What Is Guild Esports?

Guild Esports is a new and emerging leader in esports and gaming entertainment. They offer competitive and cooperative gameplay across multiple genres on console, mobile, PC, VR, and AR platforms.

What Is Guild Esports

Its mission is to provide a fun, safe, and fair experience for all gamers.

They achieve this by striving to deliver quality experiences through events, leagues, media, and technology. In this article, we will pick apart Guild Esports so that you have a better understanding of the industry as a whole.

Guild Esports is new to the scene, but with David Beckham backing it, we expect its rise to international dominance to be a swift one. 

What Is Guild Esports?

Guild Esports is a UK-based esports company founded in 2019 and co-owned by David Beckham. Guild Esports launched globally in June 2020 and is the first esports firm to become publicly traded in the UK. 

Guild players are highly trained in their careers. Viewers are introduced to esports by their favorite creators and figures. Guild is expanding rapidly and plans to bring in even more fans.

What Is the History Of Guild Esports?

Guild Esports is a new esports company backed by David Beckham that launched in 2020. David Beckham is an ex-professional footballer who played for Manchester United.

Their first venture was a club based in London called the David Beckham Football Academy. 

They had an IPO and raised $30 million. They were criticized for listing without having a team or players. In addition, they started as a soccer-only organization but later added other games such as League of Legends and Rocket League. 

David Beckham doesn’t get paid by the company he owns a share in. Instead, he gets the chance to be on the board of directors and help run the business. He also gets to attend events and meet fans.

What Are Some Guild Esports Teams?

Find out four of the most popular teams within Guild Sports Below. 

1. Fortnite

Guild Esports’ Fortnite roster consists of Hen, TaySon, Flikk, Anas, and JannisZ. These five players have been together since the start of the game.

They’ve won many tournaments, including the FNCS Championship Series, the FNCS Invitational, and the FNCS Chapter 2 season finals.

Their notable achievements include winning the FNCS chapter 2 season 5 tournament, the FNCS chapter 1 season 3 tournament, and the FNC S Invitational: Chapter 2 season 2 tournament.

A lot of people love this game because it is very fun and challenging. You must be careful when you play this game as there are many traps and dangers.

If you get caught by them, you lose your life. If you want to win this game, then you need to think carefully about every move you make. Good luck!

2. Valorant

Swedish players dominate Valorant. Their roster includes Bonkar, Leo, Yacine, and Sayf. Draken was recently removed from the team.

This person has been very successful in video games, but he hasn’t made much money yet. He has achieved some notable results in video games, but still needs more time to make more money.

3. Rocket League

Guild’s Rocket League roster is one of the best in esports. Their players include Joseph “noly” Kidd, Thomas “ThO” Binkhorst, David “Deevox” Morrow, Mike “Gregan” Ellis (Coach), and more. 

This team is very strong and is often seen in the top five or six teams in Europe. They were recently 5th at the EUCS finals, winning 32K euro.

This player was the winner of the RLCS spring regional event 3. He also placed third in the RLCS spring major tournament. He earned over $100,000 in prize money. 

What Is The Future For Guild Esports?

What Is The Future For Guild Esports

Guild Esports is trying to create an academy system for esports similar to those of Premier League football teams. Players are taught basic skills and then given opportunities to play professionally.

The organization runs training camps, tournaments, and expert guidance. The guild also drops collections every month, with the latest being the Core collection.

Guild fans have learned to expect great things from them, and as operations grow, Guild Esports is committed to maintaining a standard of excellence that enhances the legitimacy of our industry. 

The next few years are full to the brim with surprises, reveals, and exciting announcements from Guild. So it suffices to say that it’s a good time to be a fan of Guild Esports. 

What Is The Guild Academy?

Guild looks to England’s premier league as a way to make their mark. Their academy focuses on the physical health of players while also raising the bar for excellence.

Guild’s approach is holistic and calibrated and includes both physical and mental training. Guild looks to recruit established talent but also takes time to scout potential recruits.

The Guild Academy was designed for budding Esports stars from an early age, this academy system closely models proven sports academy systems.

It was also inspired by the soccer academies set up by some of the biggest football teams in the world. It was created by two entrepreneurs who were big fans of esports and wanted to help young people get into it.

Did Guild Esports Just Sign Nihachu?

Nihachu is a young gamer who loves to create videos. Her channel has over 6 million subscribers and over 5 billion views.

She joined Guild Esports because there were a lot of opportunities for her to grow as a content creator. She wants to work with great people and make high-quality content for Guild fans.


Esports organizations are growing in popularity because people love watching other people play video games.

Content creators are joining these organizations because they want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

People who watch esports know about these organizations, but many do not understand how big they really are.

We hope this article was a useful one that enabled you to get a better understanding of Guild Esports and its exciting future ahead.

Ashley Newby