What Is The Best Brand Skin In League Of Legends? All Brand Skins Ranked

Brand is widely considered one of the easiest champions to pick up in Riot’s MOBA game, League of Legends.

He is a simplistic mage with a few key mechanics that allow him to perform well without much mechanical skill.

What Is The Best Brand Skin In League Of Legends? All Brand Skins Ranked

This causes him to be a very common pick for mid-laners (and sometimes support). Brand can be a great place to start if you want to learn how to play a mage.

But if there’s one thing that lots of players tend to think, it’s that brand’s default skin isn’t all that great.

While it feels cool to play as a fiery ball of destruction, his design pales in comparison to some of the newer, shinier models that come attached to modern heroes.

So then, let’s say you’re thinking about purchasing a Brand Skin—the good news is that there are a lot to pick from! The bad news is that some are much better than others!

In this article, we’re going to give you a total list of every Brand skin in league of legends.

We’ll take you through each one,  giving you a detailed look at the animations, color pallets, themes, and finally our opinion on whether or not they’re worth the amount of money they cost.

We’ve also included a short FAQ to help answer any other questions you may have left over.

So let’s get right into it!

C Tier Skins 

Original Brand Skin

The default skin that comes with Brand is fairly simple. Brand is a fiery mage with molten beneath his cracked skin.

His basic skin sees him wearing nothing but a pair of tattered trousers. His kit features a selection of fiery animations, and he is a distinct champion on the rift that is easily recognizable.

There’s not much to rank about his skin here, but it is important to note the low bar we begin with

Apocalyptic Brand (750 Riot Point)

Next up we have Apocalyptic Brand that sees him as a survivor in an apocalyptic wasteland. Released in 2011, this is one of the oldest Brand skins in the game and its age really does show.

This skin looks like something from the older version of League of Legends and lacks the polish and flair of later skins.

We would recommend buying this one if you’re really interested in the apocalyptic aesthetic, or if you want something that’s not too flashy. 

Zombie Brand (Legacy Vault)

Next up we have a vaulted skin that sees Brand as a zombie. We like the change in color here, but like the previous two on our list, it doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary because of its age.

However, it is the only Brand skin that you can buy that features demonic, green fire, so if this is an aesthetic you like the idea of then it’s going to be a great choice for you.

It also features him in a very modern business suit, which is quite unique!

B Tier Skins

Vandal Brand (Legacy Vault) 

Next up we have a skin that has been inspired by biker gangs. This sees Brand in jeans, a leather jacket, and thick, spiky shoulder pads.

It doesn’t shift too much from the original design and animations – for example, you’ll still have classic orange flames to play with – but it has a distinct theme and unique look. 

Cryocore Brand (750 Riot Points)

Looking for a frosty Brand? Reminiscent of Mr. Freeze from DC comics, this is a great choice if you want a complete 180 in terms of theme and color composition.

It features blue animations, blue flames, and a sci-fi kind of aesthetic. We must say that it’s very worth the 750 RP price point, as it completely transforms Brand into something new.

The only reason this skin hasn’t nabbed a higher spot on our tier list, is that it isn’t as detailed or impressive as other, newer skins. 

A Tier Skins

Spirit Fire Brand (1350 Riot Points) 

Next up we have our first 1350 RP skin. Spiritfire Brand is an incredible addition to your collection.

Not only does it completely transform the standard orange flames into blue-purple surges of magic, but it also expands his character model to be something much more unique.

If you like the idea of a dark shaman version of Brand, then this is going to be perfect for you. The animations are all very different to other skins, and give you impressive flashes of spirits and grasping hands.

Battle Boss Brand (1350 Riot Points)

Battle Boss Brand is another premium skin that is going to completely transform the look of your favorite, fiery mage. Inspired by retro video games, battle boss brand looks a little like something out of Megaman.

The animations are retro-inspired and flashy, and his pink suit of tech armor is a welcome change to the more modest, simplistic attire of his default skin.

The only reason we won’t place this in S tier is that it’s hit or miss depending on how much you like the theme.

S Tier Skins

Arclight Brand (1350 Riot Points) 

For the first spot in our S Tier section, we have Arclight brand. This is a perfect skin to get if you’re really interested in the lore of Brand.

Arclight Brand shows a previous version of the mage, long before he was consumed by fire and hated.

Arclight brand is a great example of how well the Riot team does at adding lore into the game. As a modern skin, this has a lot of detail and is definitely worth the 1350 RP price. 

Eternal Dragon Brand (1350 Riot Points) 

Next up, we have Eternal Dragon Brand. This is the only Brand skin on the roster that has purple flames and animations and is perfect for any void-magic enthusiasts out there.

The Eternal Dragon lore here is a great addition to this skin, and we’d massively recommend it if you’re looking for something that will make you feel powerful, with flashy animations and great detail.

Debonair Brand (1350 Riot Points)

For the final spot on our list goes to Debonair Brand, another superhero-inspired skin that makes great use of flashy green colors.

We’ve placed this at the top of our S-tier list because of its impressive uniqueness.

This skin does a lot different to others, and the amount of detail will really set you apart from others when out on the rift.

Whether you would place this skin this high very much depends on your own preferences, but the sheer detail of this skin is enough to place it very high. 

How To Pick Your Perfect League Skin

In this section, we’re going to give you some tips on how to pick your perfect League of Legends Skin.

Buying virtual cosmetics in a video game can be a troubling affair – you see something, the game implores you to buy it, and within an instant, you’ve already made the payment.

This can lead you to own skins that you don’t actually want or use. However, there are ways around this – so consider these things before committing to a new League skin.

1. Is It For A Character You Play?

You’re going to want to only purchase a skin if it’s for a character you play. Let’s say you’ve just tried out a new champion for the first time.

You like them, but one day later you’re no longer interested in playing them. In this case, impulse buying a skin will just leave you with one that you will never use when out on the rift.

2. Is it Value For RP? 

The next thing you’ll have to consider is whether or not the skin you’re considering is worth the asking price.

Riot generally do quite a good job at pricing their skins correctly, but some of this is down to personal taste.

Consider if the animations, design, and artwork are worth the money you’re about to spend. 

3. Does It Fit?

Skins are the same thing as fashion, and you can consider them the same way as you would when picking an outfit.

Is the skin you’ve decided representative of the aesthetic you want to sport out there on the rift? Joke or whimsical skins can be great – but are they what you want to wear when climbing the ranked ladder? This is for you to decide, but certainly worth considering.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! That was our short tier list of some of the best Brand skins in League of Legends. We hope that this guide has given you some guidance on the best skin for you to pick.

If you still have some questions, make sure to check below for our short Frequently Asked Questions section. We wish you the best of luck in your future Brand games and hope that you get a pentakill sometime soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Chromas In League of Legends?

Chromas are alternate color dyes that you can find for certain skins in League of Legends.

They typically come in a few different color combinations and you can make use of them to further customize your skins.

They typically cost a few RP to purchase but give you some incredible options to really make your champion appear as unique to your teammates and opponents. 

How Can I Get League Skins For Free?

There are two main ways that you can obtain League Of Legends Skins for free.

The first is to be gifted by a friend. Gifting skins is a way that allows players to purchase a skin and then directly send it to another player.

Some players will exchange gifts with friends, especially if they know that they’ve had their eye on something for a while.

The second way you can get free skins is through Hextech crafting. By opening Hextech chests, you’ll be able to get dust and skin blueprints that you can eventually combine to obtain.

It might take a while of playing before you can purchase one, but it is a way you can get skins for free!

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