What Is KP In Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a game that has become extremely popular since it was initially released, with players and streamers alike flooding to play the ever popular battle royale game.

If you’re new to the game, it can be quite intimidating, however, as there’s a lot to learn! New players have to get to grips with the various weapons, ammo types, and abilities of the Legends you can play as.

What Is KP In Apex Legends

So, if you want to get good at Apex Legends quickly, there’s a lot to learn!

Another difficult aspect for new players is the terminology they have to learn! One example of such terminology is KP!

A lot of terms used in Apex Legends transfer over from some of the other battle royale-style games out there, but KP is a term that is totally new!

So if you’re confused about what KP means in Apex Legends, or what it does, then we’ll explain everything you need to know!

What Is KP In Apex Legends?

Before we discuss what KP means, it’s important that a new player understands how the ranked system works in Apex Legends.

The ranked battle royale mode in Apex Legends is the game’s very own competitive mode and features skill-based matchmaking so that you can compete against players who have been ranked at a similar skill level to your own.

The more you play, the more you’re likely to progress and climb up the ranks in order to face off against higher skilled opposition. Throughout the ranked seasons, you also have the ability to earn rewards for playing and increasing your rank. 

After each match in your ranked placement matches, you are rewarded with RP (Ranked Points), the amount of RP you receive is based upon how well you did in the match, as well as the number of kills you managed to obtain in the match too.

Depending where you find yourself on the leaderboard come the end of the match, you can earn anywhere from 10 to 100 RP, with an extra 10 RP gifted for every kill or assist you manage in the match. 

This extra RP from kills or assists is capped at 60 RP, but it is then multiplied by what is known as the KP – or the Kill Points. So the KP in Apex Legends is the abbreviation for Kill Points.

So the higher up the placements you finish, especially in the top 10, then the higher amount of extra RP you are able to earn per kill.

The maximum multiplier you are able to achieve in Apex Legends is capped at 6 kills or assists. Which means that throughout your ranked games, your objective should be to try to maximize the multiplier as much as possible.

Whether you decide to do this early on in your matches, or leave it to the late game, is entirely up to you, both strategies have their pros and cons, but it’s down to what suits your playing style best. 

Aggressive play in the beginning is a great way of trying to get the drop on other players and maximize your multiplier, however some may prefer to be patient in the beginning of the game, ensuring that they get themselves good equipment, and then make use of the close quarters combat that occurs as the game comes to an end. 

What Is RP Used For?

RP isn’t just used for ranking in Apex Legends, it’s also used as an entry fee prior to a game too, with different tiered skill levels costing different amounts to play in.

Remember, you can only play in the tier that you are ranked in, no matter how much RP you have to spend. 

What Is KP In Apex Legends

See below to see how much it costs to participate in each tier:

Rookie Tier

Firstly is the rookie tier, which is free to enter, and is designed for new players to be able to get used to the game’s mechanics, weapons, and various other features, no rewards are granted for playing it however, so it’s more of a training tier.

You also don’t get demoted or have your rank reset after a season or split in this mode either. 

Bronze Tier

The lowest of all of the ranked tiers, the Bronze tier is also the cheapest to enter, costing between 15-24RP to enter. 

Silver Tier

The next tier up is Silver tier, which is also relatively low cost to enter, with entry coming in at 27-36RP.

Gold Tier

Gold tier is where things tend to become slightly more expensive, with entry costing between 39-48RP. 

Platinum Tier

The Platinum tier and the tiers that follow are where you’ll find the more serious Apex Legends players (see also ‘How To Play Apex Legends‘). Entry in this tier costs 51-60RP.

Diamond Tier

A steady increase on Platinum’s cost, the Diamond tier costs 63-72RP to play.

Master Tier

The ultimate tier, the cost per game is 75RP. But in addition to this, for every 1,000RP you find yourself over the Master tier threshold, your game entry will cost an additional 5RP. 

Why Is KP Important In Apex Legends?

So now that you know what the RP you earn in a game is used for in Apex Legends, you soon realize just how important it is to prioritize maximizing your KP as much as possible in a match.

This is especially important when you realize that if you spend RP on entering a match, and then get killed relatively early on into the match, then you can actually earn less RP than what you originally spent.

Your RP also ensures you remain in your tier, so if you lose too much RP, or someone gains more than you, you may also be demoted to the tier below you. 

Ashley Newby