that being said, there are a couple of other potential meanings of the abbreviation FF in game situations, so before you take FF to mean forfeit in all contexts going forward, read on to find out what else these letters could mean. 

Friendly Fire 

After ‘forfeit’, the second most common meaning of FF in gaming is ‘friendly fire’.

While ‘friendly fire’ might seem like a bit of an oxymoron, what it actually means is that you’re being shot at (presumably accidentally) by members of your own team. 

In fast-paced battlefield games, it’s easy for players to become disoriented and stressed, which sometimes results in friendly fire.

If you find yourself being shot at in-game and a fellow team member uses ‘FF’ in a context that doesn’t make sense for forfeiting, they could be letting you know that the person shooting at you is on your own team, meaning that you shouldn’t engage. 

However, in certain games such as Call of Duty 3, players are now able to respond to friendly fire.

For example, Call of Duty players now have the option of either forgiving or punishing the teammate who shot at them, adding higher stakes to the game when it comes to accuracy.

In other versions of Call of Duty, such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, players can be kicked off the server if they kill 3 members of their team. 

Since friendly fire comes with potential punishments and even removal from the game, it’s important for teams to communicate amongst themselves if they notice this, and since these are often fast-paced battle situations, abbreviating ‘friendly fire’ to FF makes sense.

Final Fantasy 

Now, if you’re not actively playing a match and you see someone use the abbreviation FF, you might be confused.

After all, ‘friendly fire’ and ‘forfeit’ don’t make sense as commands if you’re not in the middle of a game. 

So what else could FF mean in the context of gaming if you’re not currently playing?

Well, if you’re having a conversation with another player about other games, for example, it’s possible that they’re using FF as an abbreviation for Final Fantasy. 

Most people who enjoy gaming have heard of Final Fantasy, but in case you’re not familiar, Final Fantasy is a Japanese role-playing game franchise.

In fact, it’s considered by experts to be the most popular and successful JRPG, so it’s no wonder it’s talked about so much in the gaming community. 

Given the popularity of Final Fantasy, it’s quite likely to come up in discussions about people’s favorite games, so if you’re having these kinds of conversations and see ‘FF’ come up, there’s a high probability that Final Fantasy is being referenced. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does FF Mean Surrender?

FF means ‘surrender’ because it stands for ‘forfeit’, and these two words are synonymous. Although the abbreviation FF is based on the word ‘forfeit’, many players still refer to this as a surrender instead.

When Can You FF In League of Legends?

You must wait until 20 minutes into the game before forfeiting in League of Legends.

Additionally, four out of the five members on the team need to vote ‘yes’ to FF for the team to be able to forfeit.

If more than one player votes ‘no’, the game must continue. In this situation, on Summoner’s Rift, another vote cannot be called for another 3 minutes.

What does FF Mean in Valorant?

In Valorant, an FF or a forfeit is referred to as an ‘Early Surrender’. This is the same principle as simply surrendering or forfeiting the game, it’s just that Valorant uses the words ‘Early Surrender’ in the rules. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many possible meanings of FF in gaming. FF could mean ‘forfeit,’ ‘friendly fire,’ or ‘Final Fantasy’. 

Whilst the multiple meanings of FF in gaming can be confusing, the intended meaning behind the abbreviation can usually be determined by context. 

If a match is going very badly for your team, an ‘FF’ is probably a call to vote for forfeit. If you’re being shot at but your team isn’t losing by a significant margin, it could mean ‘friendly fire’.

If you’re having a conversation about other games with another player, FF probably stands for Final Fantasy.

Ashley Newby