What Is The Best Akali Skin In League of Legends? Every Skin Tier List

Akali is one of the most picked assassins in League of Legends. Although her place in the meta has changed over the years, she is a beloved legend and one of the coolest-looking models in the game.

What Is The Best Akali Skin In League of Legends? Every Skin Tier List

She is a versatile, mobile mid-laner who can totally carry games if you play her right, but the skills and muscle memory required to master her can take a long time to pick up. 

However, one thing that you can do to make yourself stand out when you’re next on the Summoner’s Rift is to get your Akali kitted out with a cool skin.

Akali was first released in May of 2010, so there are a lot of skins for you to choose from. But picking the right one can be difficult! How can you be sure that you’ll like it a few weeks from now? Which of her skins really is worth the money?

 If these questions are running across your mind as you look over the League of Legends store, then don’t panic! You’ve come to the right place.

In this article we’re going to give you a total breakdown of every single Akali skin, ranking them from S down to D tier.. 

Akali, The Rogue Assasin – Short Overview

Akali is a Champion in Riot’s MOBA League of Legends. She is an assassin who is played in either top or mid-lane—though she has seen the most play in mid-lane by players.

With a shroud, assassin’s mark, lots of AD damage, and an execution as her ultimate, she is the perfect champion to arrive late to team fights and clean up with a high amount of damage and mobility. 

Akali was released in 2010, and has a number of skins that you can purchase for her in-game. Each skin also comes with a large list of different chromas that give some good variations to how she appears on the rift.

With so many skins, it can be difficult to pick the right one for you. In the following sections, we’re going to give you a tier list of each skin, taking into account general esthetic, special animations, and the artwork associated with them. 

Of course, some of the opinions expressed below will be subject to personal taste, but we hope to give a rounded view of each skin so that you can get a good understanding of which one is the best value for money. So let’s get right into it, starting with D tier. 

D Tier – Bottom Skins For Akali 

Original Akali – Free And default With The champion

First up we have the original Akali. Her base skin doesn’t have too much positive going for it. The overall aesthetic of her character is that of a ninja assassin, and she looks good enough.

Although her base skin has been updated since 2010 original, it suffers from the same problems that a lot of the older skins do—it just doesn’t have too much crazy going on, nor is it as detailed as more modern champion models. 

Nurse Akali – 975 Riot Points

Next up we have nurse Akali, which was the first Akali skin added to the game. It’s not a badly designed skin, but it is very basic.

It simply features Akali in a nurse’s uniform with blue weapons.

The animations are a little cooler, featuring a syringe instead of her usual dagger to mark enemies.

The general color scheme for this skin is blue, which can be quite helpful as it’s distinctive in the middle of team fights. 

We would say that this is a good skin if you have some spare RP lying around and want to add further to your Akali collection.

There are a few different chromas you can get for this skin including orange/white, deep red, and finally red and white. 

C Tier – Low-Mid Tier Skins For Akali

Sashimi Akali – 750 Riot Points 

Every champion in the game has a joke skin, and this one is a light-hearted one for Akali based on the idea of a Sashimi chef.

It might not be the most ferocious skin on our list, but it is well-designed and has a whimsical, distinctive look.

It features a blue outfit, striking red hair, and a sashimi blade.

The only reason it’s not in D tier is because of its unique theme that stands apart from other more edgy Akali skins. Also, it’s only 750 RP which means it won’t cost you too much. 

B Tier – Mid-Tier Skins For Akali 

Blood Moon Akali – 975 Riot Points 

For our first skin in B Tier, we have Blood Moon Akali. This is a skin that was released in 2011, but its age really doesn’t show all that much.

The design of this skin is a blood moon assassin with a mask and lots of red, bloody animations.

The mask placed on her head is probably the coolest part of this one, as well as the animations that feature a blue dagger over the head of a marked enemy.

While it doesn’t have anything to make it an A or S-tier skin, it looks awesome and the artwork is stunning. 

A Tier – Just Below Top Skins For Akali 

Silverfang Akali – 975 Riot Points

For a 975 RP skin, this is incredible. Silverfang Akali comes with one of the coolest designs you can find, with a change of weapon and a white/blue color combination.

While it doesn’t have anything that really makes it rise to be an S-tier skin, it’s a great variation and will help you to stand out when you’re on the rift. 

K/DA Akali – 1350 Riot Points 

Looking for a more futuristic, neon version of Akali? If this is the case then check out this cool K/DA Akali skin.

It was released as part of an extensive set and features some of the coolest animations in the game.

While the actual outfit might not be the coolest thing in the game, it’s what happens when Akali goes into shroud that really makes it stand out. 

