What Is The Best OTs 9 Loadout For Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Last Stand Reloaded?

If you ever played Call Of Duty Cold War, then you’ll certainly be aware of the incredibly versatile SMG you could use on the game – the OTs 9. 

Luckily, due to a content update, this SMG was added to Call Of Duty Warzone. For anyone that knows about this weapon, it can be one of the best to create a loadout with and you can be a seriously dangerous player. 

What Is The Best OTs 9 Loadout For Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Last Stand Reloaded?

But what is the best loadout for the OTs 9? Well, this guide aims to show you exactly what you need to know about the most effective way to use this SMG and what perks you should include. 

Read on to learn more. 

What Is The OTs 9?

It’s a good idea that we first explain what the OTs 9 actually is. Well, the weapon is not too far away from the Scorpio in terms of being an automatic and compact assault rifle but with the attributes of a submachine gun. 

The weapon itself is based on the OTS-02 Kiparis and boasts an excellent fire rate and can be very effective in close combat situations. Indeed, this is supported by its low recoil and fast handling.

It’s one of the most versatile weapons in the game with great mobility and the ability to move around with it easily.

Due to these attributes, it makes it one of the best weapons to use in an aggressive play and outthink your opponents with the use of flanking techniques. 

Of course though, this also means that this weapon is not the best choice for the open spaces of Caldera. As long as you properly use the OTs 9 in its best way such as tight, enclosed spaces – you’ll be very difficult to beat.

Despite being nerfed, it is still one of the most popular choices among players to this day. 

What Is The Best Loadout?

So, now that we know what this weapon is, let’s take a look at the best loadout for you and how you can best use the OTs 9. You will want to follow these selections:

  • Muzzle – GRU suppressor 
  • Barrel – 8.1 “ Task Force 
  • No Stock
  • Underbarrel – Field Agent Grip
  • Mag – Spetsnaz 40 round 

One of the key components to this loadout is the suppressor because it greatly improves the efficacy of the weapon. With this GRU suppressor, any shots that are fired will not be picked up as a red dot on the map. 

Of course, this means that you are less likely to be targeted in close quarters, and therefore you can continue to be as deadly as possible. It will also improve the damage range, bullet velocity and the vertical recoil. 

Next, let’s assess the Task Force barrel. It’s certainly another critical facet to this loadout because it will make the damage range far superior, making the shots more effective too.

You will also find the bullet velocity and strafe speed are significantly improved too.

When we look at the underbarrel, the Field Agent Grip gives you extra control against the recoil. In practice, this makes it much easier and far more effective if you are involved in long distance shooting against other enemies.

The Spetsnaz 40 round allows you to have extra ammunition, so this makes it an ideal choice when you’re looking to use an aggressive, rush style play. 

What Are The Best Perks And Equipment To Pair The Loadout With?

A loadout is only as good as the perks that you pair it with. You will want to be looking to use the following:


  • Quick fix 
  • Overkill 
  • Combat scout or amped 

These perks make things so much more beneficial during your play. Quick fix allows you to have a little extra health any time you kill an enemy, which can be worth its weight in gold – especially when you’re playing a fast paced, aggressive game. 

Overkill allows you to carry a second primary weapon, and with this – you will want to be looking at selecting a long range weapon, just in case. 

Then you’ll be thinking of either adding amped or combat scout. Arguably, amped is preferable over combat scout because it allows you to switch between your weapons much more quickly. 

This of course is ideal for times when you cannot reload and there’s an enemy right in front you. However, combat scout will highlight where the enemies are any time an enemy has been killed. 

What Is The Best OTs 9 Loadout For Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Last Stand Reloaded?


  • Secondary weapons – Cooper Carbine/ Kar98k 
  • Tactical – Stim/ Heartbeat sensor 
  • Lethal – Throwing knives/ claymore 

These secondary weapon choices will make your attacks more lethal and powerful, and when you have paired these with the above perks, you can quickly move between these weapons, giving you more firepower. 

When it comes to the tactical elements, stim provides an instant health regeneration which once again, can be extremely helpful in a fast paced play. 

A heartbeat sensor on the other hand can allow you to view where enemies may be on the map, giving you the edge for stealthy attacks. 

Next, we have the lethal additions to your setup. Throwing knives can be fantastic for close combat as a second or last ditch option. Claymores however can help you be much more stealthy and grab yourself a kill or two without being near the enemy. 

How Do I Unlock The OTs 9? 

As this weapon is part of Call Of Duty Cold War’s weapon pool, you will need to unlock it by completing a challenge. 

Multiplayer (COD Cold War) 

All you have to do is bag yourself three kills on enemies impacted by your tactical equipment within 15 games. 


Using any SMG, you will need to get a double kill in 15 different matches. In reality, this challenge is not an especially difficult one to complete. 

If you want a quicker way to complete the challenge though, you will want to opt to play in the Plunder game mode, and once you’ve got yourself a double kill, just quit the game. 

This is perhaps the easiest way to do this challenge because active respawn is automatically enabled. It’s probably a good idea to choose Rebirth Island too for a very quick paced map. 

The Latest Nerf 

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, despite the fact that the OTs 9 was nerfed, it still remains a popular weapon choice in the game. However, that’s not to say that its popularity wasn’t hindered – because it certainly was.

It’s easy to understand why though because of a reduction in the headshot damage multiplier and the damage range. 

The maximum damage was reduced down to 30 and the headshot damage multiplier was reduced to 1.33. 

Why Choose This Loadout?

This loadout is one of the best ways to compliment one of the greatest and most versatile weapons in the game. While there are plenty of choices for you to look at, this has to be among the best. 

For players who are more inclined to a fast paced, close quarter style fight in the COD world, then this is definitely the loadout to choose.

Indeed, this is one of the most effective types of playstyle if you want to maximize your kills and keep your death rate to a minimum.

However, as we previously discussed – a loadout and weapon choice is only as good as the perks and equipment that you pair them with. Luckily, the perks that we’ve included in this guide are the best ones you can choose.

The only thing you will be questioning is whether or not you opt for something to help you reload or change weapons, or whether you’re looking for an extra boost in stealth. 

Having said that, if you are looking to increase your stealth style of play – this will not be the best loadout for you, but there are some excellent facets to stealth included within it.

Final Thoughts 

The OTs 9 is one of our favorites when it comes to Call Of Duty weaponry, but you will need to know how best to use it and set things up. If you follow some of our guidance, you should be nearly unstoppable!

Ashley Newby