Whenever she is invisible you will see her as a neon version of herself.

It looks incredible and is the reason we’ve ranked this skin so high on our list! This is a skin that many players would put in S-tier, and if that’s your opinion then we completely understand! 

Headhunter Akali – 1350 Riot Points 

For our last A Tier skin, we have headhunter Akali. This skin is a real force to be reckoned with, featuring a black and red color combination that makes you look deadly out there on the rift.

The red, glowing blades really make this skin stick out and are one of the main reasons for its 1350 RP price.

The blades also have a distinctive trail pattern that follows you as you dart around assassinating enemy champions. This is one of the best skins you can get and an absolute must for your Akali collection. 

S Tier – Top Skins For Akali 

Crime City Nightmare Akali – 1350 Riot Points

The Crime City skins are just awesome, and Akali’s is no different.

If you’re looking for a skin that will transform your main into a supervillain, then this is going to be a great pick for you! It features a complete color change in her ability set, making all her abilities a dark purple shade.

This one really evokes the idea of shadows and void energy. There are also just a lot of intricate details on this model, and we think it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something different, dark, and stylish! 

Project Akakali – 1350 Riot Points 

Looking for something futuristic AND super-edgy? This Akali skin is incredibly well-designed and features some of the most unique animations that she has.

With holographic, neon-blue hair and trailing red weapons, you’ll see that they have really attempted to make this one flashy.

What really sets this one apart is its chroma skin variations, where you can have many different colors. And really customize your Akali. 

True Damage Akali – 1350 Riot Points

What might be one of the coolest animation sets in the game, True Damage Akali is one of the ultimate skins you can get for her.

First off, we need to discuss her shroud animation—the color of the smoke is a deep blue, which contrasts incredibly with the white and orange silhouette.

It really sticks out and transforms her kit into something a lot more aesthetically pleasing. Next up are the animations attached to her auto attacks.

Each swing of her weapon creates a flashy splash of animations. And then you have her circle and dash animations, which are a vibrant, arcane shade of blue. 

In short, this is a skin that is well worth its price point, and our personal favorite. We would recommend getting this one over all of the other 1350 RP skins, providing you like the aesthetic and don’t want something a bit more traditional! 

Star Guardian Akali – 1850 Riot Points

Unfortunately for Akali players, what might be the best skin is also one of the most expensive. This 1850 skin offers you a multicolored, unique take on the dark assassin we know and love.

It’s a very detailed skin, with a combination of purples, sky blues, and pinks, making you a multicolored force of power out on the rift. 

The ability animations follow this same aesthetic, and it’s by far one of the flashiest skins we can think of.

We’ve decided to put this at the very tip top of our list as it is the perfect example of how much a skin can transform a champion in Lague of Legends. 

The chromas attached to this skin also offer some impressive versatility. You can choose from deep purple, light blue, and neon green for another burst of color.

We realize this skin might not be for everyone because of its exceptionally bright aesthetic, but if you want something that really stands out, you won’t do much better than Star Guardian Akali. 

Legacy Vault Skins

Before we finish, we wanted to give a shout-out to some of the vaulted Akali skins that are rarer to get a hold of.

They’re older versions of her model that don’t fit with the modern design of League of Legends and are only available in either bundles, through hextech crafting, or sometimes on sale through events. 

Stinger Akali 

This is the oldest Akali skin, released at the same time as the champion in May of 2010.

It features a sand-assassin kind of aesthetic and looked quite cool back in the day. It does however pale in comparison to the modern design of skins we’re used to.

Infernal Akali

This is another vaulted skin and in all honesty, it’s a shame that you can’t easily buy this one in the store.

It features a fire-elemental version of Akali and looks awesome, with horns, flaming hair, and orange weapons.

It doesn’t have the flashiest animations, but it’s a unique take on Akali which makes her seem more magical and demonic.

All-Star Akali 

The final one here is the all-star version of Akali that sees her as a soccer player. This one is really unique, straddling the line between a joke skin and something modern and cool.

It has some really unique animations and is the most expensive of the legacy skins at 975 riot points. 

Final Thoughts 

So there you have it! That was our guide on the best Akali skins you can buy on the League of Legends store.

We want to reiterate that the tier list above is just our personal preference, taking into account the prices and value for money that the skins offer you.

However, you should not consider this to be an objective or exhaustive list. In truth, the best Akali skin is going to be the one that you vibe with most. Try to choose one that best represents you as a player! 

We hope that this guide has given you some ideas for the best Akali skins in League of Legends, and you’re not more confident about which one to buy! We wish you the best of luck in your games out there on the rift, no matter what happens out there! 

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